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Early Kingdoms of Medieval Europe

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1 Early Kingdoms of Medieval Europe
Unit 5 32a, 32b, World History Atlas Pages 57&58

2 1. Time & Change 1066 Vikings’ first raid strikes Portland, England Magna Carta gives rights to free men in England 1215 789 Normans take control of England Hundred Years’ War Is Fought

3 2. Gathering the Facts F T T F
A. The Middle Ages was a time of great learning and culture for Europeans. ________ B. The Middle Ages is also called the medieval era. ___________ C. Barbarian kings, wanting to be more civilized, became Roman Catholics. __________ D. Many Barbarian tribes established kingdoms in Eastern Europe. __________ F T T F

4 3. History Through Maps Visigoths St. Patrick 461-644 Vandals
A. Which Tribe established the 1st Barbarian Kingdom? ____________________ B. Who brought Christianity to Ireland? ________________________ C. When did Roman Catholicism spread throughout the barbarian kingdoms? __________________ D. Which Barbarian tribe established a kingdom in Africa? ______________________ E. In which direction did the Slavs migrate? _________________________ Which tribe did the Byzantines defeat? ________________ Who conquered the Ostrogoths? __________________ Visigoths St. Patrick Vandals West & South Vandals Lombards

5 4. People and Cultures A. Slave B. Vandalism Slavs, a tribe that lost
C. Frank D. Barbarian Slavs, a tribe that lost many people to slavery Vandals, a tribe that looted Rome Franks, who thought violence was more direct than laws or diplomacy An Imitation of how Barbarians talked

6 5. People and their Environment
A. Who became the sole ruler of the Frankish Empire?_____________________ B. Which 4 regions did Charlemagne conquer between 771 and 814? __________________________________________ C. Which regions did Charlemagne conquer but not rule? __________________________________________ D. Where was Charlemagne crowned Emperor of the West? _______________ E. How long did the Frankish empire last? _______________ F. When did the Empire break up? __________ Charlemagne Lombardy, Saxony, Spanish March, & Papal States Brittany, Croatia, Moravia, and Bohemia Rome 72 Years 843

7 6. Thinking About History
A. What is the pope leader of? The Roman Catholic Church B. Why was the pope’s crowning of Charlemagne significant? Answer may include: The pope was a very powerful figure in Western Europe, the pope gave Charlemagne great authority.


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