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OPENING THE DOOR TO RECOVERY Housing Options & Resources.

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1 OPENING THE DOOR TO RECOVERY Housing Options & Resources

2 Behavioral Health Administration Our Mission The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Behavioral Health and Disabilities will develop an integrated process for planning, policy, and services to ensure a coordinated quality system of care is available to individuals with behavioral health conditions and developmental disabilities. The Mental Hygiene Administration will, through publicly-funded services and supports, promote recovery, resiliency, and health for individuals who have emotional or psychiatric disorders. Our Vision The Vision of our public mental health system is drawn from fundamental core commitments: Coordinated, quality system of care. A full range of services available. Seamless linkages to services for the consumer delivered through a system of integrated care. Recognition that co-occurring and co-morbid conditions are the norm. Focus on treatment, behavioral health, support, recovery, and resilience. Services developed in collaboration with culturally competent stakeholders in an environment that is culturally sensitive. Improved health, wellness, and quality of life for consumers. Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) partners: Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) (Mental Hygiene Administration merged with the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration) Core Service Agencies (CSA) – Local Health Departments and free standing CSAs (local mental health authorities) Administrative Service Organization (ASO) – Value Options (managed behavioral health care – service authorization, claims, payments)

3 Housing & Services Housing With Services  Services are included with or attached to the housing.  Examples: Residential Rehabilitation, Transitional Housing Housing Plus Services  Services are available, but not a part of the housing.  Examples: Shelter Plus Care, Supported Housing Programs

4 Housing Challenges Lack of affordable housing stock in many areas of MD Olmstead decision – State’s continued commitment to support individual’s in the least restrictive environment Judicial system insist people be in structured supervised housing Forensic histories and federal restrictions Credit histories Poverty – SSI Maximum benefit $721/month Arrearages in utility Restrictions due to funding requirements Loss of Medicaid as a person moves out of RRP Access to services due to transportation barriers

5 Housing types defined CoC = Continuum of Care (formerly Shelter Plus Care) Grand Total (CoC): 361 units, 317 approved by HUD, 44 additional units approved by MHA. The CoC is a grant funded program through HUD that provides rental assistance for permanent housing to individuals and families with an adult member who has a mental illness or co-occurring disorder. Supported Housing = housing for individuals served by the Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) where the person is the lease holder. Most supported housing units are subsidized or affordable. Services are available but not required. Transitional Housing = housing that assists persons to move from homelessness to permanent housing. Services are included, including accessing benefits, referral to behavioral health resources, life skill training, etc.

6 Housing types defined (cont.) RRP = Residential Rehabilitation Programs (approx 40 programs statewide) Total number of RRP beds Statewide is – 2498 General Level beds - 912, Intensive Level beds - 1586 RRP is psychiatric rehabilitation connected with program housing. Persons learn independent living skills, self management of mental health care and recovery in a residential setting in order to graduate to independent living of their own choice. General Level of Care = minimum of 13 face to face services in the residence monthly Intensive Level of Care = minimum of 19 face to face services in the residence monthly, with staff on site 7 days per week. Both levels of care have 24 hour/day on call staff available. RRP is accessed by application to the Core Service Agency (CSA) of the county of residency. Eligibility is determined by the CSA using the BHA priority population definition and medical necessity criteria applied by the Administrative Services Organization (ASO). The CSA reviews applications, tracks vacancies, maintains waiting lists if necessary, and refers applications when bed availability occurs. Core Service Agency contact list from the BHA website:

