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Arlingtonians for Sensible Transit Supporter Meeting May 2, 2013.

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1 Arlingtonians for Sensible Transit Supporter Meeting May 2, 2013








9  Board and staff have repeatedly asserted that the modified streetcar has more capacity than buses. This is not true.  Arlington’s own study for Columbia Pike (2005 alternatives analysis) found that, as compared with modified streetcar, BRT would: ◦ have greater overall capacity than streetcars  22,490 daily passengers versus 19,860 ◦ “be a more efficient investment” ◦ “carry more passengers per unit of capital and operating expense”

10 VehicleCapacity Per Vehicle Seats Per Vehicle Number of Vehicles Every 6 minutes Total Capacity Every 6 Minutes Total Seats Every 6 minutes Streetcar United Streetcar 100 (Portland) 140291*14029 Skoda-Inekon 10T (Portland) 15730115730 Artic. Bus New Flyer (Cleveland)100472**20094 Wright RTV (Las Vegas)10444220888 New Flyer (Cleveland)100473300141 Wright RTV (Las Vegas)104443312132 *Based on the County’s operational plan of 10 streetcars per peak hour ** Standard-size buses currently operate with 2-3 minute frequencies on the Pike

11 Total Capacity Every 6 Minutes 32.5% increase 193% more seats 99% increase 340% more seats


13 CityBus RouteAverage Weekday Boardings New York M15Lcl/SBS51,461 B4648,197 Bx12lcl/SBS47,087 B642,274 Chicago 79th31,904 9 Ashland30,816 San Francisco38 Geary33,003 Los Angeles72041,384 Sources: NY MTA; LA Metro; Chicago Transit Authority; SF Muni

14 CityAverage Weekday Boardings Portland11,200 New Orleans (St. Charles Line)9,300 Seattle South Lake Union2,812 Tacoma Link3,870 Tucson Modern Street Car (Forecast 2013)3,600 Tampa900 Sources: Portland TRIMET; Seattle Streetcar; Sound Transit; Federal Transit Administration; New Orleans RTA; TECO Streetcar

15 Arlington’s Target for the Year 2030


17  Contrary to County assertions: ◦ There is no direct causal link between streetcars and economic development ◦ Arlington developers have not expressed a preference for streetcars on the Pike ◦ Mixed use, walkable development can be supported just as well with bus systems

18  Portland Development Commission:  “it is difficult to single out the streetcar as a key factor in the downtown’s success”  Other major initiatives contributed to success around Portland streetcar routes, including:  extensive streetscape and facade improvements  substantial allowable density  parking regulations  strong design guidelines and review  land write-downs  subsidies for affordable housing  economic development grants and loans  free rides on the pre-existing transit system  In other words, denser development likely occurred in Portland “irrespective of the streetcar.”  National Academies, Transportation Research Board, Relationship Between Streetcars and the Built Environment

19  Columbia Pike Initiative  Pike Neighborhoods Plan  Form based code  Strong developer demand  1,000 housing units and 200,000 sf commercial added since 2008  Many public investments  Streetscape improvements  Public buildings (Arlington Mill)  Undergrounding electrical utilities  New sewer, water, and gas lines  Improved bus service  Super Stops  Replacement of the Washington Boulevard bridge  Financial Incentives  Tax Increment Public Infrastructure Fund  Partial Tax Exemptions  Loans

20  County survey of developers ◦ 64% responded that existing buses on Columbia Pike are either “very important” or “important” to their development plans ◦ 60% responded that the streetcar is either “very important” or “important” to their development plans.

21  Density tripled without a streetcar ◦ 5 new residential buildings ◦ 195,000 sf office building ◦ 42,000 sf retail  Fits County’s vision for a mixed use, walkable community  Served only by bus (Shirlington Station)

22  Roughly $6 billion total projects associated with the Healthline BRT as of 2012  Winner, ULI Award for Excellence 2011 Source: Urban Land Institute

23  Since 1997 ◦ Roughly $650 million invested in corridor ◦ 1950 new and renovated housing units  900 affordable ◦ 62 new business openings ◦ Tax base grew 247%  City-wide average 146%  Winner of 2005 Great American Main Street Award by the National Trust for Historic Preservation Boston Silver Line, Washington Street Source: Boston Redevelopment Authority

24  Downtown Markham ◦ 243 acre, master- planned community  3.4 million sf commercial  2 million sf retail and dining  10,000 luxury town homes and condos  200 room hotel  Largest collection of LEED buildings in North America ◦ Main street open only to buses and pedestrians Source: The Remington Group



27 Note: Donations to AST are not tax deductible. BUDGET ITEMCOSTNOTES Web Support$10,000 Part Time Webmaster (maintain web site, coordinate supporter communications) Media$10,000Newspaper and Web Ads Office Supplies$4,000Flyers, Handouts Research$4,000Summer Interns Meeting Rooms$1,000Supporter Meetings TOTAL$29,000 (Raised to Date)($11,000)(100% individuals; none from organizations CURRENT NEED$18,000

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