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BFEM Discussion of Capabilities and

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1 BFEM Discussion of Capabilities and
Requirements for HUD April 2013

2 BFEM Overview BFEM is managed and operated by the Administrative Resource Center, a member of the Treasury Franchise Fund. Program funding provided by inter-agency agreements with customer agencies. BFEM is a 100% government owned application, so customer agencies do not pay licensing costs (open source software). Annual firm-fixed price fees provide for shared service support. Federal program management Application hosting and database support System development and enhancements Level of direct operational support services desired

3 BFEM Overview Staff of Seventeen (FY 2013) Application
Budget Professionals with Process Management Expertise Project Management (PMBoK) Application Experts Operations and Maintenance Developers Application 100% Government Owned and Operated Low Cost, Low Risk, Subscription Service Variety of Operational Service Level Paradigms Two modules can function independently or linked together BFEM (Budget Formulation and Execution Manager) PMM (Performance Measure Manager) 3

4 BFEM Customers and Awards
Budget Formulation Customers Department of Homeland Security Department of State US House of Representatives Administration of Children and Families (HHS) US Agency for International Development U.S. Air Force (Implementation Project) Department of Justice Department of the Treasury US Forest Service Corporation for National and Community Service US Agency for International Development OIG Performance Management Customers Department of Energy National Aeronautics and Space Administration Department of the Treasury Administrative Resource Center Program Awards President’s Award for Management Excellence – 2008 American Council for Technology Award Finalist – 2011 and 2012 Federal Computer Week “Federal 100” – March 2012 4

5 Benefits of Shared Service
Common project management lowers administrative costs. Centralized infrastructure minimizes support costs. Knowledge sharing saves development expenditures. Generic solutions to specific problems means development for one customer benefits all. Experienced staff with a proven history of successful Departmental and Bureau-level formulation and performance implementations

6 Key Challenges and Solutions

7 Reloadable Spreadsheet Reloadable Spreadsheets
System Framework Use Data Enter Data Manage Data Data Structure Sets Generic Data Points Interface Data Elements Data Set Creates work space Organization Establishes hierarchy Generic Data Point Defines data type Modification Used to change data Allocation Distribute values to common categories Generic Attribute Text field attached to an org, mod, or allocation. Excel Reports JAVA Hierarchy Disc. $ in Thousands Organizations FTE Change Data Mod Import Export Change Data Mod Allocation Strategic Goal Goal One Goal Two Goal Three Reloadable Spreadsheet Reloadable Spreadsheets Generic Attributes Program Code Category Code Tracking Number XYZ 1999 z100 Allocation Budget Object Class 1100 Personal Services 1200 Contacts 1300 Equipment Document Engine Documents Generated Tables MS Word Text Document Upload 7

8 User Interaction - Worksheets
Web 2.0 Cloud Solution GWT Worksheet by: Organizations Report Hierarchies Configurable Columns Colors of Money FTE’s Anything that is quantifiable Configurable Mod Types Real Time Calculations 8

9 Word Report Output Microsoft Word Templates Templates collected for:
* Organizations * Modifications * Allocation Values Dynamic Tables Single Source for all Numbers! 9

10 Excel Report Output Custom Written into our Customers’ formats
Native MS Excel Formulas for local gaming Multiple “Sets” (columns) Multiple Worksheets 10

11 Preliminary Assessment of BFEM’s ability to meet HUD Core Budget Formulation and Forecasting Functions Workflow Scenarios Import data, validate data, and calculate budget models for multiple programs Assemble Budget Reports Documents Model Calculation Model Calculation Model Calculation Model Calculation Legend Data Validation Data Validation Can be accomplished with current BFEM requirements Data Validation Data Validation Requires modest software enhancements to existing BFEM capabilities Import Data Import Data Import Data Not existing BFEM functionality, but possibly feasible with future development Import Data Need more information to make assessment A BFEM Subject Matter Expert’s review of the Next Generation Management System (NGMS), Budget Formulation and Forecasting Requirements Definition, dated March 8, 2013 identified the above core functions. Each core function cuts across multiple HUD requirements. For example, the function import data creates the ability to meet “1.1 Data Import Process,” 3.3 Upload PD&R PHA Level Inflation Factors,” and other similar requirements. The box colors reflects a preliminary assessment of BFEM’s ability to accomplish most of the sub-requirements related to that function. This assessment is based on a limited review of the requirements and could be revised with additional analysis.

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