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Technical Training for Economic Development The following PowerPoint presentation is based several months of research in the Emporia region. The research.

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1 Technical Training for Economic Development The following PowerPoint presentation is based several months of research in the Emporia region. The research identified three issues related to assessment, training, and placement of people to support the manufacturing base in the region. A plan is proposed to support those regional issues.

2 Opportunities 1. Growing Business & Industry Training Needs in Emporia 2. Industry Need Youth Interested in High-Skill Careers to Support Aging Workforce 3. Emporia Received One-Stop Status



5 Emporia One-Stop Emporia Workforce Development Office 2002 Application (WIA 1998) 12 Mandatory Partners Co-located at One Facility Mandatory Youth Component

6 ATTRAC Solution ATTRAC ATTRAC is a partnership to address: Training Youth One-Stop

7 Career Development for Business and Industry Advanced Technology TRAining Center

8 ATTRAC Partnership Emporia USD 253 Emporia State University Flint Hills Technical College Emporia Chamber of Commerce Emporia SRS Management Area Regional Development Association Emporia Workforce Development Office

9 Mission To provide world-class training and workforce support

10 Vision Establishment of a premiere regional workforce

11 Customized Training Programs Quality Assurance Training (Six Sigma, TQM, ISO 9000:2000) Work Ethics and Accountability Training Supervision and Management Training Technical and Maintenance Training Banking Principles and Certification ESL and Command Spanish Health and Safety Training Skilled Trades Training Team Development Computer Training Literacy Skills

12 Credentialing Certificates: – Process Control (Instrumentation Technology) – Web Development and Internet Specialist – Computer Support Systems – Hydraulics and Pneumatics – Supervisory Management – Accounting Principles – Telecommunications – Industrial Electricity – Customer Service – Fusion Welding – ISO 9000:2000 – Six Sigma

13 Services Assistance with upsizing and downsizing Training and retraining Pre-post assessment Career counseling Digital portfolios Career planning On-line courses Job placement Process audits Mentoring

14 Industry Network Collaborative Networking Hub: Regional industries working together to solve common problems Shared technology Joint purchasing Joint marketing Joint contracts Joint training Shared work

15 Industry Benefits Increased profits Enhanced performance Local group of training staff Improved employee retention Increased worker productivity Local access to quality facility Rapid response to training needs Skill portfolio for each employee Improved reading, writing, and math skills

16 National Certification Testing Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Siemens Certification Training and Testing NATEF - Automotive Service Excellence Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) Certified Novell Network Administrator CISCO Networking A+ Certification Six Sigma

17 Training Funds WIA funds IMPACT Grants Training Equipment Grant The Kansas Industrial Training The Kansas Industrial Retraining Private Business and Industry Funds High Performance Incentive Program

18 One-Stop Employer Services Vocational Rehabilitation’s ADA and workplace accommodation services for employers Assistance with economic development applications Pre-screening and screening of job applicants Position description development and writing Assessment and diagnostics testing Job market services for employers Grant application assistance Apprenticeship programs Customized training Job posting

19 One-Stop Benefits Consolidated One-Stop Services High-Tech Training Facility Longer Hours of Operation Expanded Services Staff Assistance Shared Staff Childcare

20 Y.E.S. The Future for Today’s Youth

21 Y.E.S. Mission: Provide multi-sensory career exploration opportunities for youth

22 Youth Career Exploration Virtual Reality Experiential Cognitive Y.E.S.

23 Virtual Reality Get youth enthusiastic about careers! Stereographic Crystal Eyes PINCH ™ Gloves CubicMouse ™ WorkWand ™ Y.E.S.

24 Career Services Virtual Reality Career Exploration Hands-on Career Exploration Dialogue with Experts Career Assessment Career Forecasting Lab Observations Y.E.S.

25 Kansas Patent Museum Spotlighting Emporia State-wide and local patents Photos of designers History and importance of each patent Education and training of each designer Impact of patents on Kansas, Emporia and mankind “…inspiring our children!” Y.E.S.

26 Summer Camp One-day to one week in length Process control and manufacturing instrumentation/hydraulics/pneumatics Graphic & commercial arts and print technology Computers, website design, networks Nursing and paramedic Carpentry and drafting CNC machining Culinary arts Auto repair Leadership Y.E.S.

27 Summer Camp for Youth Manufacturing Entrepreneur Camp Manufacturing principles All Aspects of An Industry curriculum From design to manufacturing to point of sale The focus will be on every aspect involved in designing and manufacturing a product. “…enhance growth through entrepreneurship…”

28 Career Prep Services Youth 16-20 who are out of education Intensive Career Assessment Intensive Career Planning Career Training Placement Y.E.S.

29 Childcare Service Childcare for those using ATTRAC Babysitter and childcare courses Childcare lab experience Y.E.S.

30 “The efforts at Emporia and Flint Hills Technical College to consolidate and improve local training programs through the ATTRAC project fall very well into my vision for effective, dynamic workforce development statewide. It is exactly this sort of strong, innovative approach from local communities that will significantly aid economic development and allow the state of Kansas to become the leader in workforce training.” — Lt. Governor John Moore

31 ATTRAC Steering Committee Mission Provide ongoing promotion, evaluation, and consultation on programs and services

32 ATTRAC Steering Committee Project Consultant: Lt. Governor John Moore Lee Alderman, President, Flint Hills Technical College Bill Barnes, Instructor, Emporia State University Steve Commons, Emporia City Manager Roger Craft, President and CEO, Vektek, Inc. Dale Davis, Chair, Kansas Chamber of Commerce & Industry Board Chair, Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Board; Emporia City Commissioner Janice DeBauge, Member, Kansas Board of Regents Kent Heermann, President, Regional Development Association John Heim, Superintendent, Emporia USD 253 Jim Kessler, Board Member, Workforce Network of Kansas Jeanine McKenna, President & CEO, Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce Kay Schallenkamp, President, Emporia State University Betty Senn, Manager, Emporia Workforce Development Center

33 Facility Concept ISO 9000:2000 Certified 30,000+ sq ft facility Videoconferencing center Conference room (seating for 40-160) Instructional rooms (seating for 40 each) General purpose rooms (daycare, museums) Offices/suites (director, One-Stop, ABE/ESL, private/general) Laboratories (one dedicated to industrial repair, one to computers) Kitchenette for catering and vending machines

34 This concept is provided to support business & industry, workforce development, and to attract new businesses and industries to Emporia and the region. Hope is in tomorrow! Cost: $3.5 million

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