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Organizational Identity Bring Major League Baseball to Portland Involve the Community.

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2 Organizational Identity Bring Major League Baseball to Portland Involve the Community

3 Capital Factors Paul Allen Phil Knight, Nike Founder State of Oregon State Lottery revenue No new taxes

4 Why Portland Now? Largest growing areas in United States Only one professional franchise Population BOOM!!!

5 Sources of Income No other competition Ticket sales Vendors Clothing lines

6 SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths  Portland Oregon  Baseball fans  The state of Oregon will contribute $100 million  Paul Allen  Economic impact

7 Weaknesses  Cash Balance  Current stadium will require renovations.  New stadium will not be completed for the first year the acquired team will play.  PNB Inc. needs to purchase a professional baseball team.

8 Opportunities  Vancouver area  Portland currently ranks #1 for most favorable place to live.  Portland is home to eight Fortune 500 companies.

9 Threats  Seattle Mariners  Portland Minor League Squads.

10 MARKETING MIX Product Price Place Promotion

11 Market Summary Summary…

12 Marketing Geographics Not exposed to Major League Baseball Need and Want in this region

13 Marketing Demographics Age Gender Family Life Cycle Income

14 Market Behavior Social Classes Lifestyles Personality Characteristics

15 Market Forecast

16 Market Growth

17 Market Needs Automatically fulfills need for baseball Clean, good, affordable entertainment Community needs

18 Market Trends Instant bandwagon Rising popularity

19 Market Analysis No other competition Try to avoid mass marketing Market to baseball fans in general

20 Marketing Communications Mix Advertising –PBN Advertising –Advertising through PBN Public Relations Sales Promotion

21 Implementation and Controls Controls Milestones Marketing Organization Contingences

22 Budget Analysis Funding Forecast Expense Forecast Break-even Analysis

23 Funding Forecast

24 Expense Forecast

25 Break-even Analysis Concludes: Yearly Units Break-even 29,346 Yearly Revenue Break-even $48,068,748

26 Sales Forecast Ticketing Merchandise sales Advertising Rights Stadium Operations

27 Ticketing

28 Merchandising Sales

29 Advertising

30 Rights Television Radio Cable

31 Stadium Operations Concessions

32 Conclusion Paul is good. Paul has money. Paul likes baseball. We like baseball. We don’t have money. Therefore, we like Paul. Therefore, Portland Gets Baseball

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