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Build green. Everyone profits. U.S. Green Building Council.

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1 Build green. Everyone profits. U.S. Green Building Council

2  Why build green?  What is green building?  How will businesses profit? Build Green

3 Economy  12.7% of gross domestic product, or  $1.3 billion in annual construction activity  10 million jobs The US construction industry represents:

4 Economy  The average annualized costs per square feet are:  Energy – $2  Bricks & mortar – $20  Personnel – $200 US buildings cost:

5 Health  People spend 90% of their time indoors  Indoor pollutant levels may be 2 – 5 times higher than outdoor levels In US buildings:

6 Health  EPA ranks poor IAQ in the top 5 health risks  Costs to Americans estimated at:  $1.5 billion in medical bills  Tens of billions in lost productivity & absenteeism In the US: % INCREASE Attack Asthma: Why America Needs a Public Health Defense System to Battle Environmental Threats – Pew Environmental Health Commission INCREASE IN ASTHMA 1980 – 1994 BY AGE GROUPS: 0 – 4 0 – 18 ALL AGES number one reason for missed school days

7 Environment  35% of greenhouse gas emissions  39% of landfilled waste, or  136 million tons annually,  95% of which is recyclable US buildings generate:

8 Environment  39% of total energy use  70% of electricity consumption US buildings account for:

9 Environment  12% of potable water withdrawal, or  15 trillion gallons / year  30% of all raw materials, including  25% of timber harvests US buildings use:

10 US Green Building Council  Nation's foremost coalition of industry leaders promoting buildings that are:  environmentally responsible,  profitable, and  healthy places to live and work. 4500 member organizations – 1000% growth in 4 years

11 US Green Building Council  Cascadia Region Green Building Council – USGBC chapter:  British Columbia  Washington  Oregon LEED certified projects BRITISH COLUMBIA WASHINGTON OREGON

12 LEED®  Sets high-performance criteria for:  Sustainable Sites  Water Efficiency  Energy & Atmosphere Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design consensus-based committee-driven  Materials & Resources  Indoor Environmental Quality  Innovation & Process LEED ® IS THE NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED STANDARD FOR GREEN BUILDING FROM THE U.S. G REEN B UILDING C OUNCIL.

13 Green Building  Sustainable Sites  Stormwater management & erosion control  Location / site selection  Alternative transportation  Habitat  Microclimate  Light pollution Fisher Pavilion Seattle Center, Seattle, WA Assembly LEED-NC Certified 58% STORMWATER RETAINED & INFILTRATED ON SITE

14 Green Building  Water Efficiency  Water efficient landscaping  Beneficial water reuse  Water efficiency Stephen Epler Hall Portland State University, Portland, OR Mixed-use Residential LEED-NC Silver anticipated RAINWATER HARVESTED FOR IRRIGATION & TOILET FLUSHING

15 Green Building  Energy & Atmosphere  Performance measurement & verification  Energy efficiency  Renewable energy  Ozone depletion Balfour Guthrie Building Balfour Guthrie LLC, Portland, OR Commercial Office LEED-NC Silver ENERGY PERFORMANCE 24% BETTER THAN CODE

16 Green Building  Materials & Resources  Recycle  Recycled-content  Reuse  Regionally manufactured  Rapidly renewable  Certified wood Kent Pullen Regional Emergency & Communications Center King County, Renton, WA Public Safety LEED-NC Certified anticipated RECYCLED 86% OF CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION WASTE

17 Green Building  Indoor Environmental Quality  Construction management  Source control  Low-emitting materials  Monitoring  Ventilation  Thermal comfort  Daylight & views Traugott Terrace Catholic Community Services & Archdiocesan Housing Authority, Seattle, WA Residential Low-Income Housing LEED-NC Silver PROVIDING A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT FOR PEOPLE IN RECOVERY

18 Green Building  Innovation & Process  Innovation in design  LEED Accredited professional EXCEPTIONAL BUILDING RECYCLING PROGRAM – 60% RECYCLING RATE King Street Center King County, Seattle, WA Commercial Office LEED-EB Gold, Pilot Project