7 Housing Resources by Core Service Agencies in Maryland - as of June 2014 Allegany CountyCoC 21 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 14 (1BR) 4 (2BR) 3 (3BR) RRP 30 beds – 0 General level of care (LOC), 30 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 4 units, 5 individuals Anne Arundel CountyCoC 28 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 14 (1BR) 8 (2BR) 6 (3BR) RRP271 beds – 75 General LOC, 196 Intensive LOC Supported Housing58 units, maximum of 105 individuals Baltimore CityCoC99 Shelter + Care units RRP357 beds – 175 General LOC, 182 Intensive LOC Supported Housing80 units, 100 individuals Transitional Housing 164 transitional beds at 5 different programs, length of stay (LOS) between 3 months – 2 years Baltimore CountyCoC 58 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 23 (1BR) 16 (2BR) 19 (3BR) RRP352 beds – 117 General LOC, 235 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 25 units, 35 individuals Calvert CountyCoC 17 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 9 (1BR) 4 (2BR) 4 (3BR) RRP19 beds – 12 General LOC, 7 Intensive LOC Supported HousingNo supported housing other than CoC Carroll CountyCoC 13 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 11 (1BR) 1 (2BR) 1 (3BR) RRP67 beds – 14 General LOC, 53 Intensive LOC Supported Housing13 units, 18 individuals Transitional HousingOne program with 44 beds Cecil CountyCoC 12 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 4 (1BR) 4 (2BR) 5 (3BR) RRP38 beds – 6 General LOC, 32 Intensive LOC Support Housing17 individual, no unit # reported

8 Charles CountyCoC 43 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 20 (1BR) 7 (2BR) 7 (3BR) 9 (4BR) RRP19 beds – 3 General LOC, 16 Intensive LOC Supported Housing Rental Assistance program (grant funded) 13 slots for individuals in the Public Mental Health System (PMHS) Additional Supported Housing 2 units serving maximum of 7 individuals (3 are w/Rental Asst program currently) Frederick CountyCoC 25 rental subsidy units including single individuals and families. 21 of the units are in the tenant’s name and four are sponsor-based. 19 (1BR) 5 (2BR) 1 (3BR) RRP180 beds – 98 General LOC, 82 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 13 units, 17 individual Additional 10 units, 14 individuals served by ACT Garrett CountyCocNone RRP6 beds – 0 General LOC, 6 Intensive LOC Supported Housing30 units through HUD-SHP program Transitional HousingTransitional Housing through Public Housing Authority 9 beds Harford CountyCoC 23 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 8 (1BR) 10 (2BR) 5 (3BR) RRP59 beds – 17 General LOC, 42 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 2 units, 6 individuals 11 Supportive housing units*, individual has lease but agrees to support by program staff Transitional Housing21 units of permanent housing for former homeless individuals served by the PMHS Howard CountyCoC10 units single individual, all units are sponsor based in the tenants’ name. RRP106 beds – 41 General LOC, 65 Intensive LOC Supported Housing12 units, maximum 26 individuals Mid-Shore Counties (Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot) CoC 16 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 11 (1BR) 2 (2BR) 3 (3BR) RRP58 beds – 9 General LOC, 49 Intensive LOC Supported Housing49 units, 65 maximum individuals

9 Montgomery CountyCoC52 single units RRP382 beds – 215 General LOC, 167 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 34 units, 75 individuals 155 units, 260 individuals (Public Housing Authority) Transitional Housing2 programs serving 15 homeless men and 8 homeless women Pr. George’s CountyCoC 29 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are sponsored based in the tenant’s name. 7 (1BR) 14 (2BR) 8 (3BR) RRP398 beds – 76 General LOC, 322 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 34 units, 107 maximum single individuals 35 Single Family units – HUD and TAY grant funded St. Mary’s CountyCoC 12 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 5 (1BR) 6 (2BR) 1 (3BR) RRP 39 beds – 11 General LOC, 28 Intensive LOC Transitional Housing One program serving homeless persons with behavioral health issues, assisting movement to permanent housing 10 units – 4 for women w/children, maximum 20 individuals 6 for men, maximum 24 individuals Washington CountyCoC 32 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 19 (1BR) 8 (2BR) 4 (3BR) 1 (4BR) RRP33 beds – 7 General LOC, 26 Intensive LOC Supported Housing16 units, 21 individuals Wicomico/Somerset CountiesCoC 25 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 15 (1BR) 7 (2BR) 3 (3BR) RRP74 beds – 32 General LOC, 42 Intensive LOC Supported Housing 48 units in Wicomico Co, 48 individuals (33 one bedrm, 10 two bedrm, 5 three bedrm) 9 units in Somerset Co, 9 individuals (5 one bedrm, 3 two bedrm, 1 three bedrm) Transitional Housing15 units (Wicomico only) women & children only Worcester CountyCoC 6 rental subsidy units include single individuals and families. All units are in the tenant’s name. 2 (1BR) 3 (2BR) 1 (3BR) RRP10 beds – 4 General LOC, 6 Intensive LOC Supported Housing22 units, 34 individuals (includes 1, 2, 3 bedrm units – all HUD funded) 1 one bedroom unit for homeless veteran served in PBHS

