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1 A Better Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Inventory and Tenant Management System.

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1 1 A Better Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Inventory and Tenant Management System

2 2 Jim Loos – Lincoln Housing Authority Steve King – Tulsa Housing Authority Other Committee Members: Albert Castillo – Yolo County Housing George Stull - Hagerstown Presenter Introductions…….

3 3 Conference call to introduce project in early March Presentation by HUD to OATHA Committee in DC – Late March OATHA Webinar – Early April Industry Day in DC – Early May (For Vendors and OATHA Members) Presentations / Sessions at OATHA Conference in October Process Overview …..…….

4 4 PIC Current State

5 PIC Design and Funding PIC was designed in 1998-1999 as a replacement for both the IBS and the MTCS (form 50058) data systems. Neither offered HA access. PIC has not had money for system development since 2007, only very limited operations and maintenance funding which expires March 31, 2016. PIC uses Microsoft SQL Server instead of HUD’s standard Oracle and requires maintaining multiple platforms which is very costly. 5

6 What does PIC do? PIC allows HAs to: Submit tenant data via the Form HUD- 50058. This collects and verifies identity and income information for assisted tenants. Maintain building and unit data to provide a picture of our Public Housing inventory for funding. Maintain HA contact information so that HUD can reach HA staff. Submit inventory removal applications. Submit Capital Fund and Section 8 Management Assessment Program certifications. 6

7 How is PIC currently working PIC facilitates the exchange of information between HAs, HUD and approximately 24 vendors that interface with PIC. HAs are responsible for entering accurate information in PIC under rules at 24 CFR 908 for tenant information, 982 for Housing Choice Voucher, 990 for Operating Subsidy, 905 for Capital Funding, and 970 for Inventory Removals HUD staff approve, monitor, and evaluate the information in PIC to identify and address potential management and occupancy issues. The data in PIC is only as good as the user inputs! 7

8 Current HA and HUD Users 8 PIC User TypeNumber of Active User Accounts HUD Users (Includes HUD staff, Contractors and Super User types) 4,250 HA Users44,200 DateUnique Logins 10/01/2014 – 10/03/20146,356 10/6/20104 – 10/10/20149,384 10/13/2014 – 10/17/20147,727 10/20/2014 – 10/24/20149,363 10/27/2014 – 10/31/201410,132

9 Current PIC Infrastructure 9

10 Current PIC System Design 10 PIC Database Servers Data Warehouse Staging Query for Analytics PHAs (Source Data) Application Layer (ETL) REAC Data Warehouse Application Layer (ETL) Business Intelligence Tools

11 PIC as a Transaction Data Center 11 Tenant Data 50058s for PH & HCV PH Physical Inventory & Removals SEMAP Certification 24 CFR 985 PIC Operating Funds $4.4 billion Capital Funds $1.8 billion Section 8 Assessment (SEMAP) Score VMS Indicator 9 Reporting Rate Indicator 9 Reporting Rate HCV Funding ~$20 billion HCV Annual Funding ~ $20 billion

12 Tenant and Unit Changes Processed 12 October 2014 HCV Tenant Form Uploads SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayTotals Week 1 26,16714,70912,25251853,646 Week 221714,18612,40911,78811,91617,05380568,374 Week 33126,65111,73713,16512,4779,6921,08255,116 Week 435811,95013,02714,39113,81311,7381,09066,367 Week531114,41515,92915,25714,99711,656 72,565 Totals1,19847,20253,10280,76867,91262,3913,495316,068 October 2014 PH Tenant Form Uploads SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayTotals Week 1 7,6265,6564,59616918,047 Week 2735,9414,9694,1944,3794,40225224,210 Week 3461,8294,5544,1354,6924,06015019,466 Week 42025,3144,4844,4894,6154,89915024,153 Week51317,4815,4025,8857,4786,473 32,850 Totals45220,56519,40926,32926,82024,430721118,726 October 2014 PH Unit Status Changes SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayTotal Week 1 4,6631,9362,6611139,373 Week 2781,7451,3161,2151,3161,4341147,218 Week 3686771,3141,5291,3421,4621006,492 Week 4381,4281,1371,0321,1311,4501176,333 Week5601,2311,2051,0911,5084,704 9,799 Totals2445,0814,9729,5307,23311,71144439,215

13 Tenant Forms Processed 13 Total Forms Forms with Fatal Errors Percent of Forms with Fatal Errors Total Forms with Warnings Percent of Forms with Warnings October 2014736,00143,972 34,552 Weekly Averages184,00010,9936.0%8,6384.7% Fatal errors are mistakes on the form that prevent us from accepting the record: the HA needs to correct fatal errors for them to accepted Warnings are data/items that fall outside of expected ranges but are accepted and flagged for the HA to verify

14 Operational Issues 14 Outdated, unstable system software System design makes managing data quality challenging An estimated $9 million needed to perform all fixes and upgrade from SQL Server to Oracle Unable to fully utilize BI tools

15 15 Plan to attend HUD Industry Day – May 2015 Register for the OATHA Conference – October 4 -6, 2015 WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???

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