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Designing in the Wild Bill Buxton Microsoft Research

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1 Designing in the Wild Bill Buxton Microsoft Research

2 Details from Taccola’s Notebook (from first half of C15) Several sketches of ships are shown exhibiting different types of protective shields, and one with a “grappler.” (Figure: From McGee, 2004; Detail of Munich, Bayerishe Staatsbibliothek. Codex Latinus Monacensis 197 Part 2, fol. 52’)

3 A Quintessential Activity of Design


5 We are deluding ourselves if we think that the products that we design are the "things" that we sell, rather than the individual, social and cultural experience that they engender, and the value and impact that they have. From a Materialist to Experiential Perspective of Design


7 Picturing Time Ron Bird

8 walk run

9 walk run

10 Safety First

11 A Back Touch Wrist Computer Metal pin-tip drags magnetic cursor Nima Motamedi Ontario College of Art & Design

12 Sketch-a-Move Louise Klinker & Anab Jain, RCA

13 Case Study: Lance Armstrong’s Time Trials Bike Michael Sagan Trek Bicycles

14 The Anatomy of Sketching Quick/Timely Inexpensive / Disposable Plentiful Clear vocabulary. You know that it is a sketch (lines extend through endpoints, …) No higher resolution than required to communicate the intended purpose/concept Resolution of the rendering does not suggest a degree of refinement of the concept that exceeds its actual state Ambiguous

15 If you want to get the most out of a sketch, you need to leave big enough holes. There has to be enough room for the imagination.

16 Sketching in Interaction Design Analogous to traditional sketching Shares all of the same key attributes More feel than look Must accommodate time & dynamics Phrasing


18 From Sketch to Prototype

19 In Cognition: Another take on ambiguity

20 Suwa and Tversky (2002) and Tversky (2002)

21 Tactics Design as choice Two openings for creativity: 1.Palette of choices 2.Heuristics used to choose

22 ElaborationReduction Laseau (1980)

23 ElaborationReduction Pugh (1990)

24 The Converging Path

25 Exploration of Alternatives … a designer that pitched three ideas would probably be fired. I'd say 5 is an entry point for an early formal review (distilled from 100's). … if you are pushing one you will be found out, and also fired. … it is about open mindedness, humility, discovery, and learning. If you aren't authentically dedicated to that approach you are just doing it wrong! Alistair Hamilton VP Design Symbol Technologies

26 In Situated Practice: The Social Life of Sketches

27 A Changing Practice: Where is the UI?

28 Back to Sketching 101 Preserve the tradition of sketching the classics.

29 1927-29

30 Questions? Tons of supplementary information at:

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