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2018: The Future of Education Karen Brooks March 2015.

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1 2018: The Future of Education Karen Brooks March 2015

2 Today’s Meet

3 Did You Know? Shift Happens 2014 1Il9no 1Il9no Our World in the 2014-2015 School Year

4 Currently in 2015

5 Australi a

6 37 patients in Mexico and Costa Rica Special laser procedure to change the color of their irises California-based company called Stroma Medical $5,000 Can only be performed in certain countries outside the US.

7 China

8 Who is thinking?

9 Driverless Mercedes F015 Luxury In Motion 2020



12 Air Umbrella $118.00 Ships December 2015 China

13 $699.00

14 2015 Education Trends

15 Raspberry PI $35 Computer

16 Arduino Board and Rasberry Pi

17 Laptops Replace Lectures in 2012 ru54mlr-149392325.html ru54mlr-149392325.html

18 en/humanoid-robot/nao- robot m/robots/dashanddot# m/robots/dashanddot#.

19 Lego MindStorm

20 Smart Pen

21 MakeyMakey

22 3D AV Rover!3davrover/c205y!3davrover/c205y


24 Code for Kids

25 Join the Code

26 Code Recommended Programs Scratch Jr. – Ages 5-7 - Scratch – 8+ - StoryTelling Alice – Middle School -

27 2015 Day of Code Video

28 What will you and your children be doing in: ● 2015 – today ● 2018 – 3 years from now ● 2020 – 5 years from now By 2020, the UK economy will be even more globalised. The transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy will be in full swing. Rapid development in China, India and elsewhere will place huge strain on resources. The gaming generation will be middle-aged – and virtual services will be the basis for many jobs. There will still be real jobs to be had – but you may have to switch careers to find one. ● 2027 - 2014/2015 Kindergarteners Graduate from HS ● 2037 – Class of 2027 10 year reunion/ 5-6 year out of college ● 2047 – 2012/2013 Kindergarteners are in late 30’s to early 40’s. ● 2073 – 2012/13 Kindergarteners are reaching retirement age at 67

29 Did You Know That in 2028

30 College Estimator Costs

31 Trends Over the Past 4 Years

32 2012 Year of Web 2.0

33 2013 Year of the Tablet

34 2014 The Year of the Wearable Devices

35 2015 The Year of Big Data

36 2015 Trends in Education College & Career Readiness Testing & Assessment – (Evidenced Based Learning) Stress Management and Self Regulation Blended and Online Learning International Models for Teaching and Learning STEAM Personalized Learning Education has become a Business

37 2015 Top Trends in Educational Technology Online Corporate Learning - Online corporate learning allows employees in every industry and at any level to experience the power of customized training, 24/7, on any device. Unlike with classroom-based training, learners can train on their own time using customized formats. Alternative Learning Styles – Code School - With Code School, users watch a short video, then stop and practice what they've learned through a series of interactive coding challenges and assessments--all in the browser--before continuing. As learners progress through the challenges, they earn points and badges, which guide each individual's progress and learning. There's also a mobile app so that users can watch and review videos on-the-go to complement the code challenges and online learning. This is the type of new, interactive learning style that you can expect to see much more of in the education segment. Flipped-Learning Tech - A flipped class is a form of blended learning where students watch video lectures outside of class to learn content online, and then do their homework in class with the guidance of teachers in person. This approach helps to engage students outside of the classroom as well as in it. Skills Measurement - intensified focus in 2015 on identifying better ways to assess skills and measure individual progress, competency-based learning. More emphasis on ways to measure and track student learning to guarantee smooth interchanges between each learning experience. Online Competency-Based Training - breaking down learning not by courses or even subject matter, but by competencies, thus releasing learning from the constraints of traditional institutions and methods.

38 Breath Deep – It has been a rough year with a lot of change for most of us with a theme of promoting effectiveness in the classroom. / (4) /

39 21 st Century Learning DDI Rigor Grit Digital Literacy & Digital Natives CCLS ….

