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ECOPALOOZA PM586 Team Project.

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1 ECOPALOOZA PM586 Team Project

2 Ecopalooza Project Agenda
Project Charter and Scope Overview (Mark ) WBS, Gantt, Network Diagram (Mandalyn) Communication Plan, RAM, Budget Forecast (Thomas) Risk Management Plan (Peter) Questions and Wrap-up (All) 6/9/2010

3 Project Charter: Mission
Produce an annual fund raising concert event for the non-profit organization Minority Information Outreach. With an environmental awareness theme, our goal is to raise the visibility of eco friendly sustainability, alternative energy sources, and conservation concepts. 6/9/2010

4 Project Charter: Scope and Objective
SCOPE: The scope of the project is broken down into seven major task groups. These are: Marketing, Sales, the Beer Garden, Food Vendors, Site Planning, Volunteers, and Entertainment. OBJECTIVE: Produce a free concert event with an environmental awareness theme on August 7, to raise funds for MIO with a budget of $15,000. 6/9/2010

5 Project Charter: Milestones
Create contracts by 3/26/10 Launch dedicated website by 4/21/10 Launch advertising campaign by 4/26/10 Launch social media campaign by 5/10/10 Site plan approved by the city by 6/8/10 Entertainment lineup complete by 5/28/10 Beer Garden secured by 5/28/10 Complete sponsor sales by 6/11/10 Food vendors secured by 7/9/10 All permits and licenses in place by 7/23/10 Event insurance by 7/23/10 OLCC permits and approval by 7/23/10 All supporting personnel and event materials secured by 8/2/10 Banners, event merchandise, booth and band area set-up, LED lighting, street barriers, fencing, food, and parking vouchers Stage arrives by 8/6/10 All vendors and entertainment show up on time for successful concert event on 8/7/10 6/9/2010

6 Project Scope: Overview
Ecopalooza is a free summer concert event, taking place on August 7, 2010, at Fern Hill Park in Portland Oregon and Off the Grid! The solar powered stage by Sustainable Waves supports the theme of raising environmental awareness and conservation while promoting alternative energy sources Keys to a successful event include: Securing event sponsors for funding Aligning with affiliates, bands, and volunteers that are willing to donate their time and services and actively support sustainability concepts Attracting compostable beer, food and beverage vendors Promoting sponsors and educating attendees through music, speakers, and vendor booths 6/9/2010

7 Project Scope: Products
Products that serve to satisfy the project objective and support the event theme are: Advertising Sponsor and Affiliate Booths ECOPALOOZA Concert Event Fern Hill Park August 7, 2010 Bands and Speakers Beer Garden Food Vendors 6/9/2010

8 Project Scope: Objectives
Contract 9 bands to donate their concert services by 5/28/10 Raise $25,000 selling 19 sponsor packages by 6/11/10. Obtain site plan approvals no later than 6/1/10. Contract food vendors to generate revenues of $1,500 by 7/9/10. Secure a beer garden vendor targeting expected revenues of $15,000 by 7/9/10 Obtain all permits and licenses by 7/15/10. Recycle and compost all waste on 8/7/10 at no charge for receptacles. Rent a solar powered stage for $4000 to arrive 8/6/10. Raise environmental awareness at the concert on 8/7/10 by: Using a solar powered stage, off the grid. Using no city power for all food vendors, Recycling and composting all waste. Having vendors and speakers promote sustainability. 6/9/2010

9 Ecopalooza WBS 6/9/2010

10 Ecopalooza: MS Project Gantt

11 Ecopalooza Network Diagram: Activity in Box

12 Communication Plan Overview
Primary communication medium is Secondary communication medium is phone/voice mail Periodic face-to-face meetings scheduled as required File and Document Sharing on Wiki page and via 6/9/2010

13 Communication Plan Details
VERBAL COMMUNICATION WHAT WHEN WHERE OWNER ATTENDEES Status Meeting Every week Thursday 6:00pm Keller Project Manager Project Team; MIO Called Meetings As Needed Person who calls & leads meeting Project Team members and others as topic and purpose WRITTEN COMMUNICATION WHAT DUE WHEN METHOD OF DELIVERY SENDER RECEIVER Meeting Minutes 1 day after the meeting Project Manager All participants Action Item Log 1 day after the PMO Status meeting /WIKI Meeting Agenda 1 day before a meeting All meeting participants Status Reports to Project Manager Weekly on Wednesday By 3:00 pm Team Members Project Schedule Updates Every week on Tuesday Implementation Schedule Owner Project Status and Risk plan to MIO Friday /WIKI Project Manger MIO 6/9/2010

