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City Manager Update City Council Meeting 1 December 2014 1.

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1 City Manager Update City Council Meeting 1 December 2014 1

2 CM Leader Critical Information Requirements (LCIR) Priorities Police LCIR Airport LCIR Public Works LCIR Critical Issue Updates National Disaster Resiliency Competition EVENTS 2

3 Priorities Flood Preparedness Flood Recovery (Affected Properties) Infrastructure, Managed Development, & Planning Teach, Coach, Mentor the professional City Workforce (17% Turnover) Water Management Comprehensive Plan (Revitalized Downtown, Greenway Connections, Compact Development, Housing Opportunities & Transportation) Public Communications & Relationship Building Legislative Biennium Process Development, Refinement, Improvement & Enforcement Empowerment & Accountability (Most Efficient Organization – MEO) 3 FOCUSFOCUS

4 Police LCIR Sgt. Shannon Lackey is promoted. Santa Rides a Harley Event was held. Several hundred children were fingerprinted for child safety. Officers Faken and Medeiros receive Lifesaving Awards for saving the life of a jogger who had a heartattack. 4 Chart shows growth in Detective case assignments over past four years.

5 Airport LCIR Terminal Construction 90% steel completion Insulation & Glass begins in December Winterize (Dec 2014) Apron Closed down for winter Parking Lot – Phase I Approximately 75% complete Opened 500+ parking spaces Quality Construction Team $14.6M of $40.3M Billed Staffing Losing 1 in December Hiring 2 in January 5

6 Public Works LCIR Rosehill Cemetery Bonnie Ripplinger retired from Public Works as the Supt. for Rosehill Cemetery after nearly 38 years of working for the City of Minot. Crews from the Water/Sewer Dept worked with Wagner Construction to repair a leak in the 24” sanitary sewer forcemain. This forcemain serves over 75% of the City. Infrastructure Improvements Staff at PW are beginning design of 2015 infrastructure rehab projects. These projects include watermain replacement, sanitary sewer rehab and storm sewer replacement. 6

7 Critical Issue Updates Flood Protection and Emergency Preparation Planning Continued Development of Basin-wide approach to protection system Senior official meetings in Saint Paul and Washington, DC (Nov 2014) Leveraging of multiple funding sources (Local, State and Federal) Includes HUD resiliency funding Local area involvement in aesthetics of flood protection system Coordination with Ward County Emergency Operations Planning Infrastructure Development and Planning Building Permit process clarity and refinement Enforcement of requirements (Developments and Planning) Seeing the future (25+ years ahead) Minimize disruption thru exhaustive planning Team effort (Engineers, Builders, Developers, Business Owners & Citizens) Planning for 2015 Construction Season on-going 7

8 HUD National Disaster Resiliency Competition Purpose: Award of ~$1.0 B (Community Development Block Grant) Eligibility: Federal Disaster areas (2011-2013) (City of Minot 1 of 67 applicants) Intent: Innovative/resilient revitalization projects that address unmet recovery needs Phase I (Framing): Development of basin-wide resilient approach that addresses all HUD requirements Initial Approach scoping underway (CDM Smith consultant) Meeting held with Ward County (Nov 2014) NDRC Summit held in Washington, DC (HUD & Rockefeller foundation) Phase I addresses “What the city/basin want to achieve” Community involvement, stakeholders and partnerships are critical 8

9 National Disaster Resiliency Competition Timeline City Manager public announcement (1 Dec 2014) Press release and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) letters sent (2 December 2014) Media contact completed Press conferences scheduled CAC Meeting & Press Conference (8 Dec) – 12 PM Public Meeting 1 – 12/9/14 – 6:30 PM Both meetings will be in the City Auditorium Rm. 201 Public Meet 2 & 3 (January & February 2015) Resiliency Academy (13-15 January 2015) 6-7 attendees (includes 1-2 citizens) Phase I application due (16 March 2015) Phase II (June 2015 – Dec 2015) 9

10 Recreation | Auditorium LCIR Auditorium Events – Nov/Dec Hairball concert Girls BB – Shootout on the Prairie Brick Studio Dance Recital Lorie Line Concert 2 nd Story Christmas Party Office and Meeting Room Remodel - Completion Recreation Activities – Nov/Dec Youth Boys Basketball Adult Basketball Adult Volleyball Tennis Center Activities Youth Tennis Lessons Adult Tennis Leagues 10

11 Assessor’s Office LCIR Annual review program is finishing on-site review and updating assessor record cards of approximately 1,400 properties: Green Acres South Mall Residential Old Washington School Area 11

12 Finance and Accounting LCIR Sales Tax Collections Up 8.93% from last year Bond Sale Closing was November 25 th Received bonds funds Office of Inspector General Auditors CDBG-DR audit Expect to have a report to the City of Minot in 2015 12

13 Fire LCIR Minot Fire Department has responded to 46 natural gas leaks in 2014 most were caused by construction digging. All members of the Minot Fire Department were certified in automobile extrication during November 2104. We took delivery of a remounted rescue truck November 2014 13

14 Engineering LCIR US 83 Broadway Viaduct Replacement 14 Both bridges have deteriorated to a point where total replacement is the best long term option. Estimated total project cost is $30M, City’s cost share is 10% or $3M Bridge type study will be conducted early 2015 to determine type of bridge construction and aesthetics. Public input is required. Project will be designed in 2015-2016, with a bid scheduled for late 2016 or early 2017. Construction will last two construction seasons in 2017 and 2018. Major challenges with this project include: flood control project tie-in, coordination with CP Rail and BNSF, coordination with final year of construction downtown, and traffic control/detour routing.

15 Human Resources LCIR Current Recruitments 1 - Senior Manager 1- Police 4 - All Others 2015 Position Recruitment Approved Positions will be posted mid-November for January hire Workforce Safety and Insurance Successfully passed premium audit Priorities Benefit Open Enrollment November 12 th and 13 th Present new voluntary benefit options and rate changes Service Recognition Reception December 10 th - City Hall 15

16 EVENTS OIG Inspection Continues Souris River Joint Board (SRJB) (4 December 2014) (Bismarck) Legislative Preparation (thru December 2014) Meeting with Ward County for HUD Competition (Nov 2014) HUD (Rockefeller Academy) (January 2015) (Kansas City) HUD – National Disaster Resiliency Competition (15 March 2015) NAWS (Federal department meetings) (December 2014) Police, Fire, & Airport Overview Briefs (on site) (City Council) Increased Public Awareness (CONTINUOUS) 16

17 Questions 17 Thank you

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