10 Residential Rehabilitation Programs Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP) provides housing and supportive services to single individuals. The goal of residential rehabilitation is to provide services that will support an individual to transition to independent housing of their choice. Residential Rehabilitation Programs provide staff support around areas of personal needs such as medication monitoring, independent living skills, symptom management, stress management, relapse prevention planning with linkages to employment, education and/or vocational services, crisis prevention and other services that will help with the individual’s recovery. Application for RRP available on BHA website and from local Core Service Agencies in the county where the individual resides. (See List and contact info on following pages) RRP application link from BHA website: 09082014%20-%20FINAL%20version.pdf

11 Core Service Agencies (CSA) ALLEGANY COUNTY Allegany Co. Mental Health System's Office P.O. Box 1745 Cumberland, Maryland 21501-1745 Phone: 301-759-5070 Fax: 301-777-5621 ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency PO Box 6675, MS 3230, 1 Truman Parkway, 101 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Phone: 410-222-7858 Fax: 410-222-7881 BALTIMORE CITY Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc. One N. Charles Street, Suite 1300 Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Phone: 410-637-1900 Fax: 410-637-1911 BALTIMORE COUNTY Bureau of Behavioral Health of Baltimore County Health Department 6401 York Road, Third Floor Baltimore, Maryland 21212 Phone: 410-887-3828 Fax: 410-887-3786 CALVERT COUNTY Calvert County Core Service Agency P.O. Box 980 Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678 Phone: 410-535-5400 #330 Fax: 410-414-8092 CARROLL COUNTY Carroll County Health Department Bureau of Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery 290 South Center Street Westminster, Maryland 21158-0460 Phone: 410-876-4800 Fax: 410-876-4832 CECIL COUNTY Cecil County Core Service Agency 401 Bow Street Elkton, Maryland 21921 Phone: 410-996-5112 Fax: 410-996-5134 CHARLES COUNTY Department of Health Core Service Agency P.O. Box 1050, 4545 Crain Hwy. White Plains, Maryland 20695 Phone: 301-609-5757 Fax: 301-609-5749 FREDERICK COUNTY Mental Health Management Agency of Frederick County 22 South Market Street, Suite 8 Frederick, Maryland 21701 Phone: 301-682-6017 Fax: 301-682-6019 GARRETT COUNTY Garrett County Core Service Agency 1025 Memorial Drive Oakland, Maryland 21550-1943 Phone: 301-334-7440 Fax: 301-334-7441 HARFORD COUNTY Office on Mental Health of Harford County 125 N Main Street Bel Air, Maryland 21014 Phone: 410-803-8726 Fax: 410-803-8732 HOWARD COUNTY Howard County Mental Health Authority 9151 Rumsey Road, Suite 150 Columbia, Maryland 21045 Phone: 410-313-7350 Fax: 410-313-7374 MID-SHORE COUNTIES (Includes Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne and Talbot Counties) Mid-Shore Mental Health Systems, Inc. 28578 Mary’s Court, Suite 1 Easton, Maryland 21601 Phone: 410-770-4801 Fax: 410-770-4809 MONTGOMERY COUNTY Department of Health & Human Services, Montgomery County Government 401 Hungerford Drive, 1st Floor Rockville, Maryland 20850 Phone: 240-777-1400 Fax: 240-777-1145 PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY Prince George’s County Health Department Behavioral Health Services Prince George's County Core Service Agency 9314 Piscataway Road Clinton Maryland 20735 Phone: 301-856-9500 Fax: 301-856-9558 ST. MARY’S COUNTY St. Mary's County Dept. of Aging and Human Services 23115 Leonard Hall Drive, P.O. Box 653 Leonardtown, Maryland 20650 Phone: 301-475-4200 ext. 1682 Fax: 301-475-4000 WASHINGTON COUNTY Washington County Mental Health Authority 339 E. Antietam Street, Suite #5 Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 Phone: 301-739-2490 Fax: 301-739-2250 WICOMICO/SOMERSET COUNTIES Wicomico Behavioral Health Authority/Somerset Core Service Agency 108 East Main Street Salisbury, Maryland 21801 Phone: 410-543-6981 Fax: 410-219-2876 WORCESTER COUNTY Worcester County Core Service Agency P.O. Box 249 Snow Hill, Maryland 21863 Phone: 410-632-3366 Fax: 410-632-0065