14 ECOPALOOZA RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
WBS Item Work Item Mark Peter Mandalyn Thomas 1 MARKETING Primary 1.1 Develop Promotions P S 1.2 Launch Social Media 1.3 Develop Partner Relationships 1.4 Write Contracts 1.5 Launch Advertising 2 SALES 2.1 Obtain Donations 2.2 Sell Sponsor Packages 2.3 Sell Merchandise  S 2.4 Sell Raffle Tickets 2.5 Sell band merchandise 3 BEER GARDEN 3.1 Choose Location 3.2 Find Beer Vendor 3.3 Collect payment 4 FOOD VENDORS 4.1 4.2 Find Food Vendors 4.3 5 SITE MANAGEMENT/ PLANNING 5.1 Parks and Rec Special Use Requirements 5.2 Obtain Licences, Permits, Insurance, Approvals 5.3 Prepare Recycling 5.4 Pay Balance on Park Rental 6 VOLUNTEERS 6.1 Recruit Volunteers 6.2 Assign Jobs 6.3 Schedule 2 Mixers 8 ENTERTAINMENT 8.1 Secure Band Line-Up 8.2 Recruit Speakers 8.3 Manage Stage Production 6/9/2010

15 Budget Forecast: Overview
2010 ECOPALOOZA BUDGET FORECAST INCOME $33,300 Sales: sponsors, donations, merchandise, vendors EXPENSES Rentals $6,215 Tables, canopies, chairs, fencing, toilets, trash bin Supplies $4,290 Banners, T-shirts, raffle, access passes, mktg collateral Permits $1,252 OLCC, City, Parks and Recreation Misc Expenses $1,550 Food voucers, security EXPENSES TOTAL $13,307 NET PROFIT $19,993 6/9/2010

16 Budget Forecast: Graphical View

17 Project Risk Management Plan
Project Risk Management Purpose - determine the approach for cost-effectively performing risk management on this project. Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities Risk Management Areas and Process Activities Risk Assessment and Management Table 6/9/2010

18 Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities
Risk Management Responsibility Assignment Project Manager The Project Manager is responsible for the Project Risk Management Plan being implemented and for reporting to the Project Sponsor and Management Group. Mark Hosman Project Team Marketing Sales Entertainment Site Planning and Layout Volunteers Beer Garden and Food Vendors Thomas Machuca Mandalyn Echols Peter Dietzel MIO Overall Project Production Rah-Miel Mitchell Sponsors Financing, booth presence, speakers Affiliates Event support, advertisement, speakers 6/9/2010

19 Risk Management Areas and Process and Activities

20 Risk Assessment and Management Table

21 Questions? 6/9/2010

22 Project Scope: Deliverables
Solar powered stage and concert 1 presenting sponsor, 4 gold sponsors, 15 silver/bronze sponsors Dedicated Ecopalooza website Advertising: print ads, banners, and social media Promotional materials: T-shirts, CD’s, posters, flyers Speakers from the community 6 food vendors and a beer garden Permits, licenses, applications, and approvals from city, park and other agencies Garbage and recycling system in place ~50 volunteers available to support event Event security team 6/9/2010

23 Project Scope Overview (2)
The concert event consists of several products that serve to satisfy the project objective and support the event theme. These are: The concert itself Advertisement Sponsor and affiliate booths Beer garden Food vendors Prominent community speakers Raise the awareness of eco-friendly sustainability and alternative energy sources by educating through a common appreciation of music 6/9/2010

24 Project Scope Overview (1)
DESCRIPTION: Ecopalooza is a free summer concert event, taking place on August 7, 2010, at Fernhill Park in Portland Oregon with the theme of raising environmental awareness and conservation while promoting alternative energy sources. The solar powered stage by Sustainable Waves is an exciting pollution free power technology that will yield zero energy consumption from the city of Portland. It is an excellent example of using an emerging and viable alternative energy source. The concept of “educating while entertaining” is rapidly gaining popularity; similar events recently put on in other parts of the country have drawn crowds in the thousands 6/9/2010

25 Risk Assessment and Management Table

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