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All rights reserved to IDS

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1 All rights reserved to IDS
UAS: a challenging game-changer opportunity Mr. G. Bardelli President & CEO IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. All rights reserved to IDS

2 PIPPO Company Overview Founded in 1980, is a system engineering company and a high technology solution provider in selected defense and civil sectors Private capital Independent of other companies or agencies both at stock level and at decision level IDS corporation totals more than 550 persons, 75% with technical degrees Pisa (HQ) Napoli Rome Lamezia

3 Corporate structure & regional hubs
IDS UK (Fareham) IDS Tech (Ottawa) IDS NorthAmerica (Montréal) A joint venture with Sistemi Dinamici (Pisa, Rome, Varese, Naples) (Denver) IDS’s HQ: Pisa (Italy) 5 Subsidiary companies 5 local offices IDS Brazil (São Paulo) IDS Australasia (Brisbane) (Perth) All rights reserved

4 All rights reserved to IDS
UAS, users point ov view UAS is a modern concept that finally solves an ancient dilemma Undoubtfully convenient (if not essential) - for dull, dirty, dangerous tasks All rights reserved to IDS

5 UAS, industry point of view
Challenging  dull, dirty and especially dangerous tasks require often complex solutions, new barriers push towards new technologies Game-changer  Traditional concept of military fallout in civil markets has been reversed? Probably not, but if it works for civil... Opportunity  new markets, heterogeneous exigencies, wide spectrum of requirements, regulatory framework still vague and weak Goal: To make the most technologically advanced family of UAS targeting the highest reliability requirements and capable of flying in non-segregated airspaces All rights reserved to IDS

6 All rights reserved to IDS
Challenge accepted Joint competency & expertise of global industry leaders: IDS + AW 8 yrs development program 10+ prototypes Heterogeneous requirements Civil Applications (Critical Infrastructures monitoring, Mining survey, Environmental control) Homeland Security (Civil Protection, Law enforcement, Border control/coastline patrol) Military (Navy, Army & Airforce OPS support) All rights reserved to IDS

7 Remotely Piloted/Autonomous Aerial Systems
All rights reserved to IDS 7

8 All rights reserved to IDS
HERO, advanced Implementation of latest technologies, and design solutions for: Autonomous TOL, Navigation & Mission Task Execution Aeronautical avionics and FCS Ground Control Station leveraging the experience in ATC simulators and Airspace management applications Continuous research and improvements Sense and Avoid (can fly with terrain and obstacle avoidance) * realized by Sistemi Dinamici S.p.A. (IDS in JV with AgustaWestland) All rights reserved to IDS

9 HERO, versatile 2 payload bays EO HD – IR turrets AIS
SAR (nanoSAR o picoSAR) LIDAR Photogrammetry system Communication relay All rights reserved

10 Ground Control Station - interoperable, versatile
Pilot Operator Forward Looking Camera Video with HUD in overlay Payload data visualization Operational area & Mission management Operational area Data exploitation panel STANAG 4586 protocol for interoperability ATC-ready for future operations in non-segregated airspaces All rights reserved

11 IDS capabilities ATM expert System Manufacturer
Ground Control and Mission Management Platform Onboard avionics ATM expert Flight Planning ATS procedures Air Space Design Data Mgmt & exploitation GIS platforms and charts Intelligence and features extraction Large systems deployment 65+ countries are relying on IDS capabilities and products in ATM IDS is actively supporting the definition of the regulatory framework and relevant standards ENAC (Italy) ARMAEREO (Italy) Transport Canada CASA (Australia) All rights reserved

12 References – INSuRE Project
Validation and demonstration activities addressing the integration of RPAS into non-segregated airspace Validation navigation rules definition and real time simulation Demonstration live trials in both segregated and non-segregated airspaces Operational management of RW RPAS (Pilot) Interaction in non-segregated airspace Nominal ATCO OP procedures Safety Aspects Human factor (pilot and ATCO) workload All rights reserved to IDS

13 UAV Simulator (UavSim) – training, mission planning
Virtual Airspace CONOPS definition Validation activities Basic Training (single) Advanced training (joint ops) Mission Reharsal Pilots/Operators UAV Simulation Engine Preparation & Supervision All rights reserved

14 Intelligence and data management
Falsi colori Legenda:  No Change;  Backscattering decrement;  Backscattering increment. GOAL: automatic evaluation of changes/exchanges, ship flux, maintenance turnover Date Hour (start time) Record Number Pass direction Look side Polarization Near incident angle Far 21/06/2011 4,42,27 A L VV 33,6 34,3 20/06/2011 4,42,29 All rights reserved to IDS

15 Questions? Thank you All rights reserved

16 All rights reserved to IDS
Simulation Systems CONOPS definition Validation activities Basic Training (single) Advanced training (joint ops) Mission Reharsal Commercial UAV Airport/Tower Integrated Simulation Environment All rights reserved to IDS

17 All rights reserved to IDS
HERO, reliable Highest Reliability and redundancy Duplex FCS, INS, GPS, Power Supply Sys Full suite of sensors for onboard systems monitoring and failure detection Transponder and ATC Radio Link for non-segregated airspace operation Redundant Command & Control Data Link Independent Flight Termination System (Ballistic Parachute) The most reliable in its category (25<MTOW<150 Kg). Certified in Italy. All rights reserved to IDS

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