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Traffic Watch GPS System Demo Jatin Ahuja Bilal Aziz.

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2 Traffic Watch GPS System Demo Jatin Ahuja Bilal Aziz

3 System Overview A GPS (Global Positioning System) which calculates the most optimized destination route based on traffic density. The system interface is a HUD (Heads Up Display) on the windshield of the user’s vehicle, which depicts all the necessary notifications and information.

4 Notification System? This is an in-vehicle notification system that provides real-time traffic based route information without diverting the users attention from his/her primary task [Driving]. The idea is to yield minimal interruption and prompt maximum reaction/comprehension.

5 Basic Functionality The HUD illustrates the user’s destination route and the current traffic density within a 50-100 feet radius of the vehicle. Destination Route is depicted with a Blue outline Traffic is depicted with three basic colors -Green – Low traffic density -Yellow – Medium traffic density -Red – Heavy traffic density

6 The HUD -Approximately the size of a mouse pad [slightly smaller], but this is heavily dependant on the type of vehicle (i.e. SUV yields larger HUD). -The Positioning of HUD is dependant on user preference.

7 Scenario -Your on vacation in San Francisco, CA visiting a friend. You arrive at his house to find out that he is not there, so you call him on his cell to see where he is. -He tells you that he got held up at work and to pick him up at his office in the San Francisco bay area. -He tells you to meet him at 205 Jackson Street. -You are unfamiliar with the roads in San Francisco but that is not a problem because your car is equipped with a Traffic Watch GPS system. -So you start your car and……

































40 What If ? What If I miss a turn ? - System automatically calculates an alternate route from your current position

41 What If ? What If the System calculates an alternate route but I wish to stick to the previous one? -System will ask you if you wish to redirect your route -System exhibits “Route Logging” in case you decide to pick a route that was redirected a while back.

42 What If ? What If I want to see future turns… are there any “shortcuts” to future direction commands? -The LCD display that comes with the typical GPS is present in this system as well. While the HUD will illustrate your route, the LCD on your dashboard will list all major directions. -The reason that the LCD display on the dashboard still exists is because when the user chooses to keep the HUD deactivated, he/she can still refer to the LCD.

43 What If ? What If I do not want the HUD display on, can I just get voice directions (and vice versa)? -absolutely, the HUD can be deactivated if the user prefers, only, to receive voice output (and vice versa). -If user chooses to receive just voice output, the commands will be outputted more often during the route.

44 What If ? What If I am color blind ? -The user has the option to see the traffic density and destination route in patterns instead to colors.

45 What If ? What If I am in a busy city and its really congested outside, will I be able to clearly understand the HUD? -Yes, the HUD has an opacity factor, in which it will automatically adjust to its surroundings. -The user can also choose the opacity to his/her preference

46 System Features… a quick glance HUD [specifications] –Approx the size of mouse pad –Positioning of HUD is adjustable –Opacity factor of HUD is adjustable through contrast, brightness and background controls. –Glare reduction/elimination HUD [content] –Two modes of HUD 1. Default 2. Full-Spectrum

47 System Features… a quick glance Default mode -projects traffic density and route within a 50-100 feet radius of the vehicle position (this is the mode that will be used over 95% of the time). Full-Spectrum mode -this mode is only accessible when all four tires of the vehicle are at a complete stop position. Once movement occurs, the Full-Spectrum mode is terminated and the mode is returned back to default. -this mode takes up the enter vehicle windshield and projects a map with the complete traffic density of the city and the complete route of the user (if route is within city). -It also displays “INFOcons”, which are icons that represent certain information about the traffic density. (i.e. Ambulance icon refers to a possible accident or emergency)


49 Usability 1. Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

50 Survey Evaluations Fall 2002 Spring 2003 1. Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Slightly Disagree 4. Neutral 5. Slightly Agree 6. Agree 7. Strongly Agree

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