19  LEED projects  108 certified  1,497 registered  168 million sq ft  In all 50 states & 12 countries  Nearly $38 billion in capital investment ($225 / sq ft average construction cost) 2000 2002 2004 5% of the market in 4 years LEED® in the Marketplace

20  LEED in Cascadia  20 certified projects  185 registered projects  Approx. 23 million sq ft Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center City of Seattle, Seattle, WA Interpretive Center LEED®-NC Gold LEED® in the Marketplace $5 billion in capital investment $225 sq ft average cost USES 50% LESS ENERGYPVs GENERATE 20% ENERGY

21 LEED® in the Marketplace  Owners of LEED projects  28% private corporations  24% local government  30% state & federal government  18% non-profit organizations LEED certified projects PRIVATE LOCAL GOVERNMENT STATE & FEDERAL NON-PROFIT State & Federal Private Local Government Non-Profit

22  Types of LEED projects  23% Mixed-Use  16% Commercial Office  8% Higher Education  6% K-12 Education LEED® in the Marketplace LEED certified projects MIXED-USE COMMERCIAL HIGHER ED K-12

23 Benefits  Higher ROI  0–2% investment results in 20% life-cycle savings  40% higher sales in stores with skylights compared to similar stores without skylights PNC Firstside Center PNC Financial Services Group, Pittsburgh, PA Commercial Office LEED-NC Silver — October 2003 report to California’s Sustainable Building Task Force — California Board of Energy Efficiency Third Party Program MET ROI CRITERIA OF 2 YEARS OR LESS

24 Benefits  Higher NOI  30% more energy efficient Generating a $0.50 / sq ft savings (EPA)  30% more water efficient  80% projects eliminate potable water for irrigation — October 2003 report to California’s Sustainable Building Task Force Toyota Motor Sales South Campus Headquarters, Torrance, CA Commercial Office Renovation LEED-NC Gold 60% MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT THAN TITLE 24

25 Benefits  Increased productivity  7% increase in productivity following move to daylit facility  Flexible design features cut employee relocation costs by 90% RECOVERED COSTS FOR GREEN FEATURES IN 10 MONTHS — Studies conducted by Judith Heerwagen, Heerwagen & Associates Harvard School of Public Health Landmark Building, Boston, MA Office Renovation LEED-CI Pilot Project

26  Enhanced health  $43 – $235 billion in potential US annual savings or productivity gains from better indoor environments J. Richard Carnall Center PFPC and PNC Financial Services Group, Wilmington, DE Commercial Office LEED-NC Gold Benefits — William Fisk, “Health and Productivity Gains from Better Indoor Environments,” Indoor Air 7(3), 1997: pp. 158-172 EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT & RETENTION IMPROVED

27  Demonstrated organizational values  Increased staff productivity  Reduced watts/sq ft provides owner with energy savings LEED® Case Studies U.S. Green Building Council 1015 18 th Street Building, Washington, DC Office Renovation LEED-CI Pilot Project Tenant: U.S. Green Building Council Building Owner: The Donohoe Companies Architect: McAllister Architects Mechanical Engineer: Girard Engineering, P.C. Contractor: DPR Construction showcases LEED-CI and serves as a learning space OPEN FLOOR PLAN DAYLIGHTING

28  20% less water use  40% reduction in lighting demand  Savings in energy and productivity gains resulted in 10-month payback for green features Harvard School of Public Health Landmark Building, Boston, MA Office Renovation LEED-CI Pilot Project NEW OFFICES RECEIVE HIGH MARKS FOR EFFICIENCY Building Owner: Abbey Group Architect/Interior Design: Janovsky/Hurley Architects Mechanical Engineer: SEi Companies Contractors: Bond Brothers & Office Environments of New England LEED® Case Studies living laboratory for continuous improvement

