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Using eFolio for Institution and Program Purposes Barbara Lee Schueppert, Ed.D. 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College1.

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1 Using eFolio for Institution and Program Purposes Barbara Lee Schueppert, Ed.D. 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College1

2 What is eFolio? Electronic portfolio platform MnSCU and Avenet Supports institutions – free to MnSCU Supports individuals – free to Mn residents and college students Expanded from eFolioMN to eFolioWorld 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College2

3 Two Versions of eFolio Individual (version2) URL format: Institutional (project) URL format: 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College3

4 How do institutions use eFolio? (individual version 2) Faculty: Personal/Professional web page Professional Development (PDP) Students: Showcase Skills/Knowledge Lifelong Learning - Educational Planning Career Search Institutions: GPS Lifeplan Evidence of Student Learning ◦ Program Learning Outcomes, Core Abilities, Experiential Learning 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College4

5 How do institutions use eFolio? (project version) ◦ Support accreditation – institution/program  Create self-study/portfolio  Institutional templates for AQIP and PEAQ  Program templates for Dental Assisting and Nursing (in progress)  Can custom design for other accreditation standards  Link evidence to Standards/Criteria  Electronic resource rooms, document repository  Can be used as platform for HLC Open Pathways, Change Requests, Action Projects ◦ Content Management – central repository ◦ Support Programs, Projects, Processes (e.g. Program Review) 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College5

6 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College6

7 What do accrediting agencies expect from self-studies/portfolios? Evidence that the institution or program meets the accrediting standards. Accessible Complete Accurate (up to date) Logically organized Clearly written Presented neatly and professionally 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College7

8 Advantages of eFolio for Accreditation  Electronic platform for organizing, publishing self-study that provides evidence institution meets accreditation criteria  Navigation tools, including links to external and internal sites  Reduces printing costs/saves trees  Printer-friendly view facilitates creation of pdf version, if required  Templates available or can develop custom structure  Readily accessible by college constituents and reviewers  Narrative description with links to Standards/Criteria and to specific evidence  Able to keep up-to-date, relevant, useful – not on a shelf  Platform for soliciting input and feedback  Manage documents/electronic “resource room”  Allows archiving of previous version 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College8

9 More Advantages of eFolio for Accreditation Show Evidence of Results: Exhibits supporting accreditation criteria/standards Demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes Certification/registration/standardized/comp exam results Artifacts (class, lab, internships)—papers, presentations, photos, tests, assignments, videos Performance on rubrics Service learning documentation—photos, evaluations, reflections Capstone projects/courses College and community organization participation Performance on competitions, exhibitions, presentations Success Indicators (e.g., Placement, Graduation, etc) Survey Results (e.g., Satisfaction, Stakeholder, etc) Data Analysis Results (e.g., Financial, Enrollment, etc) Transparency/Accountability Showcase the Institution 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College9

10 eFolio Project Version Functions 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College10 Fundamentals Site Administration Quick Tips Help Tab Live Site Security Site Management Content Tools Management/Design Center/Custom Banner Adding Content/Word Processing Functions Uploading Documents/Images/ Audio/Video Adding Items, Adding Content to Items Sidebar, Hyperlinks, & Related Links Managing Sections, Making Sections Private Creating & Updating Items Advanced Functionality Document Repository Tables and Charts Custom Views Using Link Builder ◦ Map Exhibits/Site Content to Standards Obtaining Feedback Forms Guest Book Super Forms Managing Promotions

11 PEAQ Self-Study 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College11 PEAQ Template

12 AQIP Systems Portfolio 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College12 AQIP Template

13 AQIP Systems Portfolio 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College13

14 Content Management 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College14

15 Program Accreditation - NLN NLN Template 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College15

16 Program Accreditation - CODA 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College16 CODA Template

17 Program Review 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College17

18 Program Review Resource Site 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College18

19 Online Program Support 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College19

20 Institutional Department Support 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College20

21 eFolio Support URLs  Efolio World Home Page  Institutional portfolio support site  Individual sign up site 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College21

22 Get Started Using eFolio How might Anoka Tech use eFolio at the institutional level? How might you use eFolio at a program level? What do you need to do to get started? Whom do you need to involve? 8/18/2011Anoka Technical College22

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