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2 AGENDA 1. Meridian Legacy and Resources Offered to New Partners  Market Opportunity. Unique Value Proposition 2. Global Leadership Institute Business Entity 3. Program Framework  Course Content  Faculty of Instructors, Lectures, and Speakers 4. Market Entry  Corporate Partners: Corporate Council and Founding Members  University Partners: Programs for Professional and Student Audiences  Licensing/ Distribution Partners: WorldStrides, YPO, Corporate Executive Board  Marketing Initiatives 5. Technology Platform Design and Development

3 Public and Cultural Diplomacy Lead partner of the U.S. State Department in the management of the International Visitors Leadership Program, and in preparing new U.S. ambassadors for their overseas assignments Public/Private Partnerships Connecting U.S. and foreign governments with the private sector to respond to global challenges and sustain impact The Meridian Global Leadership Institute. Leveraging the power of exchange and thought leadership to create world class executive education programs Convening a prestigious network of government, business, diplomatic, and civil society leaders to create a 360 degree dialogue around global issues Neutral Forum for International Dialogue Global Leadership Development 3

4 CASE STUDY LAYOUT Government and Policy People Perception Private Enterprise Meridian and Global Leadership Leaders hip Exchang es Training and Education Public Private Partners hips Conveni ng Power

5 GENERAL MOTORS 1992 - 2012 International sales increased from 24% to 54% of their company’s total FEDEX 2003 - 2012 International revues grew from 23% to over 30% of their total revenues WALMART 2008 – 2013 Realized sales increases in global markets from $90 Billion to over $130 Billion $170 Billion spent annually on leadership development 40% of managers fail in their overseas assignments $200 Billion spent on corporate learning 5

6 BAR GRAPH AND CONTENT EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMS Shaped to prepare the leaders of the 21 st Century to prosper in rapidly expanding growth markets and navigate the complexities of the global arena  Global Skills and Leadership Development  Global Stakeholder Engagement  Cultural Intelligence  Regional and Country Insights 6

7 MEET THE GANG Experiential Learning A Blended-Learning Delivery A Comprehensive Approach A Knowledge Culture Competency development. Leadership exchange Practical application. Outcome orientation Customizable Programs. Multiple Formats Identifying and Optimizing Relationships Utilizing content management and collaboration technology platforms, and customizable dashboards to establish communities of interest and forums for online collaboration Optimizing global leadership and stakeholder engagement with customers, partners, suppliers, national and local governments, NGO’s, and academia Offering a unique, integrated combination of solution- oriented executive and professional development programs to improve performance and business execution in the global marketplace Leveraging high-caliber expert networks, coaching and consulting services, large-scale conferences and events, and online collaboration platforms to build and expand knowledge networks 7

8 SMART ART & CONTENT  Increase their understanding and competitiveness in the global market  Enhance cultures of innovation, collaboration, and adoption of best practices  Optimize global partnerships  Increase engagement with governments around the world  Enhance community engagement, contribution to prosperity, and CSR  Better risk identification and management  Increase speed-to-market and time-to-value of global initiatives Offerings and services enable partner organizations to: Offerings and services provide highly practical competency development in in:  The convergence of trends and developments sharping the future of global business  Pivotal insights and skills required to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape  Innovation and sustainability in an era of intensifying competition and increasing stakeholder engagement  Strategies for managing political and security risks while seizing opportunities  New approaches to building and optimizing public-private partnerships  The new rules and tools of public diplomacy, and how corporations can best leverage them A unique blend of skills that reflect Meridian’s vantage point Essen tials Public Diplom acy Geopoli tical Risk Innovat ion Sustain ability Govern ment & Externa l Relatio ns Cultural Intellige nce 8

9 CASE STUDY LAYOUT Manageme nt and Executive Leadership Stakeholder Engagement Emphasizing stakeholder engagement and the complex interplay of economic, political, social, and cultural forces at work in global environments and with global competition  4 Pillars of Global Leadership  6 Demands of the Global Leader Flexible and Modular Course Design Consist of separate modules that can also work together as a whole offering Tailored to develop skills and competencies on a personal, team, or corporate level Designed to fit continuous learning model to develop assets for global leadership A “Business Solution” Focus Providing maximum flexibility and value to clients in multiple formats: classroom, blended learning, online. Public, open- enrollment, or customizable for on-site presentation 9

