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Delta Juliett MX Area 28 JUL 11. Delta Area 1 2 45 3.

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1 Delta Juliett MX Area 28 JUL 11

2 Delta Area 1 2 45 3

3 Delta Info SFC to 8,000’ Delta Common Freq: 337.8 If you need higher contact Houston Center: 128.15 CRP 355R is used as a traffic corridor for climbs/descents for IFR Traffic Nearby Airports include: Beeville, Goliad(closed), Rooke, Sinton

4 How to Get There Request Portland Low with Tower Check in on Button 5 and request Portland High to Delta Abeam Portland Climb to 4500’ and go to Woodsboro (heading 345) Abeam Bayside, Terminate with Approach and check in on Delta Common.

5 Delta Boundaries 4 5 CRP 345R

6 Northern Delta Boundaries 1 2 3 CRP 345R

7 How to get home Make Area Common departure call Descend to 2500’ and 170 kts and proceed to Woodsboro. At Woodsboro descent to 1500’ and proceed to Pt. Bravo. At Pt. Bravo proceed to Aransas Pass and proceed normally from there.

8 Juliett

9 Juliett Boundaries 339/24 Northern 005/19 NW near Lake Corpus Christi Hwy 44/FM666 Just West of Robstown 245/20 South of San Diego 270/20 West of San Diego on Hwy 44 305/7 North of ALI

10 Juliett Info 4,000’ to 17,500’ divided into 5 blocks Only use block 1 if weather precludes use of other blocks (departure transit block) Flight following provided by Kingsville Approach 299.8 or Houston Center 128.15 Use Base Freq. to deconflict with other A/C.

11 More Juliett Avoid working at 5,500’ and 6,500’ due to transit altitudes Avoid the ALI 090R and 245R by 3 radials for transiting a/c. If unable coordinate on Base Freq. Nearby Airports include: ALI, NOG, IKG, NQI Working blocks 3-5 climb to block alt on the 090R (southern) or while heading 270 (northern) Coordinate on Base Freq.

12 How to Get There (Northern Entry) Portland Low/High Transition Abeam Portland Climb to 6500’ Follow 77 to 77/I37 Interchange Head 270 for area entry.

13 How to Get There (Southern Entry) Seagull Departure At Chapman Ranch head 290 Climb 6500’ 2500’ Make advisory call on Ch16 transiting Mud Flats

14 Getting Home Northern Route Reverse of the Northern entry except the altitudes differ. Go to Hwy 77/I-37 interchange at 5,500’ Direct Sinton, Follow Hwy 77 to the NE At Sinton go to Portland (head 125), Abeam Taft descend to 1,000’ At Portland, proceed to Shamrock (head 120)

15 Getting Home Southern Route Proceed to Pt Petronilla (090/20) at 5,500’ Terminate with Kingsville, Proceed to Chapman Ranch, descend to 1,500’ try to be above 3,500’ crossing extended centerline of RW17 at CRP From Chapman Ranch, go east, cross the beach line and descend to 1000’ turn North and proceed 1 wingtip from beach line to Shamrock

16 MX Area

17 MX Area Boundaries 6,500’ to 15,500’ NGP to 5 miles past Shoreline knob on beachline abeam Mustang Island State Park 5 miles into the Gulf from Bob Hall Pier

18 How to get there Seagull Departure When you check in with Approach tell them you want to go to the MX area, then VFR climb into the area. Switch to Button 17. Getting back is the opposite.

19 MX Area Info T-34’s doing HAPL’s into Mustang Beach and NGP. FCF’s for All TW4 Aircraft Small Area, many turns, basically orbiting.

20 Getting Jiggy wit It

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