29 Toyota Motor Sales South Campus Headquarters, Torrance, CA Commercial Office Renovation LEED-NC Gold Building Owner: Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. Architect: LPA Inc. Mechanical Engineer: Glumac International Contractor: Turner Construction LEED Consultant: CTG Energetics  Outperforms ROI criteria  60% more energy efficient than Title 24  94% reduction in potable water demand  Numerous awards, broad media coverage LEED® Case Studies doesn’t look like a Prius, but sure runs like one 10% RETURN ON INVESTMENT WITH NO COST PREMIUM

30 Gerding/Edlen Development Company, LLC Brewery Block 4, Portland, OR Mixed-Use Redevelopment LEED-CS Pilot Project LISTENING TO MARKET DEMAND & COMMUNITY VALUES PAID OFF Building Owner: Gerding/Edlen Development Company, LLC Architect: GBD Architects Incorporated Mechanical Engineer: Glumac International Contractor: Hoffman Construction Company  85% leased in 1 year at higher than market rates  21.5% energy savings - $58,700 annually  25% reduction in potable water, and 25% reduction in stormwater leaving the site LEED® Case Studies leased half- million sq. ft. in soft market

31 Puget Sound Energy Corporate Headquarters, Bellevue, WA Tenant Improvement LEED-CI Pilot Project COMMUNICATES CORE VALUES OF INNOVATION & ENERGY EFFICIENCY Building Owner: Bentall Capital Limited Partnership Architect: Mithun Mechanical Engineer: MacDonald Miller Contractor: Lydig Construction  199,431 kWh or $10,000 annual energy savings  Improved employee satisfaction  Numerous awards, broad media coverage LEED® Case Studies walking the talk – a model for energy efficiency

32 Ecotrust Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center, Portland, OR Commercial Office & Retail LEED-NC Gold  100% leased in soft market  21% energy savings – $13,000 annually – compared to ASHRAE 90.1-1999  Tenants report greater ability to attract & retain employees LEED® Case Studies Owner & Developer: Ecotrust & Heritage Consulting Group Architect: Holst Architecture Mechanical Engineer: Interface Engineering, Inc. Contractor: Walsh Construction Company could have rented 3x as much space IT’S NOT A SOFT MARKET IF YOU BUILD GREEN

33 Local LEED Projects Touchstone Corporation 9 th & Stewart Life Sciences Building, Seattle, WA Biotechnology R&D, Office & Retail LEED-CS Silver anticipated Owner & Developer: Touchstone Corporation Architect: MBT Architecture Mechanical Engineer: Holaday-Parks Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis  27% energy savings for core & shell – $17,650 annual savings  45% less water – $5,500 annual savings  WA NAIOP’s 2004 Technology Building of the Year and Deal of the Year creating long- term value and appreciation RESPONDING TO THE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING REAL ESTATE MAKRET

34 Local LEED Projects Harbor Properties & Vulcan, Inc. Alcyone Apartments, Seattle, WA Mixed-use Residential LEED-NC Silver anticipated HEALTHY LIVING ENVIRONMENT FOR A CONTEMPORARY LIFESTYLE  30% energy savings – $80,000 annually  Uses 22% less water  Strengthened community support for project reflecting a core value of the community Owner & Developer: Harbor Properties & Vulcan, Inc. Architect: GGLO Architects Landscape Architect: Hewitt Architects Civil & Structural Engineer: Magnusson Klemencic Associates Contractor: Rushforth Construction

35  35% beyond the ASHRAE 90.1-1999 – $43,400 annual savings  Uses 23% less water  Added income advances business goals of tenants Local LEED Projects Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, Harbor Properties, Vulcan 307 Westlake, Seattle, WA Laboratory, Office & Retail LEED-CS Silver anticipated Owner & Developer: Harbor Properties & Vulcan, Inc. Architect: CollinsWoerman Mechanical Engineer: McKinstry Company Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis LEED Consultant: O’Brien & Company more funding can be applied directly to research ADVANCES SBRI’S LIFE-SAVING INFECTIONS DISEASE RESEARCH


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