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Your Pathfinder Adventure. Welcome to Pathfinder! Who is Pathfinder? Pathfinder is a non-profit organization that builds personal, social and environmental.

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1 Your Pathfinder Adventure

2 Welcome to Pathfinder! Who is Pathfinder? Pathfinder is a non-profit organization that builds personal, social and environmental responsibility through the power of shared outdoor adventure. Pathfinder classes are carefully planned to bring out the best in our participants, develop communication skills and confidence, and create lasting results.

3 How Do We Do It? We provide communication and leadership tools in a supportive and fun setting. The program allows participants to practice the skills, gain confidence in themselves and each other, and set meaningful goals for the future. This combination is what allows our participants to step out of their comfort zone and to reach new heights of challenge and learning.

4 Accreditation Means Safety and Quality Pathfinder has been accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) since 1998. We are one of only thirteen accredited adventure programs in the U.S. and we remain the only accredited organization in Florida! AEE accreditation involves a rigorous review process that ensures Pathfinder is working to meet or exceed national standards of safety, efficiency, and general best practices.

5 The quality of Pathfinder’s staff is what sets us apart. Our facilitators bring diverse life experience and have worked with youth in many settings. Staff have current certifications in: First Aid, CPR/AED, high ropes, low challenge course facilitation, tree climbing, canoeing and lifeguarding. Experienced Staff Makes the Difference

6 Your Schedule – Day 1 (Sample) High RopesTree Climbing 8:30Arrival and Room Assignments 9:00Breakfast 10:00Large Group Welcome Activities 10:30Incredible Journey 12:30Lunch 1:30 High RopesCanoeingChallenge Course Tree Climbing Challenge Course 3:00 Challenge Course Tree Climbing 4:30Free Time with Swimming 6:00Dinner 7:00Hootenanny 8:30Night Hike 9:45In Cabins

7 Your Schedule – Day 2 (Sample) High RopesTree Climbing 8:30Breakfast 9:30CanoeingHigh Ropes Challenge Course Tree Climbing Challenge Course 11:00Kaleidoscope 12:30Lunch 1:30 KaleidoscopeHigh RopesCanoeing 3:00 4:30Free Time with Swimming 6:00Dinner 7:00Solo Experience 9:00Campfire with S’mores 10:00In Cabins

8 What Are These Activities? Pathfinder and your group leaders have chosen activities that will foster stronger relationships within the group, highlight leadership skills and that are FUN! Pathfinder uses principles of Experiential Education in all their programs. Participants learn by doing.

9 Journey as a group through a series of team challenges and build the foundation for an inclusive community. Learn and practice tools for group problem-solving, communication and conflict resolution useful throughout your Pathfinder event and beyond. Incredible Journey

10 A challenge course is created with boards, platforms and cables low to the ground. Groups work together to complete a series of problem- solving challenges followed by a guided discussion to enhance outcomes. The experience supports character development, goal-setting, promoting individual strengths, practicing group problem- solving, and developing leadership as well as collaboration. All that and it involves lots of laughs! Challenge Course

11 Team up in twos or threes to enjoy Florida’s breathtaking natural beauty by canoe. Participants are fitted with personal floatation devices and learn basic safety and paddling skills. Most canoe trips are 3 hours, including instruction. Canoeing

12 Take a brief self-assessment quiz, then complete a series of challenges to learn more about your preferred leadership style and its similarities/differences to the other styles. The workshop involves lots of hands- on activities and ends with a large group challenge in which participants have to apply what they have learned to be more effective in group problem-solving. Kaleidoscope

13 Do you trust your group? Yourself? A higher level of challenge awaits you on the High Ropes Course. Groups begin by learning safety procedures and identifying goals. The course involves elements such as swinging steps or a balance beam to walk across— 40 feet above the ground! Trained staff are on the ground and the course to ensure safety. An important guiding principle is “Challenge of Choice”—each participant chooses their own level of challenge, allowing participants to take ownership of the process—and of their success! High Ropes

14 Did you ever climb trees as a little kid? Try it out for the first time or take it to the next level. Pathfinder has selected appropriate trees at our sites which have been cleaned and prepared by arborists. Using harnesses, helmets, and a rope, participants can climb at their own pace to get up into the canopy. They can sit comfortably in the harness whenever they need a break. Once aloft, climbers can stop, dangling at up to 50 feet above ground! On-rope Tree Climbing

15 From Our Participants and Group Leaders “I feel these kids learned more real life skills in one weekend than they do during an entire school year in a classroom setting.” “It gave my son an opportunity to be challenged personally and grow in a different learning environment (hands on) with his peers.” What would you tell someone who has never been to a Pathfinder about your experience? – “I have been on a wild adventure and I am going to have to get a new bucket list.”

16 Questions? Call 727-328-0300 or visit our website at

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