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Transportation & Employment Tony Beregszazi ADVOCAP Deputy Director July 26, 2013.

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1 Transportation & Employment Tony Beregszazi ADVOCAP Deputy Director July 26, 2013

2 What is ADVOCAP? Community Action Agency Mission to Create Opportunities for People and Communities to Reduce Poverty and Increase Self Sufficiency Serve Fond du Lac, Winnebago, and Green Lake Counties

3 ADVOCAP’s Experience with Transportation Represented on local and regional transportation planning committees Own a fleet of buses, weatherization and property maintenance vans, home delivered meal vehicles Provide vouchers for transit system and for gas purchases Provide loans for vehicle purchases and repairs Provide loans to restore vehicle licenses and registrations

4 Experience with Employment Have operated Employment and Training Programs since the late 60’s Represented on the Fox Valley Workforce Development Board Selected to demonstrate national programs Involved in operating programs under CETA, JTPA, WIA Contract with DVR, FVWDB, ORR, WISCAP, HUD and other investors Operate Business Development TA and Loan Programs Employ about 200 individuals

5 Populations Served In E&T Programs Low income Adults Low income Youth Persons with Disabilities Refugees Dislocated Workers Older Workers Victims of Domestic Violence Young Fathers FSET Recipients

6 Who are low income? The elderly, children, and employed or underemployed are largest groups Have multiple barriers to employment Income at or below federal poverty guidelines

7 Federal Poverty Guidelines Household SizeHourly one$5.52 two$7.46 three$9.39 four$11.32 100%=co-pays begin for children in BadgerCare Plus 115%=maximum income level for W-2 participation 138%=income ceiling for Medicaid provision in health care reform law

8 Statistics for Wisconsin Poverty Rate: 12% Unemployment Rate: 6.9% Median Household Income: $25.18 per hour

9 Commuting to Work in Wisconsin Drove Alone79.8% Carpooled8.9% Public Transportation2.0% Walked3.4% Other1.6% Worked At Home4.3% 2011 American Community Survey

10 Transportation a Top Need of Low Income People Tied with affordable housing as a need Barrier to getting and keeping a job Costly as a percentage of disposable income Low income have little or no savings for emergencies Dependable and flexible options often not available Rural options particularly absent

11 Worker Mobility A Community Need Workforce Development Businesses and Productivity Community Involvement Economic Development

12 Best Criteria for Transportation Options Flexible Reliable Affordable Energy Efficient Individualized to Address Needs

13 Studies of Impact of Car Ownership on Welfare Recipients’ Employment Benefits: Increase in employment opportunities Direct improvement in wages Direct improvement in job retention Direct improvement on weeks worked per year Burdens: Costs of Purchase, Maintenance, Insurance, Fuel, etc. Need reserve funds for unexpected repair needs

14 Local Solutions Vehicle Lease Options Vehicle Purchase Programs Vehicle Repair Programs Programs to Address Suspension of Driving Privileges Volunteer Driver Programs Employer Incentive Programs Ride Share Programs Van Pools Bicycle Rental Programs

15 Who could step up and help more? Workforce Development Boards Economic Development Corporations Technical Colleges Employers Others

16 Transportation Equals Economic Opportunity Tony Beregszazi ADVOCAP Deputy Director July 26, 2013

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