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Flat Stanley’s visit to the Portland, Oregon area.

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1 Flat Stanley’s visit to the Portland, Oregon area

2 Flat Stanley travled to Portland, Oregon, and then to a suburb called Troutdale. Portland Austin

3 The state of Oregon is the 9th largest in the United States. It joined the Union on February 14, 1859. The western part of Oregon is forested and receives more rain than the eastern part of the state which is high desert country.

4 Flat Stanley arrives in Troutdale, Oregon, just outside of Portland -- Oregon’s largest city.

5 Flat Stanley visited the Troutdale Post Office to buy some stamps for postcards.

6 On his first night in Troutdale, Flat Stanley attended a Reynolds High Football game -- Go Raiders!

7 Two of the Raider players -- Kaleb (on the left) and Spencer (on the right) -- posed for a picture with Flat Stanley.

8 Flat Stanley had a very good seat for the game.

9 Mount Hood -- Oregon’s highest point at 11,249 feet -- is not very snow-covered after summer. Snow starts to fall on Mount Hood in mid-October. The melting snow feeds many of Oregon’s rivers including the Sandy River and the Columbia River.

10 Here is what Mount Hood looks like in the spring covered with its winter blanket of snow.

11 This view of Mount Hood is from downtown Portland.

12 Flat Stanley stopped at the Sandy River in Troutdale. The river was explored by Lewis and Clark and was first named the Quicksand River.

13 A twenty minute drive from Troutdale, Flat Stanley found Multnomah Falls -- the United State’s second highest year- round waterfall. The water falls 620 feet and turns into Multnomah Creek which empties into the Columbia River.

14 The main drop of Multnomah Falls.

15 After the main fall, the water flows a bit and then falls some more at the bridge.

16 You can hike up to the top of the falls after crossing this bridge -- it’s a bit more than a mile to the top. Flat Stanley decided not to do that.

17 Flat Stanley enjoyed his visit to Multnomah Falls and learning about the many trees and plants which grow in the area.

18 This is the lower falls of Multnomah Falls.

19 The Columbia River Gorge has many other smaller waterfalls -- this is Horsetail Falls.

20 While driving back to Troutdale, Flat Stanley stopped off at Crown Point and the Vista House. This viewpoint is 733 feet above the Columbia River -- you can see for miles!

21 This is looking east from the Vista House. The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most beautiful regions of Oregon. The state of Washington is on the left-hand side of the picture.

22 The Columbia River starts in Canada and runs through Washington before turning west, making most of the Oregon/Washington border, and flowing out to the Pacific Ocean.

23 Once back in Troutdale, Flat Stanley visited the Harlow House. This is the home of Captain Jack Harlow, the name who gave Troutdale its name. The house was built in 1900 and is now a museum.

24 This is Mayor’s Square in downtown Troutdale.

25 Flat Stanley really liked the fountain with its Rainbow Trout.

26 Flat Stanley decided to do some shopping at the Troutdale General Store.

27 Flat Stanley liked the many shops along the main street in downtown Troutdale.

28 Flat Stanley wanted to visit downtown Portland, so he decided to ride MAX -- the light rail system.

29 On While waiting for the MAX train, Flat Stanley found one of Portland’s many fountains in one of Portland’s many parks.

30 Here comes the MAX train. You can travel all over the Portland area on the light rain system.

31 Flat Stanley really enjoyed his trip on MAX. MAX stands for Metropolitan Area Express.

32 A view of the Willamette (pronounced will-lam-met) River which flows through downtown Portland.

33 This is Pioneer Courthouse Square -- known as Portland’s living room. That’s the Pioneer Courthouse in the background.

34 There is a sign in the square pointing out the direction and miles to many places -- Flat Stanley wanted to add Austin to the pole. The arrow would point southeast and the distance would be 1,707 miles.

35 Here is Portland’s Umbrella Man statue. Portland gets about 40 inches of rain per year -- which is less than most cities in America.

36 Here is a full view of the Umbrella Man

37 Portland also has many drinking fountains throughout the city. These bubbling fountains are on almost all the time, and the water is some of the best drinking water in the United States.

38 Flat Stanley couldn’t resist trying some of Portland’s great water.

39 This is the waterfront of downtown Portland. Flat Stanley thought it was kind of like Auditorium Shores.

40 Flat Stanley really liked the bridges that cross the Willamette River in downtown -- there are eight of them!

41 Flat Stanley walked through Waterfront Park -- many festivals are held here each year.

42 Flat Stanley was hungry, so he tried a double-dipped corn dog from the Corn Dog ladies. “It tasted great,” said Stanley.

43 The Portland Marathon is later this year. Flat Stanley said he’d back in Austin, so he couldn’t run in the race.

44 Flat Stanley returned to Troutdale and visited Walt Morey Middle School.

45 Flat Stanley decided to spend a day at the school.

46 Walt Morey is the home of the Mustangs! Flat Stanley said that was the same mascot as Eanes Elementary School in Austin!

47 Flat Stanley attended a social studies class.

48 The Walt Morey Library was full of books.

49 Flat Stanley helped Mr. Maurer run the student store after school.

50 Flat Stanley helped Mr. Pierce grade some papers before heading home to pack for his return to Austin.

51 Back at the Portland Airport, Flat Stanley is excited to be heading back to Austin to share his Oregon adventure!

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