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Multi-Media Head Up Display. Crystallization of Safety 、 Intelligent 、 Technology In the United States, each year more than 600 million times a car accident,

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1 Multi-Media Head Up Display

2 Crystallization of Safety 、 Intelligent 、 Technology In the United States, each year more than 600 million times a car accident, resulting in more than 3 million people were injured and 40,000 deaths, the main reason can be attributed to "driver distraction". One of the reasons is caused by focusing in different devices in car multimedia interface (HMI)or no plan on destination, and the driver must look away the road and hands off the steering wheel. iHUD is the world's first multimedia head-up display which ables to show the virtual image directly on the front of the driver's windshield through external application software, so the driver's eyes don’t need to leave the road that enable to increasing traffic safety by using this product significantly.

3 Feature 1. Head-up display for Multimedia in full-color 2. Ultra-high brightness and contrast, even in the hot sun, the image also clearly visible 3. Patented optical imaging techniques, no need to adjust the focal length of the imaging 4. Intelligent light source detection, which automatically adjust the brightness 5. Well-designed angle adjustment base, easy to operate, suitable for all kind of dashboard 6. Supports wide operating temperature range, with a high temperature and low temperature resistance characteristics 7. Plug and Play easy to install, suitable for most cars

4 Specification Auto Light Sensor Car charger Input voltage: 9V ~ 16V (2.2A) 2.5mm Audio & Video Jack & Mini USB & mini HDMI i-phone, Smartphones, 2-Din Car System, MP3 Players, PCs, DVD Players, Digital Cameras,.. etc. High Brightness LED X 4, Lifetime 50000 hours Auto 4 tiers back light adjustment (16 tiers of manually) 1W Speaker Working Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C 189(L) X 110(W) X 74(H) mm 388 g (Net Weight) 735 g (Gross Weight) Power Signal Input Capable Light source Audio Operating Environment Dimension Weight Screen Full Color 5" (virtual image) Resolution: 400 x 240 Brightness: 5,000 ~ 7,000 cd/m2 (depend on reflective film / pad)

5 Product Certification

6 虛像尺寸 : 4.5 吋

7 How to connect to Smart Phone 1. By Cable2. By Wireless (WiFi Display) Link the following URL for same function product on Newegg Ex :

8 Example: 1. Speed meter APP iOS or Android individually developed Speed meter HUD software, you can run the HUD App via your smart phone, but it can only be played at night. By iHUD device, you can apply it all the time. iPhone - awesome HUD, aSmart HUD, Speedometer xPro …. Android - Ulysee Speedmeter, HUDY, Simple Car Mode …. iOSAndroid

9 Example: 2. Navigation Software APP

10 Example: 3. OBD Ⅱ Connection Support market avaliable variety of OBD II transmitter and the exclusive APP (T ORQUE ) enable to combine for iHUD imaging ~ So smart phone’s screen can be displayed on the windshield to keep track of the condition of the car.

11 Example: 4. Caller ID & Video Phone Once an incoming call during iHUD in navigation, the software can automatically switch to the Caller ID screen, the driver don’t need to turn his head to look at the phone screen to check the caller.

12 Example: 5. Video & Audio Connection iHUD built-in HDMI & CVBS in, so the device can be connected to a variety of car audio and video signals, such as EDR(Event Data Recorder), reversing camera, OBD II, CANbus…etc.

13 Example: 6. Smartphone or Table PC Recharging Function mini USB port iHUD built-in mini USB interface can provide an external phone or tablet charging purposes. When connecting with iHUD you do not need to worry about mobile phone or tablet PC power is exhausted.

14 Actual Apply Conditions Actual Apply status shown as left picture: 1. Even if the background screen is cluttered, iHUD imaging is still clearly visible 2. During the day under the sun, the image remains high contrast, and color non-distortion. 3. Combine navigation screen and the actual road conditions to reduce the rate of driving to the wrong road.

15 HUD Marketing Status Navigation and auto information is becoming an inevitably hot commodity in the car industry that keep upgrade of the market and safety considerations. The most popular types of vehicles are launched different grade of head-up display. In the new generation of auto model, HUD has become an essential accessary.

16 Competitiveness OEM HUD Market After Market Pre-Delivery Inspection Original Equipment 2 Din AV System Car Electronics Blind Spot CAM EDR Reverse CAM HUD Marketing Bus & Heavy duty vehicle Night Vision Heavy duty cabinet Car Manufacturers

17 Patent & Awards PATENT USA Taiwan China Japan AWARD 2010 COMPUTEX GIZMAG Best Product 2013 COMPUTEX 亮點廠商產品展示

18 France Global distributors and partners

19 Korea Global distributors and partners

20 Japan Global distributors and partners

21 Taiwan Global distributors and partners Pre-Delivery Inspection


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