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Proposed S.R. 26 Pavement Replacement Project Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:00 p.m. Presentation East Jay Middle School 225 East Water Street in Portland.

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1 Proposed S.R. 26 Pavement Replacement Project Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:00 p.m. Presentation East Jay Middle School 225 East Water Street in Portland

2 Welcome Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement Purpose/Explanation of Public Hearing Public Hearing Format Visit our sign-in table Informational Handouts Submitting public comments for hearings transcript Project display area

3 Public Hearing Sign-in at attendance table to be added to project mailing list A public hearing notice was mailed to known property owners within project area Announcement of this hearing was posted to INDOT website. A media release was also issued Legal notice of public hearing published in the Commercial Review (Portland) on 11/28/12 & 12/5/12

4 Project Team Introduction of INDOT Project Officials Project Management Design Real Estate Public Involvement City of Portland Jay County Recognition of Elected Public Officials

5 Project Stakeholders Indiana Department of Transportation Indiana Division Federal Highways Administration Jay County City of Portland Local communities Elected Public Officials Community residents and citizens Commuters Trucking industry Schools Emergency Services

6 Project Development Process We Are Here Engineering Assessment Project purpose & need develop project alternatives Screen project alternatives Additional work on project alternatives & preliminary design Release environmental document & preliminary design Public Hearing to solicit public comment 2012 Right-of-WayConstruction

7 Environmental Document Requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Requires INDOT to analyze and evaluate the impacts of a proposed project to the natural and socio-economic environments Impacts are described in environmental document Environmental document was released for public involvement November 2012

8 Environmental Document Development of document begins once purpose and need for the project has been clearly identified Develop a number of possible alternatives including a “Do Nothing” alternative as a baseline for comparison Screen alternatives to identify a preferred alternative Solicit public comment on environmental document and preliminary design plan Solicit, address, and fully consider public comments as part of decision making process

9 Elements of the Environmental Documentation Real Estate Community Impacts Air Quality Wetlands and Waterways Noise Floodplains Farmland Endangered Species Hazardous Materials Historic/Archaeological Cultural Resources

10 Environmental Document Jay County Public Library, 315 North Ship Street, Portland, Indiana 47371, (260) 726-7890 INDOT Greenfield District Office, Planning & Programming Department, 32 South Broadway, Greenfield, Indiana (855)-463-6848 INDOT Office of Public Involvement, Indiana Government Center North, Room N642, 100 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis (317) 232-6601

11 Purpose and Need Improve roadway to meet geometric requirements Provide pedestrians with adequate and safe sidewalks Increase capacity of the storm drainage system Improve condition of pavement, curb & sidewalk Enhance safety within the corridor

12 Proposed Improvement Improved radii at intersections and driveways New sidewalks and curb ramps that meet ADA (American Disability Act) compliance Improved Drainage Updated storm sewer system, which includes new curb and gutter New pavement under-drains New signage Updated crosswalk markings at school locations

13 Proposed Improvement Two 11-foot wide travel lanes 1.5 foot wide curb & gutter 3 foot wide grass buffer strip 4 foot wide sidewalks on both sides of roadway Install new sewer line Along Garfield Street from S.R. 26 south through city maintenance area Weiler-Wilson Park to Salomonie River where new outfall will be installed

14 Proposed Improvements Full depth pavement replacement.

15 Proposed Improvement Weiler-Wilson Park to Salamonie River Section 4(f) property (publicly-owned recreational area) New sewer line to go south through grass-covered area between 2 baseball fields at park to the river Following installation of sewer line, the park will be restored to its current condition Sewer installation will have no permanent impact on the park Project will not adversely impact activities, features or attributes of the park

16 Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Official detour will utilize U.S. 27, S.R. 67 and Ohio S.R. 49 Driveways will remain open for homeowners who require access from S.R. 26

17 Real Estate Acquisition Process

18 Real Estate Acquisition Real Estate Acquisition Residential 0.3 Acre Public Park 0.4 Acre Permanent R/W 0.7 Acre Permanent R/W estimates based on information available at this time An additional 0.6 acre of temporary r/w is required

19 Real Estate Acquisition Process "Uniform Act of 1970" All federal, state, and local governments must comply Requires an offer for just compensation Acquisition Process Appraisals Review Appraisals Negotiations

20 Project Schedule Public Hearing – December 2012 Environmental Document Finalized: Early 2013 Preliminary Design Plan refinement: Early 2013 Real Estate Acquisition Activities: Spring 2013 Appraising Negotiations / Buying Utilities coordination / relocation Project Let for bidding: 2014 Construction: 2014 - 2015

21 INDOT would like to hear from you Talk with INDOT project team members Comment sheet in information packet E-mail or Mail comments to INDOT Sign-in sheet to be added to project mailing list Visit INDOT website at “Public Involvement” All comments are very much appreciated and will be given full consideration by project team

22 Public Involvement Team Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement (317) 232-6601 Katie Hilderbrand, Greenfield District Customer Service Manager, (855) 463-6848 Harry Maginity, Greenfield District Media Relations Director, (855) 463-6848

23 Project Resource Location Greenfield District Office, 32 South Broadway, Greenfield, Indiana 46140 Responsible for transportation construction, maintenance and development activities in East Central Indiana (855) 463-6848 Brandye Hendrickson, District Deputy Commissioner Katie Hilderbrand, Customer Service Manager Harry Maginity, Media Relations Director

24 Submit Public Comments Submit public comments using the options described in 1 st page of information packet Public Comment Form Via e-mail Participating during public comment session via microphone Verbal comments recorded and transcribed for inclusion into to public hearings transcript INDOT respectfully requests comments be submitted by Monday, January 7, 2013 All comments submitted will become part of public record, entered into transcript, reviewed, evaluated and given full consideration during decision making process

25 THANK YOU Please visit with INDOT project officials following the public comment session Project Open House Project maps, displays, real estate acquisition table, INDOT project officials, informal Q & A Thank you for your attendance this evening

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