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TDEC Report Thoughts and Decisions From October 4-7, 2013 Sessions.

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1 TDEC Report Thoughts and Decisions From October 4-7, 2013 Sessions

2 Discussions Adventist Learning Community (ALC) update Professional Development via ALC Devices for Classroom Integration – eBolt – not a viable option as OS is not upgradable – Chromebook – being evaluated; management software increases price base; powerful but limited in offerings. – Surface – not a competitive option – iPads - seeing more and more in schools

3 Adventist Learning Community Adam Fenner, Director of ALC, shares the vision of the ALC Resources available to the world in one place. A needs assessment is being created to ascertain content.

4 Griggs International Academy (GIA) Increase this year in serving NAD schools Strategic plan was shared with TDEC New classes: Spanish I and II, Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Literature courses. Looking for authors for elementary courses, high school PE and Servant Leadership. Four new recovery courses are available New electives: forensic science, public speaking, Holocaust history, art & world cultures, fashion and interior design.

5 GIA Continued New Improvements/Additions – Lori Abbot, Course Manager, Director NAD Services – Online bookstore – New website ( – Addition of Biblical Literature class – Following model of Quality Matters with new online courses

6 Teacher Bulletin Volume 12 is available. Visit to access all the content in a searchable database

7 Data Rollup Have you visited Data Rollup yet? Visit Data Rollup on the Dashboard and see the wealth of reports you can create! NAD OE is committed to data rollup – It is a core value for the NAD OE – It needs to become a core value for every superintendent and associate at every union and every conference

8 Common Core and J2E J2E site does need to be updated. Core of Excellence document is becoming central to J2E Core of Adventist Education document gives snapshot – ucation/core_curriculum ucation/core_curriculum

9 Common Core ACSI—statement about common core and issues with faith-based schools J2E is our base We align with J2E standards first and then to common core standards

10 Recommendation – Distance Ed That in a distance education program the host academy is responsible for providing the academic curriculum and would be responsible for ensuring that social and spiritual activities are available to students at partner sites.

11 Recommendation - Application To submit the NAD Distance Learning Application document to the Directors for approval.

12 Exploring Options Jigsaw – Virtual Meeting/Classroom space: classroom.php classroom.php Logical Choice TV – Resource library of EdTech video: Mackin – 200,000 titles in eBook format:

13 Teach4SDA Resource created by Michael England Website designed to share teaching resources in the Southwestern Union Conference

14 Vendors OETC – contact your Union TDEC rep for more information Matrix Ingenuity SHI Watch the webinar and download the information! NAD Discounts, OETC, preferred vendors and more located in theTDEC Webinar section in the Dashboard Files area for more information on our NAD contracted discounts. NAD Discounts, OETC, preferred vendors and more

15 Apple Computers Apple Business – our account is managed in Portland, Maine. Contact them for discounts and/or information on purchasing. Benjamin Row Apple Business Apple Inc. Phone: (207) 771-9403

16 Thank you!

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