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Earlier Prophets and History in the Quran Adam, Noah, Hud, Salih & Shuayb.

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1 Earlier Prophets and History in the Quran Adam, Noah, Hud, Salih & Shuayb

2 Adam Why create man? Learning names…: –“Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heaven and the earth, what you reveal and what you conceal?” (2:33) –“I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My spirit, fall ye down in obeisance to him” (38:72) Prostration of Angels… except Iblis Expulsion from Eden: –Iblis and Pride –Nakedness and Immortality (not Knowledge) –But God forgave them, “turned to him and gave him guidance” (20:122)

3 Noah “Do you marvel that a tiding come to you from your Lord though a man from amongst yourselves…” (7:63) The Ark and the Flood: –Mocked by the haughty –Two of each kind –Who is your family? –Think global, drown local? Good health care?

4 Hud ‘Jacobson’? Sent to ‘Ad ( عاد ), probably in east Yemen He is rejected as “foolish, stupid” for rejecting tradition…for a fable! Bring your punishment! He asks no reward… “khulafa’” after Noah’s people “Do you argue with me about names you have invented, you and your forefathers?” False Pride: “Do you build a landmark on every hill…”? (26:128) Hud and his followers spared…

5 Salih ( صالح ) Sent to Thamud ( ثمود ): subjected by Assyrians in 715 BCE Khulafa’ of Ad She-camel of God He asks no reward! The proud and arrogant mock Salih and kill the she-camel … destroyed by earthquake … “And We saved those who believed and practiced righteousness.” (27:53)

6 Lot His people “commit unprecedented abominations”… “you go unto [i.e., have sex with] men out of desire instead of women, indeed you are a people transgressing” (7:81) City destroyed by devastation showered from above… but Lot warned by angels. Sign for those who heed: the ruins are “right on the highroad. Behold! In this is a sign for those who believe.” (15:76-77)

7 Shuayb Reported to be Jethro, father in law of Moses Sent to Madyan near Aqaba Weigh fairly with your balances, “do not spread corruption in the world, which has been made righteous” Remember when you were few and God made you many… they threaten to expel him and his followers and are destroyed

8 Purpose Nature of Stories: exempla, not narrativesexempla, not narratives “Travel on the earth…”…” Repent and Reform!: –“God would never change the blessings He has granted a people until they themselves change it, and God is all-hearing, knowing.” (8:53) Prophets as alter-egos of Muhammad: –Ask no reward –Bring clear indications –A normal person, a member of the tribe

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