40 What is Hot -ASCD 2014 Multiple Choice Data Differentiation Blended Learning Web 2.0 2015 Short Answer Evidence Based Learning BBL and Poverty Flipped Learning Code

41 21 Things that will be Obsolete by 2025 1.Desks – Education will be mobile 2.Language Labs 3.Desktop Computers 4.Homework – Learning will be 24/7 5.Role of Standardized Test in College Admissions – Digital Portfolios will replace these. 6.Differentiated Instruction as a Sign of a Distinguished Teacher 7.Fear of Wikipedia 8.Paperbacks 9.Attendance Offices 10.Lockers – replaced by a coat check. 11.IT Departments – function will change to innovation and change 12.Centralized Institutions – ● Buildings will get smaller and greener. ● They will be home bases ● Learning in Communities for experiential learning 13.Organization of Educational Services by Grade rather will be by peer groups by interest altering the K-12 structure as we know it. 14.Education Schools that Fail to Integrate Technology – 5 years 15.Paid/Outsources Professional Development 16.Current Curricular Norms to Middle Schools for Foundational Content Providers and High Schools as Places for Specialized Learning. 17.Parent Teacher Conference Night 18.Typical Cafeteria Food 19.Outsourced Graphic Design and Web Design 20.High School Algebra 1– will be taught in Middle School 21.Paper – 10 years it will decline by 90%

42 Future Work Skills 2020? ● Sense-making. The ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance of what is being expressed ● Social intelligence. The ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions ● Novel and adaptive thinking. Proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based ● Cross-cultural competency. The ability to operate in different cultural settings ● Computational thinking. The ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning ● New-media literacy. The ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms and to leverage these media for persuasive communication ● Transdisciplinarity. Literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines ● Design mind-set. Ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes ● Cognitive load management. The ability to discriminate and filter information for importance and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques ● Virtual collaboration. The ability to work productively, drive engagement and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team

43 German Coast Guard Trainee: Effective Communication and-learning/ (8) and-learning/


45 Top 30 fastest-growing jobs by 2018 jobs/aUvFsEjhGN3iqQcNKohycM/story.html#slide-3 jobs/aUvFsEjhGN3iqQcNKohycM/story.html#slide-3

46 30. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors Projected increase in 2018: 29.4 percent 29. Occupational therapist assistants Projected increase in 2018: 29.8 percent 28. Environmental engineering technicians Projected increase in 2018: 30.1 percent 27. Personal financial advisers Projected increase in 2018: 30.1 percent 26. Physical therapists Projected increase in 2018: 30.3 percent

47 25. Survey researchers Projected increase in 2018: 30.4 percent 24. Computer software and systems software engineers Projected increase in 2018: 30.4 percent 23. Pharmacy technicians Projected increase in 2018: 30.6 percent 22. Environmental engineers Projected increase in 2018: 30.6 percent 21. Occupational therapist aides Projected increase in 2018: 30.7 percent

48 20. Compliance officers* Projected increase in 2018: 31.1 percent *except agriculture, construction, health and safety, and transportation 19. Self-enrichment education teachers Projected increase in 2018: 32.1 percent 18. Veterinarians Projected increase in 2018: 33.0 percent 17. Physical therapist assistants Projected increase in 2018: 33.3 percent 16. Medical assistants Projected increase in 2018: 33.9 percent

49 15. Computer applications software engineers Projected increase in 2018: 34.0 percent 14. Dental assistants Projected increase in 2018: 36.1 percent 13. Veterinary technologists and assistants Projected increase in 2018: 35.8 percent 12. Dental hygienists Projected increase in 2018: 36.1 percent 11. Physical therapist aides Projected increase in 2018: 36.3 percent

50 10. Athletic trainers Projected increase in 2018:37.0 percent 9. Biochemists and biophysicists Projected increase in 2018: 37.4 percent 8. Skin care specialists Projected increase in 2018: 37.9 percent 7. Physician assistants Projected increase in 2018: 39.0 percent 6. Medical scientists Projected increase in 2018: 40.4 percent

