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Introduction To the Qur’an Part 2. Before starting Cleanse yourself.

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1 Introduction To the Qur’an Part 2

2 Before starting Cleanse yourself

3 And your intentions too !

4 Involve your feelings

5 Relate it to yourself

6 Say taoodh i.e. seeking refuge from Satan

7 Why?


9 Diverting your attention to other worldly things.

10 Makes you forget the actual reason for reading the Qur’an i.e. to follow it!

11 Diverts you to good deeds that can be delayed

12 Makes you feel sleepy

13 Makes you feel bored too !

14 Gives you 101 reasons why not to read the Qur’an


16 It is a living book

17 It’s theme is unique

18 It speaks directly to each one of us

19 It is the only book of it’s kind in the world

20 The Qur’an has an unending meaning disclosed in it’s ayaats

21 It is so interesting….

22 It makes your ‘dil mangay more’

23 Any book can be altered in 2 ways: Sequence-wiseText- wise

24 The Qur’an is original, safe and secure Why ?

25 Where is the actual Qur’an preserved ? in Loh-e-Mahfooz


27 Harf (Pl: Huroof) letters

28 The smallest unit of the Qur’an is called an… ayah

29 Number of ayah’s in the Qur’an … 6250

30 Few Ayahs form a… Surah


32 These Surahs are separated from each other with…

33 Every surah has a central theme.

34 Which is the smallest Surah of the Qur’an ?

35 Which is the biggest Surah of the Qur’an? It has 286 Ayats

36 Few ruku’make a… Number of ruku’ in the Qur’an … Surah 540 Number of Surahs in the Qur’an 114

37 Number of paras in the Qur’an … 30

38 Why in Arabic? Allah’s choice Expansive and wide language

39 There are 1500 words for the word sword alone

40 Language of people of Paradise


42 hospitality hospitality

43 fulfilling oaths

44 hard-working, hard-working,




48 They were a clean slate

49 Their only weakness was..

50 And Qur’an sorted that out !

51 They were chosen by Allah (swt) and Allah (swt) alone knows best

52 Compilation of the Qur’an


54 Wahi on the Prophet(pbuh) Prophet recited to Sahaba Memorised Wrote it on Bones leather, dried date leaves During AbuBakr’s time compiled in book form

55 Order of verses was arranged according to Allah (swt)'s inspiration 1.Surah Al-FatihahSurah Al-Fatihah 2.Surah Al-Baqara 3. Surah Al-i'ImranSurah Al-i'Imran 4.Surah An-NisaaSurah An-Nisaa 5.Surah Al-MaidahSurah Al-Maidah 6.Surah Al-An'amSurah Al-An'am 7.Surah Al-A'rafSurah Al-A'raf 8.Surah Al-AnfalSurah Al-Anfal 9.Surah At-TaubaSurah At-Tauba 10.Surah YunusSurah Yunus 11.Surah HudSurah Hud 12.Surah YusufSurah Yusuf 13.Surah Ar-Ra'dSurah Ar-Ra'd

56 Dora e Qur’an of the Prophet (pbuh) with Gabriel (as) every Ramadan

57 A copy of the Qur’an was sent to various cities so that everyone followed the same text.

58 Even today every where around the world there is no difference in the Qur’an.

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