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49 CFR Part 24 Subpart E Replacement Housing Payments.

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1 49 CFR Part 24 Subpart E Replacement Housing Payments

2 March 2005 E- - 2 Comparability New definition of dwelling site:  In § 24.2(a)(11) – a land area that is typical in size for similar dwellings located in the same neighborhood or rural area.  Reason – to clarify what to look for when looking for comparable properties, what to compare the displacement dwelling to.

3 March 2005 E- - 3 Comparable Replacement Dwelling Slightly revised definition in § 24.2(a)(6):  Removed “style of living” phrase.  Reason – functionally equivalent, but not a “twin”.

4 March 2005 E- - 4 Comparable Replacement Dwelling New § 24.2(a)(6)(ix) only applies to persons displaced from government- assisted housing.

5 March 2005 E- - 5 What is Income? “Household income” applies to base monthly rental calculation. “Household income” required under revised § (b)(2)(ii) to compute replacement housing payment for 90- day, and less than 90-day, occupants.

6 March 2005 E- - 6 Income Considerations New Definition – § 24.2(a)(14) Household Income means total gross income received for a 12-month period from all sources (earned and unearned).

7 March 2005 E- - 7 Income Considerations (cont.) Including, but not limited to:  Wages.  Salary.  Child support.  Alimony.  Unemployment benefits.  Workers compensation.  Social security.  Net income from a business.

8 March 2005 E- - 8 Income Considerations (cont.) It does not include income received or earned by dependent children and full- time students under 18 years of age.

9 March 2005 E- - 9 Exclusions from Income § 24.2(a)(14) excludes earnings of dependent children under 18. Appendix A refers to a HUD published list of Federally Mandated Exclusions From Income. Available on FHWA’s Web site at:

10 March 2005 E Finding Income Exclusions and Low Income Limits Access is available on the FHWA Realty homepage.

11 March 2005 E Day Occupants Downpayment Assistance § (c) Downpayment no longer limited to conventional loan downpayment amount. Agency can elect maximum $5,250 downpayment and apply uniformly.

12 March 2005 E Cost of Comparable Dwelling § (a)(1) Adjustment of asking price no longer allowed

13 March 2005 E Incidental Expenses § (e)(4) Professional home inspection is now specifically eligible for reimbursement.

14 March 2005 E Housing Options § (f) 180-day owner who rents: Eligible for Purchase RHP $19,500 Market Rental Computation $12,500 Prior Limit $5,250 NEW LIMIT

15 March 2005 E Last Resort Payment limits ($5,250 - $22,500) are set aside. Less than 90 day occupants could receive rental assistance.

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