12 Specialty RRP Housing TAY (Transitional Age Youth) DD/MH (Developmental Disability/Mental Health) IDDT (Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment) DEAF AND/OR HARD OF HEARING GERIATRIC Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert County Carroll County, Charles County, Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, St Mary’s County. Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Frederick County, St. Mary’s County Frederick County, Montgomery County Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, Wicomico County


14 JURISDICTIONEFF1 BDRM2BDRM3BDRM4 BDRM ALLEGANY$454$537$637$867$988 ANNE ARUNDEL$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 BALTIMORE$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 BALTIMORE CITY$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 CALVERT$1,176$1,239$1,469$1,966$2,470 CAROLINE$654$659$891$1,186$1,332 CARROLL$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 CECIL$799$942$1,135$1,414$1,518 CHARLES$1,176$1,239$1,469$1,966$2,470 DORCHESTER$658$689$847$1,055$1,132 FREDERICK$1,176$1,239$1,469$1,966$2,470 GARRETT$537$576$691$879$923 HARFORD$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 HOWARD$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 HOWARD-COLUMBIA AREA$1,047$1,307$1,556$1,994$2,186 KENT$693$698$944$1,241$1,672 MONTGOMERY$1,176$1,239$1,469$1,966$2,470

15 JURISDICTIONEFF1 BDRM2BDRM3BDRM4 BDRM PRINCE GEORGE'S$1,176$1,239$1,469$1,966$2,470 QUEEN ANNE'S$847$1,001$1,252$1,599$1,741 SOMERSET$414$587$696$875$962 ST. MARY'S$819$1,026$1,216$1,768$2,147 TALBOT$808$814$1,060$1,320$1,821 WASHINGTON$616$748$968$1,340$1,359 WICOMICO$521$647$875$1,126$1,242 WORCESTER$584$669$888$1,106$1,348

16 Maryland Partnership for Affordable Housing (MPAH) Implementation began in 2011 with funding from a grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Partners include DHMH (BHA, DDA, MFP), DHCD, MDOD, MCDD, Centers for Independent Living (CILS), consumer organizations and housing developers. Implementation and maintenance of an internet-based affordable housing registry through DHCD and MDOD at and Applied to HUD for 811 PRA Demonstration Project in 2012 and awarded $10.9 million to develop 150 units of HUD 811 project based rental assistance in February 2013. DHCD currently working with housing developers to create or rehab existing housing. MPAH is training Case Managers to assist individuals, and the Social Serve registry will be available in November 2014 to determine eligibility and get individuals on lists for the housing that will become available in 2015/2016.

17 Documentation  Social Security Card  State ID  Birth Certificates ( In State and Out of State)  Benefit Letter ( Income Statement) Do you know where to obtain these documents? Do you know what forms to use to obtain these documents? Are there costs associated with obtaining these documents?

18 Documentation Cont. Social Security CardBenefit Letter ( Income Statement) Where: Social Security Administration Where: Social Security Administration Forms Needed: Social Security Card Application Forms Needed: SSA-3288 Items Needed: 1.Birth Certificate, 2.U.S. ID or driver’s license or 3. Passport 4.Letter of Residency Items Needed: 1.Provide Your Social Security Number and ID 2.Participant’s U.S. ID or driver’s license or 3.Medicaid Card Social Security Application only use BLUE or BLACK INK All fields must be complete or SSA will not honor form Cost: Free Website: www.ssa.govwww.ssa.govWebsite:

