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Portland, OR Presented by Kathy Fettke, Bob Johnson and Fred Bates.

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1 Portland, OR Presented by Kathy Fettke, Bob Johnson and Fred Bates

2 Oregon’s Largest City 23rd Most Populous MSA in US 3rd Most Populous in Pacific NW 2.2 M people living in the MSA 582,130 people living in the city

3 Most Green City Considered most “green” city in the US Known for land-use planning and light rail Downtown living strongly encouraged to cut back on fossil fuel consumption

4 City of Roses Climate: warm, dry summers and rainy but mild winters Ideal climate for growing roses. Known as the City of Roses because of the many downtown gardens

5 “Beervana” Portland is known for it’s coffee and homemade beer. Oregon Public Broadcasting has documented Portland’s role in the mircrobrew revolution in the US Willamette Valley is a leading hop growing region in the US. Growth of breweries (28) attributed to local hops, barley and pure water from the Bull Run Watershed.

6 the 25 Cent City In 1843, William Overton saw potential for the land known as the “clearing.” He was able to stake his claim: 25 Cents for 640 acres, now known as Portland He later sold his stake to Pettygrove, who got the right to name the city after a coin toss.

7 Popular Port Access to the Pacific Ocean, via the Willamette and the Columbia Rivers Access to the fertile Tualatin Valley and to US Route 26 Quickly became the #1 Port of the NW in the 19th Century, so the City grew quickly

8 Rip City The Willamette River runs North through the City, separating East from the West neighborhoods The River veers NW to join the Columbia River, separating Washington from Oregon

9 Sports & Attractions Trail Blazers (NBA) Portland Timbers (Major League Soccer) Forest Park (5000 acre park) International Rose Garden Washington Park

10 Portland’s Economy: the Silicon Forest Schnitzer Steel and aluminum Largest employer: Intel. Over 1200 tech co’s. HQ for Adidas, Nike, Columbia and Yakima Largest shipper of wheat

11 Urban Growth Boundary Limits development/expansion and use of utilities Led to development of downtown High density but Forbes rated third safest city in the nation Protects farm and rural lands Transit-oriented development

12 Pearl District Award-winning shopping, breweries, and restaurants Best known art district in Portland Considered the “gold standard” of live, work, play and mixed use Located on the Willamette river, downtown, near public transit

13 Riverscape Riverfront low-rise town homes with 2-car garages First 5 phases sold out when the bank failed Construction loan ceased when phase 6 was 70% complete FDIC took over the 12.6M loan We negotiated a 3M short sale!

14 Sales Prices Original Sales Price for all 27 homes was $21,402,500. Our low estimated sales price today: $15,682,000 Discounted worst-case: $13,848,000 Price per unit range from $469K - $749K 3 pre-sold = 1.9M

15 Finishing the project We have a private lender for the 5.8M construction loan Estimated 3 months for completion Start with those already in contract. We can pre-sell and allow buyer to pick final design

16 Pay off schedule Estimated 2 sales per month -1 year to sell Construction loan paid first (estimated 9 months) 3M to investors paid next- you get your capital plus 15% preferred return You get 20% of the profit (estimated in 16 months)

17 The Managing Partners Fred Bates, New Cities Development. Partial list: Vintage at Almaden Winery, Old Piedmont Rd, Peachtree Park Estates, Walnut Glen Estates, Pasadera CC Robert Johnson - RWJ Co. Partial List: The Dunes Hotel CC Las Vegas, Grand Hyatt, Bank of America HQ’s Palo Alto Katherine Fettke Chateau Montclair, Network Capital Fund, TCC, BHR

18 Lot 6 Units

19 The Process Read Private Placement Memorandum - Download from Fill out Subscription Agreement - Download from Fax to Subscription Agreement to 925-226-4966 or email to We will send bank info and wire instructions Once we receive your funds, you will receive a confirmation

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