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The Dorset Coast (and a little bit of Hampshire!) ~ a virtual field trip ~ I took this picture!

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1 The Dorset Coast (and a little bit of Hampshire!) ~ a virtual field trip ~ I took this picture!

2 Where it is located

3 Day 2 – Lyme Regis to Ringstead Bay Day 1– The journey to Dorset!

4 An aerial photo of Lyme Regis Bay, showing ‘The Cobb’ (Harbour) and where the River Lim meets the sea Groynes

5 Golden Cap Lyme Regis ~ Charmouth ~ Golden Cap

6 The cliff top at Black Ven Black Ven between Lyme Regis and Charmouth. Upper Greensand lies over Lower Jurassic clays. The largest coastal mudflow in Europe took place here in the winter of 1958/9 The coast is unstable because there are numerous situations where porous strata, principally the Chalk and Upper Greensand, lie over impermeable clays.

7 How Landslides occur

8 Chesil Beach Isle of Portland The Fleet West Bay (west) Pebbles are ’sorted!’ Portland (east) The gradient of the beach can get very steep

9 The Isle of Portland When the island was uplifted, a series of massive fractures developed in the limestone.

10 Weymouth is a traditional seaside resort. It is protected by the Isle of Portland. Portland Harbour (South of Weymouth) Weymouth

11 White Nothe Headland from Ringstead Bay

12 Day 3 – Ringstead Bay to St. Alban’s head Durdle Door ~ Lulworth Cove ~ Stair Hole ~ Warbarrow Bay ~ Tynham ~ Broad Bench ~ Kimmeridge ~ Winspit

13 Durdle Door ~ A Limestone Arch Eventually the arch will collapse to leave a sea stack

14 Limestone Headlands Soft sand and clays Chalk Hills stop the cove eroding any further inland Lulworth Cove

15 Small arch is only gap in the limestone. Marine processes eroding further inland Stair Hole

16 The formation of Lulworth Cove, Stair Hole and the future

17 Worbarrow Bay Tyneham from Gadd Cliff (Note the land use) Broad Bench

18 Kimmeridge Bay – A wave cut platform

19 Chapmans Pool St. Alban’s Head Waves shape the coastline. Winspit Winspit (behind)

20 Day 4 – St. Albans Head to Sandbanks

21 Dancing Ledge (+ tidal pool!) Looking out to see from Anvil Point Durlston Head Peveril Point Swanage Bay Old Harry Sandbanks Studland Anvil Point

22 Swanage Bay Swanage

23 Old Harry Rocks – A stack Stack New cave forming Collapsed Undercutting means stack will collapse

24 Studland – Sand Dune System Fieldwork (transects!) Little Sea 3 Major dune ridges

25 Development of Studland – Blown Sands Little Sea

26 View over dune slack with further vegetation succession Younger dunes with Marram Grass Actual fieldwork! Hmmmmmm!


28 Day 5 – Sandbanks to Barton on Sea and the Isle of White

29 Bournemouth Sandbanks Bournemouth Pier Bournemouth Groynes

30 Hengistbury Head Long Groyne Spit Christchurch Harbour Groynes Sediment Build Up

31 Hengistbury Head Gullies Erosion Unstable Cliffs Salt Marsh Groynes

32 Barton on Sea Landslides House! Landslip

33 Barton on Sea Land Use Evidence of lanslides Christchurch Bay

34 West Cowes East Cowes River Medina To Newport River Medina ~ A Ria Isle of Wight

35 Day 6 - Back to School That’s it!

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