19 Documentation Cont. Birth CertificateState ID Where: Local Health Dept. or Division of Vital Records (Reisterstown Rd.) Where: Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Forms Needed: Birth Certificate Application Forms Needed: Application provided by MVA Items Needed: 1.U.S. ID or driver’s license 2.Letter of Residency from facility 2.Notarized letter * 3.Case Manager’s ID* Items Needed: 1.Birth Certificate (actual)* 2.Social Security Card (actual)* 3.Letter of Residency from facility 4.Letter from Physician If individual is not born in MD, please contact the state in which they were born Letter of Residency, Birth Certificate, and Social Security card have to be taken to local MVA to be verified Cost: $24 (check or money order)Cost: Free (if disabled) Website: /birth.aspx /birth.aspx Website:

20 Forms for Documentation


22 Barriers  A circumstance or obstacle that keeps people or things apart or prevents communication or progress Past Electricity Bills Credit Issues Criminal Background Rental History

23 Barriers  Past Due Electricity Bills Address the issue immediately a. Contact the utility company to find out how much is owed b. Inform the utility company of the current situation c. Work on a payment plan d. Request a letter from utility company stating there is currently a payment plan  Rental History Have you ever been evicted or owe another housing community money ? a. If money is owed, set up a payment plan (if possible) b. Any HUD assisted housing will not accept an individual for housing if money is due to another housing agency Ask previous landlords to provide a reference letter ( on time rental payments and good tenancy)

24 Barriers  Credit Case managers can assist applicant with determining what type of credit issue exists and help the applicant understand the credit issue may impact their ability to rent. Individuals have the right to obtain a free copy of their credit report once every 12 months from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion a. If an applicant has credit issues, applicants should get in contact with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland and Delaware, or 1.800.642.2227 All property management companies screen applications for credit issues a. If the credit report is negative, then the applicant could be denied or asked to pay a higher security deposit b. If the issue occurred during a medical event, a case manager can advocate for the applicant

25 Barriers  Criminal Background Identify the applicants criminal background If an applicant is not sure if they have a criminal background, look up on Maryland Judiciary Case Search, a. Maryland Judiciary Case Search is for criminal records maintained in Maryland b. It is free and will reveal the following information: defendant and plaintiff’s name, date of birth, trial date, charge, case disposition, case number, and city Maryland will expunge the following records nuisance charges, such as eating on public transportation urinating in public, and loitering a.Guide to Expungement of nuisance crimes l/dccr072a.pdf l/dccr072a.pdf b.For legal advise contact - Maryland Disability Law Center,

26 Good Tenancy Paying rent on time Maintaining the unit Engaging in friendly neighbor relationships Complying with the terms of the lease Communicating with the property manager Understanding tenant responsibilities Knowing who to call and when to call these individuals

27 Resources ToolWebsite Social Security US Department of Housing and Urban Development Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland and Delaware or 1.800.642.2227 Annual Credit or 1.877.322.8228 Guide to Expungement of Nuisance Crimes t/forms/criminal/dccr072a.pdf Maryland Judiciary Case Search nquiry/inquiry-index.jsp Maryland Disability Law Center Public Housing Authority Locator contacts/states/md.cfm

28 Resources ToolWebsite Housing Choice Voucher Guidebook D?src=/program_offices/public_india n_housing/programs/hcv/forms/guid ebook Craigslist (Furniture, Apartment, Roommates) Weinberg Initiative sing.aspx HUD Section 811 PRA Demo. ite/Programs/Section811/Default.aspx Baltimore Free Store SNAP Program/Food Stamps ge_id=5514 Go Section

29 Resources ToolWebsite MD Housing Social Fair Housing Act D?src=/program_offices/fair_housing _equal_opp/FHLaws/yourrights Reasonable Accommodations ary/huddojstatement.pdf MD Motor Vehicle Administration410.768.7442 or Area Median Income ograms/prhp/Documents/2013_MD_ Income_Limits.pdf MARYLAND CENTERS FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING (CIL) 0Informed.aspx?id=900

30 Housing Options & Resources Presenter information: Russell T. Springham, LCSW-C Case Management and Housing Coordinator Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Behavioral Health Administration Office of Adult and Specialized Behavioral Health Services Spring Grove Hospital Center – Dix Building 55 Wade Avenue, Catonsville, MD 21228 (410) 402-8351

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