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World Class Teaching and Learning with ICT

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1 World Class Teaching and Learning with ICT
Steve Moss, Strategic Director – ICT Partnerships for Schools

2 A student’s perspective – “school is like a Qantas flight”

3 “Sit down. Face forward. Switch off all electronic devices.” “If you’re lucky your trip will be enjoyable. If not, you can resume your life in 6-7 hours!”

4 “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” TS Eliot

5 “Powerful tensions exist between traditional curricula - based on well-defined content and rules for students to learn and be able to reproduce – and the open, skills-based, student-centred approaches supported by ICT. Dominant curricular and organisational patterns in school were not designed for the Internet age, and often inhibit its effective use. ICT offers some gain for traditional curriculum delivery, but its full educational potential cannot be realised without radical changes in school structures and methodologies.” OECD, Learning to Change: ICT in Schools (2001)

6 Top 5 excuses for not changing
We’re satisfied with our results. What’s the point of changing? This is the way I was taught to teach. School was good enough for me, so it should be good enough for my children. We tried something like that once before. It sounds like a lot of work.

7 21st Century Learning .. it’s about rethinking teaching
It’s not about the technology ..


9 Visible Learning When teachers see learning through the eyes of the student and when students see themselves as their own teachers John Hattie, 2009

10 Research on ICT in schools 76 meta-analyses 4,498 studies
3,990,028 students / teachers over 30 years

11 there is a diversity of teaching strategies
ICT has most positive effect on learning when there is a diversity of teaching strategies The method of teaching is most likely to be different from when the teacher instructs the students. At minimum, students get to experience two different teaching strategies and are offered “deliberative practice” in learning knowledge and concepts. ICT as a supplement not a replacement for teacher instruction is best.

12 ICT has most positive effect on learning when
there is teacher pre-training in the use of ICT as a learning and teaching tool For too many teachers, teaching using ICT is not part of their “grammar of schooling”. Many teachers “are still on the threshold of understanding how to design courses to maximise the potential of ICT”. More than 10 hours of training over a few weeks is the most effective model of professional development.

13 there are multiple opportunities for learning
ICT has most positive effect on learning when there are multiple opportunities for learning For example, tutorials, programming, word processing, drill & practice, simulations, problem solving. Drill & practice is important for learners in some subjects. It can, and should, be engaging and informative. Key attributes of effective ICT use for practice include, learner control, clear learning goals, instant feedback.

14 the student, not the teacher, is in “control” of learning
ICT has most positive effect on learning when the student, not the teacher, is in “control” of learning Pacing, time allocation, sequencing, choice of practice items, reviewing. Word processing (in all its forms!!) – students are more engaged and motivated in writing and also produce wokr of greater length and higher quality than students writing on paper.

15 peer learning is optimised
ICT has most positive effect on learning when peer learning is optimised Using ICT in pairs is much more effective than when used alone or in larger groups – perseverance, positive peer interactions, less help requested from teacher. Heterogeneous groups more effective than homogeneous groups but both more effective than working alone.

16 ICT has most positive effect on learning when
feedback is optimised Explanations and remediation are more useful than simply providing the correct answer.

17 3 features of ICT which can enhance teaching and learning significantly

18 the capacity to present or represent ideas dynamically or in multiple forms

19 the facility for providing feedback to pupils as they are working

20 the capacity to present information in easily changed forms
Higgins et al, 1999

21 21st century skills Information and communication skills
Information and media literacy skills Communication skills Thinking and problem solving skills Critical thinking and systems thinking Problem identification, formulation and solution Creativity and intellectual curiosity Interpersonal and self-directional skills Interpersonal and collaborative skills Self-direction Accountability and adaptability Social responsibility

22 Learning through attention:
Books Blackboards TV Overhead projectors PowerPoint Podcasts ‘Interactive’ whiteboards Classroom management software

23 Interactive whiteboards Voting systems Modelling tools and simulations
Inquiry-based learning Constructivism Mediated learning Discovery learning Learning as conversation Problem-based learning Reflective practice Meta-cognition Experiential learning Social constructivism Situated learning Interactive whiteboards Voting systems Modelling tools and simulations Wikis and Blogs Texting Creating podcasts & videos Discussion forums Online mentors Online conferences

24 Learners as creators of content …
… not simply consumers

25 The Virtual Learning Space
Should enable learners and teachers to find, organise and create content and learning resources in ways which are flexible and not necessarily based on taxonomies or atomised classifications. It has to be more than a content delivery system. Learners must feel that the experience is a personal one. The space should also recognise and facilitate the social dimensions of learning – encouraging collaborative work.

26 Virtual Workspace

27 Virtual Workspace

28 Virtual Workspace

29 This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our schools so be bold

30 Thank you for listening steve. moss@p4s. org
Thank you for listening and remember … in YouTube you’re only ever two clicks away from a dog on a skateboard.

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