10 iMAC MOCKUP SLIDE 10 IMPROVING OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS A series of open-enrollment, experiential programs designed to build leadership and competencies crucial for global success. Initially instructor led, the program will move toward a blended-learning model PROVIDING “On Demand” LEARNING An online user engagement platform will foster networking, knowledge sharing, and the application of innovations and best practices to support the immediate concerns that employees or teams are facing SUPPORTING PEOPLE and ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT We can help improve performance by enhancing the maturity and decision making capability of employees with incremental learning programs, coaching, and online communities. Targeted programs will address organization or market-specific global learning needs UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES FOR PEER- TO-PEER EXCHANGE Program participants will have the opportunities to gain the insights and experiences from expert faculty and hear from guest speakers, gaining a true global leadership perspective from highly respected and accomplished practitioners EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING SESSIONS Program participants will enjoy exclusive professional networking sessions, including dinners, social events, and site visits – at Meridian, around Washington, and beyond

11  The formation of the GLI LLC is complete and allows maximum financial flexibility for the future  Services Agreement executed with Meridian or on-going Meridian financial contributions and services  Copywriting materials for protection of new Meridian Intellectual Property  Business Prospectus near completion – comprehensive strategic plan w/ financial projects for potential 3 rd party investment  Funding to date of $350,000  Expenditure to date of $260,000  Anticipated revenues of $75K in FY13  Position Founding Member program – target of $200K in contributions and pre-payments in FY13 11

12  Essentials of Global Leadership –Flagship course in the program – reflects the Meridian Global Leadership “Body of Knowledge” –Developed as an experiential learning experience leveraging Meridian’s expert network –Modular format for comprehensive coverage and ease of customization –Internal Pilot conducted in July – focused on content integration and course flow –Internal offering of Essentials to Meridian employees in August 2013 –Initial public offering planned for October 2013 to coincide with the Global Leadership Summit  Faculty Development and Instructor Intake –Initial intake process underway for GLI core faculty of 20 instructor candidates –15 instructor candidates in 2 nd wave –Approximately 25 guest speaker candidates –Initial faculty in place and trained by August 31 12

13  GLI Launch at the Global Leadership Summit in October 2012  Corporate stakeholder meetings underway, including key Corporate Council members such as Coca-Cola, Chevron, UPS, Exxon Mobil, VISA, and FedEx  Immediate Partner and Client Opportunities –FedEx, Chevron, Armstrong, WorldStrides –Second FedEx program to be delivered in India in September 2013 –China Top Scholars program with WorldStrides in July 2013 –Thunderbird Executive Program in January 2014  Marketing Update –Soliciting a world-class marketing partner to support the promotion of GLI –Marketing support: Marketing companies oral presentations completed July 15 –Source Selection: July 31 13

14  Leading International Graduate Business Curriculum and Executive Programs  Integrating Meridian GLI content into a program for global executives underway  Marketing efforts underway currently  Learning Essentials for Students program complete  China Top Scholars program – July 21-23 at Meridian  Participation in Capstone Programs ─ 2014 Global Education Summit – February 7-8, 2013 ─ December 2013 Global Leadership for Business Students – December 19-21 14

15 iPAD MOCKUP SLIDE The creation of a knowledge hub and social system is a long-term project that will require dedicated partner(s). Over time, GLI will build or license the components necessary to complete a knowledge hub and eLearning platform by following a two-phase plan:  Phase One will address GLI’s immediate technology needs for a learning management and delivery platform. ─eLearning and classroom-assistance tools  Phase Two will address Meridian and GLI’s long term vision for a cloud-based knowledge hub and social system. ─Web Experience Management. Enterprise Content Management. Portals and Knowledge Repositories. Social Network and Collaboration. Application Development 15



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