51 5. Financial analysts Projected increase in 2018: 41.2 percent 4. Personal and home care aides Projected increase in 2018: 46.0 percent 3. Home health aides Projected increase in 2018: 50.0 percent 2. Network systems and data communications analyst Projected increase in 2018: 53.4 percent 1. Biomedical engineers Projected increase in 2018: 72.0 percent

52 Jobs of the Future Beyond 2025

53 1. Cyber Security SpecialistCyber Security Specialist ● Cyber security is a growing industry. Knowledgeable professionals who can protect websites and expose hackers will be a hot commodity in the coming years 2. Genetic CounselorGenetic Counselor ● Genetics are advancing at a rapid rate. Doctors can now run tests that will predict genetic conditions, and soon, parents may be able to choose the sex of their unborn children. With the help of genetic counselors, families can educate themselves on available genetic technologies and options. 3. Organic Food FarmerOrganic Food Farmer ● Organic food currently occupies about 10 percent of the food and beverage market -- and it's only going to increase. As a result, more organic farmers and producers will need to improve organic farming techniques and grow the food. 4. Medical Records AdministratorMedical Records Administrator ● Medical records are at the forefront of innovative technology, with a strong push to digitize medical records. An increased number of medical researchers will be needed to help move records from paper to digital, and to be able to navigate records quickly for patients. 5. Mobile Application DeveloperMobile Application Developer ● Remember car phones? You know, the equivalent of a cell phone, except that you could only use it in the car and it was the size of a brick? With the development of phones like the BlackBerry, Android and iPhone, the mobile media industry is continually progressing. An increased number of developers will be needed to help develop applications, in addition to combating security and compatibility issues. 6. Robotics TechnicianRobotics Technician ● Robots are becoming more commonplace and they don't run on their own. Technicians will be needed to build robots, maintain them and keep them from malfunctioning. 7. Simulation EngineerSimulation Engineer ● There's a simulator for nearly everything these days, from surgeries to flying to drinking and driving. As more simulation-based technologies follow suit, engineers will be required to help out. 8. Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager ● Social media is the new "it" profession. It started with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and has expanded to many other platforms. Organizations are now employing social media managers to oversee their online communities and enhance/protect the company brand.

54 9. Stem Cell ResearcherStem Cell Researcher ● Although it's a controversial topic, stem cell research is gaining ground. If this continues, more researchers will be needed to develop cures for diseases, genetic enhancements, and the other information these cells may potentially hold. 10. Sustainability OfficerSustainability Officer ● Sustainability has become a concern around the world and also among businesses. Since the executive suite may not have time to learn all there is to know, organizations are hiring eco-savvy individuals as "sustainability officers." These folks will find, research, and implement eco-friendly policies to benefit the organization.

55 Best Fields 1. Medical Field ● Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants 2. Technology Sector ● Software Architects, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, IT Analysts 3. Financial Services ● Accountants, Actuaries, Financial Advisers 4. Education Arena ● College Professors, Elementary School Teachers, High School Teachers 5. Technical Jobs ● Physical Therapist Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Veterinary Technicians 6. Business Services Jobs ● Environment Health Specialist, Construction Estimator 7. Sales Jobs ● Sales Director, Sales Executive, Senior Sales Professional 8. Consulting Jobs ● Management Consultants, Healthcare Consultants 9. Engineering Jobs ● Project Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Biomedical Engineer 10. Middle Management Jobs ● Research and Development Manager, Product Manager, Risk Management Manager

