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Fair Housing Legal Update Alphonso Eason Trial Attorney U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of General Counsel Kansas City Regional.

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1 Fair Housing Legal Update Alphonso Eason Trial Attorney U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of General Counsel Kansas City Regional Office

2 2 Legal Authority Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 (Fair Housing Act)  42 U.S.C. Sections 3601 et seq.  24 C.F.R. Parts 100-103.

3 Presentation Bases and prohibited discriminatory conduct Equal Access, Discriminatory Effects, AFFH HUD Documents Several cases in HUD Region VII HUD Secretary-initiated complaints Resolution (ALJ Adjudication, HUD Settlement or Conciliation Agreement) Relief (Individual and Public Interest) 3

4 Bases covered under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) Handicap (Disability) Race/National Origin/Color Sex (Gender) Familial status Religion 4

5 5 FHA prohibits discriminatory conduct in housing Sale or rental Terms and conditions Advertising Financing Design and Construction Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications Retaliation, Interference, Coercion, or Intimidation

6 6 Disability Discrimination Issues Traditional Design and Construction Requirements (Accessibility) Reasonable Accommodations/Modifications

7 Design and Construction Joint Statement of HUD-DOJ (Design and Construction Requirements for Covered Multifamily Dwellings Under the FHA) Issued: April 30, 2013 63 Questions and Answers Accessibility requirements Types of dwellings Public and common use areas 7

8 Design and Construction Case HUD (EHOC) v. H & H Development Group, Inc., et al. (HUD 2014) HUD Region VII: St. Louis, Missouri area Complainant (Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing Opportunity Council (EHOC)) Respondents (Owner, Architect, Builder, Engineers) Inaccessible features in building, clubhouse 8

9 Design and Construction Case HUD Settlement $2,800 individual relief to EHOC $32,200 to create a Retrofit Fund Administer Retrofit Fund to obtain the Corrective Actions at the property Perform in-kind concrete work Fair housing training 9

10 Reasonable Accommodations FHEO Notice: Service Animals and Assistance Animals for Persons with Disabilities in Housing and HUD-Funded Programs Issued: April 25, 2013 Purpose Applicability Organization 10

11 Reasonable Accommodation Case HUD (Archibald) v. Riverbay, et al (ALJ 2012) Bronx, New York Complainant (Joseph Archibald) Respondents (Riverbay Corporation, Vernon Cooper, and Henry T. Milburn, Jr.) No pets policy Service Animal Denial of reasonable accommodation; Retaliation 11

12 Reasonable Accommodation Case ALJ Adjudication Grant the reasonable accommodation request $8,930.78 in actual damages to Complainant $30,000 in intangible damages (severe anxiety, embarrassment, and emotional distress) to Complainant $32,000 in civil penalties Fair housing training 12

13 Race/National Origin/Color Discrimination Issues Traditional Race National Origin/Immigration Status 13

14 Race/National Origin Discrimination HUD Housing Study (2012) Office of Policy Development and Research Housing Discrimination Against Racial and Ethic Minorities Black, Hispanic, Asian and White Executive Summary Rental and Sales Markets Paired Testing 14

15 National Origin/Immigration Status HUD: Immigration Status and Housing Discrimination (Frequently Asked Questions) 8 Questions and Responses National Origin Discrimination Immigration Status 15

16 National Origin Discrimination Case HUD v. Peachtree Apartments, et al. (HUD 2012) Clanton, Alabama Complainant (HUD) Respondents (Manager, Management Company, Owner) Testing case (Central AL Fair Housing Center) “Are you Hispanic?” Discrimination based on national origin 16

17 National Origin Discrimination Case HUD Conciliation Donate $5,000 to Central AL Fair Housing Center Donate $5,000 to a local or state-wide group or organization that support the interests of Hispanics Nondiscrimination Policy Limited English Proficiency Standards Mandatory Civil Rights Compliance Training Internal FH Compliance Testing Program 17

18 Sex (Gender) Discrimination Traditional Pregnancy/Maternity Leave Sexual Harassment 18

19 Sex (Gender) Discrimination Case Dittmar v. Elite Properties of Iowa, LLC, et al. (ALJ 2010) HUD Region VII: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Complainant (Beverly Dittmar) Respondents (Management Company, Employee) Extensive local flooding Discrimination based on sex (gender) Retaliation 19

20 Sex (Gender) Discrimination Case ALJ Adjudication Default judgment $150 in actual damages to Complainant $20,000 in emotional distress relief to Complainant Back rent and associated fees not collectable $32,000 in civil penalties 20

21 Pregnancy/Maternity Leave Case HUD v. Cornerstone Mortgage Company, et al. (HUD 2011) Complainant (HUD) Respondent (Cornerstone Mortgage Company) Pregnancy or maternity leave Discriminatory mortgage lending practices Discriminatory statements Discrimination based on sex or familial status 21

22 Pregnancy/Maternity Leave Case HUD Conciliation $15,000 in individual relief $750,000 to create a victims’ fund for other borrowers who were discriminated against Pay as many as 100 successful claimants $7,500 each Fair housing training Update mortgage lending policies 22

23 Familial Status Discrimination Issues 23 Traditional Internet Advertising

24 Familial Status Discrimination Case HUD (Potter) v. Morgan, et al. (ALJ 2012) Cody, Wyoming Complainants (Neisha and Jason Potter and their minor children) Respondent (Thea Morgan) Discriminatory Statements Refusal to negotiate Discrimination based on familial status 24

25 Familial Status Discrimination Case ALJ Adjudication HUD Secretarial Review $4,750 in tangible damages to Complainants $15,000 in intangible damages to Complainants $500 civil penalty Fair housing training 25

26 Internet Advertising Case HUD v. USA4SALE Network, Inc. (HUD 2011) Complainant (HUD) Respondent (USA4SALE Networks, Inc.) Website Published Discriminatory Statements “No children” or “No Kids” Discrimination based on familial status FHEO Office of Systemic Investigations 26

27 Internet Advertising Case HUD Conciliation $7,500 monetary donation to fair housing group $7,500 in-kind services donation (FH Advertising) Install filters to detect and prevent the posting of offensive ads Develop priority notification/communication channels for fair housing groups Fair housing training Collaborate with HUD and fair housing groups 27

28 28 Other Housing Discrimination Issues Equal Access Rule Discriminatory Effects Rule AFFH

29 Equal Access Rule HUD Rule: Equal Access to Housing in HUD Programs Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity Issued: February 3, 2012 Summary Background Public Comments Findings and Certifications 29

30 Discriminatory Effects Rule HUD Rule: Implementation of the Fair Housing Act’s Discriminatory Effects Standard Issued: February 15, 2013 Executive Summary Background Public Comments The Final Rule 30

31 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing HUD Proposed Rule: Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Issued: July 19, 2013 Executive Summary Background Summary of Proposed Rule Findings and Certifications 31


33 33 Contact Information Alphonso Eason Trial Attorney Office of General Counsel U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (913) 551-5442

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