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WFDSS Basics FS-BLM Strategic Thinking Group Portland Oregon March 31, 2009.

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1 WFDSS Basics FS-BLM Strategic Thinking Group Portland Oregon March 31, 2009

2 Developed and Presented by: Louisa Evers - State/Regional Fire Ecologist Dan O'Brien - Predictive Services Fire Analyst, NWCC Nick Giannettino - Planning Section Chief, Portland NIMO Team John Prendergast - Safety Officer, Portland NIMO Team

3 Objectives Learn what we need to know Understand roles and responsibilities Prepare for on-line webinars and additional skills development on home units Question – What is your knowledge of and experience with WFDSS?

4 WFDSS Orientation My Home – what screen first comes up when login Incidents – used by Dispatchers and Authors Analysis – Used by Fire Behavior Specialists and RAVAR Analysts Intelligence – general fire info Data Management – used by Data Managers

5 Navigation of WFDSS Use tabs and menus; don’t use back button –Menu – main navigation method –Map – access different layers –Info – general information The “I” button Values Inventory File structure Filters, Filters, Filters…

6 Initiate a fire – Dispatcher Role Enter basic info about fire Strategic Objectives and Management Requirements Preplanned response (management decision already made) No additional analysis is needed: –Document key dates –Close out the incident

7 Unsuccessful Preplanned Response or Fire Use Decision Needed New Decision Needed Dispatcher transfers ownership to Author –Must have Author privileges –Notification Email Phone call Page

8 Assess Situation Info Tab – Must use “I” button to get location first –Weather forecast, ERC, Values Inventory, Strategic Objectives –5 mile radius around location point Map Tab – Must designate a planning area –Upload or draw map perimeter –Conduct Basic/Short-Term Fire Analysis –View active MODIS, recent fires –View other reference information What is the scope of action?

9 Fire Behavior Analyses Consider Fire Behavior Support WFDSS Analysis Products –Basic Fire Behavior (FlamMap) –Short Term (FlamMap) –Medium Term (FARSITE 2010) –FSPro Must designate a landscape extent

10 Objectives and Requirements Strategic Objectives and Management Requirements –Entered in WFDSS from FMP Incident Objectives and Requirements –Developed on an Incident specific basis –Based on SO and MR listed above Status –Included/Excluded – Documenting stage –Activated/Deactivated – Decision approval stage

11 Course of Action: Determine sideboards for desired outcomes –Create strategic direction –Can be conditional (MAPs) Estimate costs –Use existing processes

12 Estimating Costs Cost (A,B,C fires) –Average Acres costs (1,000/ac * 100 ac. = 100,000) Cost (Larger fires) –Estimated resource costs from past WFSAs –Per Acre cost –“Number of heartbeats” cost Compare to SCI

13 Validation Meeting strategic and incident objectives? –Resources available? –Does modeling indicate selected course of action will meet the objectives? –Costs appropriate? –Other items to consider? If no, need to revisit objectives, course of action

14 Publishing a Decision Must be reviewed and approved –Reviewer and Approver must be different people –Can make comments on Action Tab Build Decision Document under Reports Tab –Copy and paste relevant sections Rationale – can form basis of Delegation of Authority

15 Evaluation, Lessons Learned, and Feedback Analysis Problem Formulation Information Gathering Affirmation of Analysis Results Application – Decision, Implementation Archival - Documentation Synthesis Deliberation Analysis and Deliberation Analysis Information Reports Validation Course of Action Decision Summary Situation - Objectives Risk Decision Process and WFDSS

16 Periodic Assessment Establish frequency (1-14 days) –Can have system send email reminder Current decision Valid or New Decision Required

17 Reports View Full Report –Can only see Incident Information at present –Newer versions will have more utilities Multiple Editors –More than one editor can work at the same time –Check out different sections

18 Bookkeeping/House Keeping Make sure staff have appropriate privileges Clean up incident privileges Enable additional Approvers –Regional Forester/State Director (duty officer) –FS Chief/BLM Director (Boise/Washington duty officer)

19 Communications E-Mail lists (creating groups ahead of time) –My Home Address book SAMETIME in Lotus Notes (FS only) Cell phones

20 Strategies for Webinars/WFDDS Organize with staff Develop own scenarios based on last year’s fires (training side of WFDSS) Ensure everyone knows their role Develop contingencies/backups for roles Ensure all the contact information is correct

21 Take home messages Get an account or can’t make decisions Know the roles and responsibilities of staff, identify backups Get FMUs and strategic objectives/management requirements into WFDSS before fire season Practice, Practice, Practice

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