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Portland Bridges by Ms. Polkow's third grade researchers, Ainsworth Elementary.

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1 Portland Bridges by Ms. Polkow's third grade researchers, Ainsworth Elementary

2 The Morrison Bridge by Henry & Sophia The Morrison Bridge was built in 1887, it was the first bridge built in Portland First it was made out of wood then it rotted so they had to replace it with the Morrison Bridge we have now. The Morrison Bridge is also called the downtown bridge because it is in downtown Portland.

3 The Morrison Bridge by Sophia & Henry The Morrison Bridge is a ''bascule lift bridge.' The Bridge was a ''toll bridge.'' The toll was 20 cents to cross the bridge. It has 6 traffic lanes and 2 sidewalks. It was named after John Morrison, a missionary.

4 The SellwoodBridge!The SellwoodBridge! by Lucy, Isabelle, and Sydney! The Sellwood bridge was named after Reverend James Sellwood. It was the first bridge near downtown Portland. The Sellwood bridge goes across the Willamette river. It was built in 1922. The Sellwood Bridge is non-movable.

5 The Steel Bridge by Katie and Cassidy The Steel Bridge was built in 1888. It was opened in 1912. The Steel Bridge was the first non- wooden bridge on the Pacific Cost. It is a vertical lift bridge. The Steel Bridge is owned by 2 railroad companies and rents the upper deck to the Oregon State Highway Department.

6 The Steel Bridge by Cassidy and Katie nicknamed "new"bridge first bridge in Portland made of steel upper deck trolly cars lower deck trains

7 The Fremont Bridge by Jackson and Eddie The Fremont Bridge has 2 decks. The lower deck is for cars going east, and the top deck is for cars going west. 84,000 cars cross the bridge every day. Also: built 1973 381 ft. above water no side-walks arch=12,000,000LBS.

8 The Glenn Jackson Bridge by Keaka & Jack The Glenn Jackson Bridge was built in 1982. It was shared by two states, Washington and Oregon. It crosses from Portland to Vancouver. It is a very busy bridge. It carries interstate 205. It is a post tension box girder bridge, which means it can not move unlike other Portland Bridges. It is 11,760 ft.(2,226 meters long).

9 The Burnside Bridge by Jordan and Tanner It cost $ 4.5 million. It weighs 2,000 tons. Opened-1910! 64 feet over water !

10 The Ross Island Bridge by Bergin and Ian cantilever not movable crosses Willamette river 28,000 cross each day named after Sherry Ross Willamette blue color

11 The Interstate bridge by Ella and Tristan The Interstate bridge was finished in 1917. The 2nd bridge was built in 1958. 1st bridge was built in 1917. The total length is 3,538ft. Is 1 of only two bridges across Columbia. The bridge is actually two bridges side by side - two bridges in one! its colour is green!

12 by Eva and Natalia Built in 1931 205 f.t. above water Name from James Johns It is a suspension bridge Under the St.Johns bridge is the Willamette River  It's towers are 408 feet above water. 20,000 vehicles cross each day. It is 6 miles North of the Fremont bridge. The St. John's Bridge

13 The Marquam Bridge by Leo & Grayson The Marquam bridge was named after Phillip Marquam. The Marquam bridge is 440 feet long for length. 1,000 vehicles use it per day.

14 The Hawthorne Bridge by Clara and Maya The hawthorne bridge was built in 1910 It bridge was named after Dr. Hawthorne. The Hathorne brige is 35 feet above water. It had cost 500,000 dollers to buld. The hawthorne bridge is a lift span. The Hawthorne is a draw bridge. The bridge is creaky.

15 The Broadway Bridge BY NOAH AND BLAKE The Broadway Bridge is the worlds longest bascule bridge. The bridge has four sidewalks. The bridge was built in 1918. Bikes can fit on the side walks. In 1982 it needed repairs. The bridge is red. The bridge goes across the Willamette. Have you ever wondered about the Broadway Bridge?

16 More about The Broadway Bridge BY BLAKE AND NOAH 90 ft tall painted brick red should last 100 yrs. 7th street named after bridge 4 traffic lanes

17 Sources: Carlisle, Norman, and Madelyn Carlisle. The True Book of Bridges. Chicago: Childrens Press, 1965. Wortman, Sharon Wood, and Ed Wortman. The Portland Bridge Book. Portland, OR: Urban Adventure Press, 2006. Wood, Sharon. The Portland Bridge Book. Portland, OR: Oregon Historical Society Press, 1989. Portland, Our Community: Children's Readings. Portland, OR: Portland Public Schools, 1992.

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