56 2050 & Beyond

57 Emerging Mega Regions 2050

58 Planning for the Future Happening NOW California High Speed Rail -2050 America and High Speed Rail System - 2050

59 World Futurist Society Forecasts for Next 25 Years 1.The dust bowls of the twenty-first century will dwarf those seen in the twentieth. Two giant dust bowls are now forming, in Asia and in Africa, due to massive amounts of soil erosion and desertification resulting from overgrazing. 2.Commercial space tourism will grow significantly during the coming decade. By 2021, there will be 13,000 suborbital passengers annually, resulting in $650 million in revenue. Many companies are currently working to make commercial space flight a viable industry, according to Melchor Antuñano, director of the FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute. 3.Nanotechnology offers hope for restoring eyesight. Flower-shaped electrodes topped with photodiodes, implanted in blind patients’ eyes, may restore their sight. 4.Robotic earthworms will gobble up our garbage. Much of what we throw away still has value. Metals, petroleum, and other components could get additional use if we extracted them, and robotic earthworms could do that for us. 5.Learning will become more social and game-based, and online social gaming may soon replace textbooks in schools. The idea that students learn more when they are engaged — as they are when playing games — is helping educators embrace new technologies in the classroom. In addition to encouraging collaborations, games also allow students to learn from their mistakes through trial and error. 6.Lunar-based solar power production may be the best way to meet future energy demands. Solar power can be more dependably and inexpensively gathered on the Moon than on Earth. 7.Machine vision will become available in the next 5 to 15 years, with visual range ultimately exceeding that of the human eye. This technology will greatly enhance robotic systems’ capabilities. 8.Advances in fuel cells will enable deep-sea habitation. Fuel cells such as those currently being developed for automobiles will produce electricity directly, with no toxic fumes.

60 Continued 9.Future buildings may be more responsive to weather fluctuations. “Protocell cladding” that utilizes bioluminescent bacteria or other materials would be applied on building facades to collect water and sunlight, helping to cool the interiors and produce biofuels. 10.The end of identity as we know it? It may become very easy to create a new identity (or many identities) for ourselves. All we will have to do is create new avatars in virtual reality. Those avatars will act on our behalf in real life to conduct such high-level tasks as performing intensive research, posting blog entries and Facebook updates, and managing businesses. The lines between ourselves and our virtual other selves will blur, to the point where most of us will, in essence, have multiple personalities.

61 World Future Society 70 Jobs by 2030

62 USA Space Plans ● In 2010, a bill was signed in the United StatesIn 2010, a bill was signed in the United States discontinuing plans for a manned mission to the MoonIn 2010, a bill was signed in the United States discontinuing plans for a manned mission to the Moon by 2020, and instead, authorizing manned misions to an asteroid in 2025 and to the planet Mars by the 2030s.United States Moon2030s ● nasa-transition-congress-oks- direction.html nasa-transition-congress-oks- direction.html China lays out its plan for Mars ● Orbiter toward Mars on a Chinese rocket as early as 2013. ● Colony by 2050

63 Japanese Company – Space Elevator by 2050 ● Tokyo-based Obayashi Corp. wants to build an operational space elevator by the middle of the century, Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper reported Wednesday (Feb. 22). The device would carry passengers skyward at about 124 mph (200 kph), delivering them to a station 22,000 miles (36,000 kilometers) above Earth in a little more than a elevator ● japanese-space-elevator-2050- proposal.html japanese-space-elevator-2050- proposal.html ● 57383872-1/japan-plans-snail-paced- space-elevator-for-2050/ 57383872-1/japan-plans-snail-paced- space-elevator-for-2050/ ● cape/japan-plans-space-elevator-2050- 539598 cape/japan-plans-space-elevator-2050- 539598 Airbus Future Plans ● article/2012-04/may-2012-new-age-flight article/2012-04/may-2012-new-age-flight ● e/2012-04/jets-future e/2012-04/jets-future

64 The Positive Futurists http://positivefutur 6.html http://positivefutur 6.html

65 Microsoft 2019 o&feature=related o&feature=related

66 Other Resources ● uk/society/2011/jan/02/2 5-predictions-25-years uk/society/2011/jan/02/2 5-predictions-25-years ● ● m/tag/careers/#.T2omJvk 8CSo m/tag/careers/#.T2omJvk 8CSo ● uk/money/2010/jan/09/jo bs-of-the-future uk/money/2010/jan/09/jo bs-of-the-future ● sport/strategies/2011_whi te_paper_en.htm sport/strategies/2011_whi te_paper_en.htm ● http://rossdawsonblog.c om/weblog/archives/2011 /01/what-are-the-jobs-of- the-future.html http://rossdawsonblog.c om/weblog/archives/2011 /01/what-are-the-jobs-of- the-future.html

67 Karen Brooks

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