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1 2014 Project Application Process September 15th, 2013 Michelle Sandoz-Dennis Cares Inc.

2 Agenda  Introductions  2014 Application Process  Match and Leverage Review  The New Process - How CARES can assist with Match/Leverage Documentation  Mini E-Snaps Demo – Completing the Applicant Profile  Next Steps: Yes More Training to Come…

3 2014 Application – Before You Begin  Grant Number of the renewing Grant – i.e the contract that ends in 2014  DUNS Number – (Please ensure that your SAMs is also up-to-date)  E-snaps User Name and Password **Please Note: CARES cannot help with DUNS Number issues or e-snaps HelpDesk issues!

4 Also Remember…  CARES does not have Project Applicant e-snaps log-in information  CARES cannot see what Project Applicants can while we are providing technical assistance…which is why we ask for PDFs of everything  When Project Applicants submit within e-snaps it is submitted to CARES as the Collaborative Applicant but in READ ONLY form.

5 The 2014 Application Process  E-snaps opens for the 2014 Application Cycle  CARES will alert all Project Applicants  Project Applicants register for the Funding Opportunity within e-snaps  Project Applicants create each application within e-snaps  Project Applicants complete project application(s)

6 The 2014 Application Process  Prior to pushing the Submit button, Project Applicants will turn the application into a PDF  Project Applicants will complete an internal review using the CARES provided Application Checklist  Project Applicants will then send CARES a signed copy of the Checklist and a PDF copy of the application

7 Final Application Review  CARES will complete a full review of the application  CARES will send back a confirmation of review using the Project Checklist  Once any/all edits are made by the Project Applicant the Project Applicant can click the Submit button **Please Note: When submitted all Project Applications electronically come to CARES to be submitted as a package Application to HUD!


9 What Can Be Done Now to Prepare  Project Applicants can ensure that the following is handy:  Grant Number  DUNS Number  E-snaps User Name and Password  Project Applicants can complete the Applicant Profile:  HUD Forms 2880 & 50070  SF-LLL  Survey on EEO  Begin Preparing Match and Leverage Documentation!

10 Match and Leverage

11 New Cash Match Requirements  Grantees must match the total grant, including administrative costs, with no less than 25% cash or in- kind contributions from other sources  The only exception to the match requirement is leasing costs  Match can only be used for the costs of eligible activities

12 New Cash Match Requirements  Recipients must provide match documentation as indicated below :  Copies of cash match or in-kind memorandum of understanding (MOU) that documents:  A firm financial commitment  Signed by a person of authority  On the letterhead of the organization  Have a current date (no more than 60 days from the date of the award announcement)  The documentation must include the amount of match being provided

13 In-Kind or Cash Match  Cash Match:  May be funds from any source (federal, state, local, and private sources) excluding CoC Program funds  Must demonstrate that funds are not statutorily prohibited under their governing laws to be used to satisfy matching requirements.  In-Kind Match  There must be a description of the in-kind match that clearly demonstrates that it will be used for the project

14 In-Kind Contributions  In-Kind Contributions :  In-kind contributions can be the value of any real property, equipment, goods, or services contributed to the project as match. Recipients would have had to pay for these with grant funds to be eligible to be used as an in-kind contribution  Before grant execution, services to be provided by a third party must be documented in a MOU between recipient or subreciepient and the third party providing the services. The commitment established by the MOU will note the following: To provide the services; The hourly cost of the services to be provided.

15 New Cash Match Requirements In-Kind Contributions  In-Kind Contributions:  Services provided by individuals must be valued at rates consistent with those ordinarily paid for similar work (if the recipient does not have employees performing similar work, the rates must be consistent with those paid by other employers for similar work in the same labor market)  During the term of the grant, records documenting the value of real property, equipment, goods and services should be available for inspection  During the term of the grant, records documenting the service hours provided must be available for inspection

16 New Cash Match Requirements Leverage  Leverage  Leverage includes all funds, resources, and services that are secured on behalf of the project participant that are provided by sources other than the CoC funded resources.  Leverage for the grant should be 150% of the total budget, including match

17 New Cash Match Requirements Leverage  Leverage  The below chart notes additional sources that can be documented as leverage. CashBuildingProgram Administratio n EquipmentServicesVolunteer Time RentOffice Space Maintenance & Repairs Computer Supplies Case Management Volunteers that assist the program: administration, meal prep more… UtilitiesAcquisition, rehab or new construction InsuranceOffice Supplies Addiction Treatment Client Program Fees FurnishingsCell PhonesChild Care Private Donation Program relocation fees Internet Connection Medical/Dental /Mental Health Care Food Legal Services

18 The New Process - How CARES can assist with Match/Leverage Documentation

19  In order to efficiently support the CoC, CARES will reach out to the top 10 in order to document cost per unit of service  CARES will work with agencies to draft match/leverage that will contain all HUD required information  CARES will collect all letters and will ask for signatures as a COC

20 Welcome Back to E-SNAPS

21 E-SNAPS – Applicant Profile Demo 21

22 22 E-SNAPS – Applicant Profile Demo

23 23 E-SNAPS – Applicant Profile Demo

24 24 E-SNAPS – Applicant Profile Demo

25 Applicant Profile – Attachment Review  Required Annually – Dated no earlier than 60 days  HUD Form – 2880  SF-LLL  HUD Form – 50070  Survey on EEO  Does NOT HAVE to be updated but MUST be attached  Non Profit Documentation  Code of Conduct

26 Next Steps  Full Application Trainings will be offered:  Small Group Training  One-on-One Technical Assistance (by request)  There will be an application due date that is prior to the HUD due date.  If there are any questions…Do not hesitate to contact CARES project lead staff via email or by phone 518-489- 4130  Michelle Dennis – ext  Tess Cleary – ext 26

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