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 4 student SCC executive managers  2 professional staff  1 graduate assistant  We are a resource – make an appointment and come see us in the Mod.

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2  4 student SCC executive managers  2 professional staff  1 graduate assistant  We are a resource – make an appointment and come see us in the Mod right outside of UREC  Students hold 6 – 10 office hours a week

3  The SCC creates an atmosphere for intellectual growth, leadership, and experiential learning  Holds monthly President meetings  Acts as a decision making body and disciplinary advisory board for sport clubs

4  Tatum Davis   Spotlight one club weekly on our FB page  Supportive fund requests  Plans the End-of-the-Year Picnic for all Sport Club members  Point of contact for community service opportunities

5  Madison Lewis   Maintains club files & databases  Updates Point System  Collects & records all forms  Compiles participation reports each month  Verifies & records community service hours  Communicates deadlines and information to clubs

6  Holden Fleming   Maintains financial records for SCC  Administration of paperwork for travel and reimbursements  Preparing and facilitating Treasurers Orientation  Tracking expenditures of all sport clubs, managing budget (including matching funds)

7  Kelsey Wildman   Promotion of all sport clubs  Liaison with UREC Marketing  Assists in promoting club events on campus  Maintains Sport Club Facebook page  Newsletter  Manage UREC display cases  Weekend highlights and Club of the Month  Facilitates equipment requests (equipment check in/out)

8  Chris Jones   (540)568-8723  Coordinates the sport club program  Works with the Sport Club Graduate Assistant and the Sport Club Council

9  MC Sowder   Assists with the overall administration of the program  In charge of practice schedule  Holds 15-20 office hours per week

10  Keala Mason   Facilitates the renting of JMU Vehicles  Contact for any questions about Sport Clubs  Especially with regards to JMU vehicle rentals


12  JMU Easy Up Tents  Sound System/Speakers  Water Coolers  Video Camera  Flip Scoreboards  Tables  Folding Chairs  Sleeping Bags  Tents

13 2nd floor, right side of main gym

14  Email VP to request a collection/return time  Once a time is scheduled with the VP:  Make sure that you have requested WHAT equipment you want to take/return from the UREC closet  Bring at least two people  Come through main UREC entrance  Meet the SCC VP at the closet

15  Submit an activity request for an event that includes equipment needs (can be done by any officers)  bs/forms.html bs/forms.html  You will receive a confirmation email for the event with the details of the request  Equipment can be picked up on the Friday prior to your event after Noon (unless noted on activity request) at the UREC Loading Dock  Equipment can be reserved for any day of the week using the activity request form  For off campus events simply email with your request.


17  This is where you will pick up equipment  Take Driver Drive off of University Blvd and follow until you see UREC on your left, look for the big garage door.  When you arrive, call the number listed on the yellow phone (located outside of the loading dock) and you will be put in contact with an OP SUP (UREC employee) and they will come help you.

18  When dropping off at the loading dock:  Follow the same procedures as picking up  You need to return all of your equipment by the first Monday after you have picked it up by 10pm.  Once you have dropped everything off please send an email to saying:  WHAT was dropped off  WHEN you dropped it off  WHO you dropped it off with. (UREC Employee)

19 Equipment should ONLY be dropped off with a member of SCC OR UREC Employee in the loading dock. NO WHERE ELSE.

20  $50 dollar fee for equipment not turned in by Monday at 10pm with few exceptions made for people with extenuating circumstances  Damaged or lost equipment is a $50 fine.  If you request equipment but fail to pick it up at the loading dock, you will receive a penalty.  After the 2nd penalty your club will no longer be able to borrow communal equipment.

21  Points = Money!  You receive points for:  Attendance at meetings and required events  Handing in your paperwork by the deadline  2 points awarded for turning forms in on time  1 point for turning it in within 48 hrs of deadline  Revising constitution for the year: 10 pts  Attending other clubs’ events  At least 5 members of your club

22  5 hours per member per year – Required!  Lose points for NOT DOING community service  Forms are due within a week of the event  Turn in to SCC Secretary

23  Community Service event planned by the SCC  Gives each team an opportunity to do community service within the Harrisonburg community  When: Saturday, November 8 th *More information will be given to you when we get closer to the date

24  Your Club mailbox is:  James Madison University Recreation CO/Club’s name MSC 3901 Harrisonburg, VA 22807  All forms should be turned in here  Make sure to check your mailbox regularly for mail and bank statements  Do NOT put forms you are turning in to your own mailbox!!

25  Club mailboxes are located on the 3 rd Floor of UREC in the Student Learning Office.  Go up to the track and take a right and the mailboxes are through the doors on the left hand side.


27  Web page-  Email us with suggestions regarding your team’s page, which currently includes:  your club’s # of members  executive board  season  conference  tryouts  membership requirements  dues  practice schedule  achievements  related links  how to support your club.  Have your own team webpage? Just send us the link and we will put it on there.

28  Grafton Stovall Movie Theater ads before movie for $25  Marketing through UREC and University Park  Welcome TV-ad or event on scrolling schedule  Flyers/banners  All marketing in UREC MUST be approved by UREC Marketing and Development Coordinator and/or Sport Club Assistant Director

29  Marketing tool to promote what your club has been doing! Can include competition results, community service, fundraising, pictures…anything  To be part of the newsletter please send any information about your club’s activities/success to the SCC  Information for newsletters will be due in the end of October and end of March

30  Public Facebook pages created by each team  Updated and managed by the exec.  SCC Facebook page can share and like events happening and stories that your team posts

31  A place to share and connect with each other. Share your club activities and news  Sport Club of the Month will be highlighted here  Weekend highlights will be shared after submission to Vice President  Our goal is to highlight two clubs each week through videos and pictures

32  Another way to earn points for your team!  Fill out the weekend update form by Monday’s at 5pm and your team will be rewarded with points  Email this to me

33  Email me the new officers as well as any changes you would like made to your teams page  Use your old info as a reference to make updates

34  Located on the third floor of UREC



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