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HUD IT Update: REAC 5 Year Strategic Plan James Mauch, Tenmast Software 2011 National Conference.

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1 HUD IT Update: REAC 5 Year Strategic Plan James Mauch, Tenmast Software 2011 National Conference

2  What’s new with PIC  Submission rule changes  Mandatory use of Issuance of Voucher record  FSS progress reports  REAC Strategic Plan  Goals and strategies  IT goals  REAC strategic plan and you

3  PIH Notice  Timely Reporting of 50058s  Issuance of Voucher  FSS Requirements

4  September 2010 Release – Warnings  September 2011 Release – Fatal Errors

5  Submit a 50058:  Each time an Action Type 1-15 occurs  Within 60 calendar days from the effective date  Sanctions for Late Reporting - TBD

6  Must submit Issuance of Voucher record  If not, error returned on:  1 - New admission  2 - Annual reexamination (marked as new unit)  3 - Interim reexamination (marked as new unit)  4 - Portability move-in  7 - Other change of unit Existing tenants must have a 10 also!

7  Need to update PIC with 10’s for all households  Two choices to update  Figure out which tenants have Issuance record in PIC Run report from PIC Viewer sub-module Compare to your HCV households Submit Issuance records for missing households  Submit batch of Issuance records for all HCV households Prepare batch of Issuance records for all households Ignore errors for tenant that already had record in PIC

8  FSS reports must be submitted within 60 days of the effective date  Enrollment  Progress  Exit  An FSS progress report must be completed at least annually for each FSS family

9  Prior to September, 2011:  Print list of FSS participants from your system  Print AdHoc Report of FSS participants in PIC  For FSS participants missing in PIC: Submit ‘enrollment’ record first Submit ‘progress’ record (annually)  Progress records  Use Annual or Interim Re-exam if the date of FSS progress (17c) is the same as the Effective Date  Otherwise submit Action Type 8 – FSS Addendum

10  Five primary goals:  Produce accurate assisted housing assessments/diagnostics  Meet PIH information needs through quality IT  Deliver superior customer services and products  Support the HUD strategic plan and key initiatives  Build REAC management infrastructure and capability  23 sub-goals in support of primary goals  77 strategies in support of sub-goals

11  IT Sub-goals:  Transform REAC into state-of-the-art IT center  Establish reliable, accurate, comprehensive data warehouse  “Establish” accuracy and integrity in IMS/PIC  Develop Next Gen VMS (NGVMS)  Consolidate PIH information into “unified whole”  16 strategies in support of IT sub-goals  Develop NGVMS is No. 6 in Top 10 strategies  IPT/partners for ‘Unified Whole” objective

12  Strategy:  Create Integrated Planning Team with PIH partners  Integrate PIH information from all PIH systems Expand REAC responsibility for all PIH IT systems (WASS) Develop data warehouse to handle integrated system Create data integration plan for “don’t talk” systems  Use NGVMS project as stepping stone

13 1. * Develop PH Portfolio Management System (replace IMS/PIC) 2. Create tools to monitor HCV use of NRAs 3. Review Project Expense Level methodology for PH funding 4. Implement 5834 for PH project-level management assessments 5. * Standardize use of IPTs to plan IT needs 6. * Develop NGVMS 7. Develop tools for MF portfolio analysis 8. Improve process for reviewing fiscal audits 9. * Develop PHAS IV (we just got PHAS III) 10. * Conduct Business Process Re-engineering for PH program * Likely to have IT impact on PHA’s

14  Get involved: IPTs means you have a forum!  More new IT systems  More systems = more reporting  Hopefully better integrated ;-)  Need for better integration between PHA systems and HUD systems  Greater use of web services to support integration  But won’t see them until 2013+

15  WASS introduced in 2005 to manage security  Married to REAC as an security ‘portal’ to all HUD systems  But still it’s a connected system of ‘stove pipes’  Variety of architecture and designs  Variety of database technologies  Confusing array of interfaces  No integration option with user systems

16 .Net architecture  Based on web services  All systems on Oracle database  Web services ‘exposed’ for integration  WASS retained for security

17 PHA/Operator Tenant Data Voucher Data Contract Administrator TRACS Payment System Payment

18  Submission interface for Multi-family  In 2009, HUD converted from TRACSMail to iMAX – to web services  Standardized design and architecture  J2EE and Oracle  Web services interface  Open to clients  Industry working group for implementation!









27 James Mauch , ext. 223

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