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The Wonderful World of Tabling Round Table India Service Through Fellowship Welcome to the wonderful world of Tabling. We are an organization of young.

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2 The Wonderful World of Tabling

3 Round Table India Service Through Fellowship Welcome to the wonderful world of Tabling. We are an organization of young achievers driven by our aims and objects of community service, self development, fellowship, and fostering international relations. Established in 1957, Round Table India (RTI) is a part of Round Table International which has members in over 40 countries. Round Table India has, over the last 4 decades, grown to become a 2500 member strong association today. We have almost 200 Tables located in over 80 cities and towns; comprising businessmen, entrepreneurs, technocrats and professionals.

4 The Unique World of Tabling This unique movement works through “Tables” comprising no more than 20-25 members which keeps the group small and cohesive. The unique feature of this organisation is that it always remains young, because Tablers retire when they turn 40, giving way to younger people. Though only men can join tabling, we are a family oriented organisation with active participation of member’s spouses and children. Entry to the tabling world is by invitation only, an existing member can introduce a prospect, who joins the table only if other members are comfortable with him.

5 Facets of Tabling Community Service Internationa l Relations Relations Self Developmen t FellowshipFellowship Key Facets of Round Table

6 FELLOWSHIP FELLOWSHIP is one of the corner-stones on which the Tabling movement is built; it is Friendship, it is Honesty with your peers, it is enlargement of perspective, and it is also the force behind the similarity of roots. It is not a ritual or an end in itself; it is the means to a larger purpose in life. The Round Table movement offers its members the fellowship of young men from different walks of life. It enables its members and their families to mingle with thousands of other, like minded, young, friends from all over the world. Tablers organise get togethers (often called Socials), Festive meets, Picnics, Parents Day, Buddies Night, Men's Cook Out, Film shows, Sports meets, etc., which involve the families. A Tabler enjoys the rare joy of belonging to a socially active international group where everyone is a close friend and life assumes a new meaning. Round Table is your passport to instant friendship. As we say - Meeting a new tabler is like meeting an old friend for the first time.


8 Community Service All members of Round Table India are driven by one goal - Service through Fellowship Service through Fellowship is the lifeline of Round Table India. Round Table India started its efforts in helping the community with small projects directed towards service. Over the years, we have grown from strength to strength and today we are building big projects and have moved over from community service to community development. Keeping the millions of underprivileged children in mind, we declared our Long Term National Project as "Freedom through Education". We take it as a new freedom movement calling for the entire nation to rise to the challenge and take a stand against illiteracy and its tight grip on generations of Indians.

9 Freedom Through Education Over the past few years, RTI has: –Built more than 1750 schools under FTE –Already sent over 7,50,000 children to school –Invested over Rs. 100 crore to achieve the same –Signed MOU's with various state governments under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to build over 250 schools –Rehabilitated/rebuilt over 100 schools in Tsunami affected areas at a cost of Rs 40 Million. RTI is a proud ‘Zero Overhead Organisation’. This means that all donations are used ONLY on our projects, the attached administrative and related expenses are borne by the tablers themselves. RTI's expenditure on projects is more than Rs 50,000 per annum per member, possibly the highest amongst all service organizations in India. Each Table maintains separate accounts for their own expenses and charitable project funds and these are never mixed, a one of its kind practice among service organizations in India. It is probably the only non-profit organization in India which spends every single rupee it raises on charitable projects.


11 Self Development Every person who joins Tabling benefits from it, in tangible and intangible ways. Tabling is a collection of highly motivated and driven individuals, each successful in his own right. Apart from the benefits of being a part of such group, it also offers several extremely useful HRD modules. HRD helps hone the development of Tablers and is now an important facet of Tabling. HRD programs conducted by RTI include modules like communication, team building, personality development, time management and Leadership Training. Moving away from the theoretical and parrot-fashion learning methods of traditionalist education, we have adopted an experiential learning methodology for development.

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