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S tatistics L iberal A rts M ath Pasadena City College.

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1 S tatistics L iberal A rts M ath Pasadena City College

2 Motivation & History

3 Current Curriculum

4 Does the curriculum serve our population?

5 Create a new track for SLAM Completion

6 Backwards Design What math does a SLAM student need? Statistics Liberal Arts Math Real Life Quantitative Literacy 2 Quantitative Literacy 1

7 SLAM vs. STEM Quantitative Literacy 1 Quantitative Literacy 2 Statistics Liberal Arts Math Beginning Algebra Intermediate Algebra STEM Track

8 Creating Learning Experiences Discovery-based activities Using Manipulatives to understand mathematical ideas Excel Labs to both explore concepts and analyze data Projects – Tracking Expenses – Stock Project – Home Buying Project

9 Created our own course materials

10 QL2: Course Content

11 Statistics Measures of Center and Weighted Mean Measuring Spread Graphical Representations of Data Correlation and Estimating the Best-fit Line

12 Finance Simple vs Compound Interest Payday Loans Credit Cards Annuities Amortized Loans Student Loans Home Loans

13 Probability Events, Simple Events, Combining sets Counting – Fundamental Counting Principle, nPr, nCr Two Way Frequency Tables Expected Value

14 Geometry Areas of Rectangles, Triangles, Parallelograms, and Trapezoids discovery- based activity Investigating the effects on Perimeter, Area, and Volume when changing edge length Fermi Problem (estimation)

15 Fermi Problem

16 Science Solving Literal Equations Units and Dimensional Analysis Absolute vs Percent Error Linear, Exponential, and Logarithmic functions & rates of growth Scientific Notation and Sig Figs Variation

17 Standard Algebra Content Excluded Factoring Quadratics & Polynomials Rational Expressions Matrices & Linear Systems

18 QL1: Content and Approach

19 Similar Content to a Standard Prealgebra class (but better) Old and out of dateNew and hot!

20 Content Patterns Integers Fractions Decimals Percent Graphing and Lines

21 Contextualized

22 Experiential/Activity-based Less lecturingMore of students doing math

23 Lots of Manipulatives

24 24 Solving Word Problems Everyday

25 25 Discovery-based Learning

26 26 Metacognition and Affective Domain

27 27 Critical Thinking

28 Student Comments  “ This thing is hard, but I love it! ”  “ It seems like I’m learning the same stuff in a regular class, but I actually see how it’s useful. ”  “ I ’ m SOOOOO glad that PCC has finally realized that we are all individuals and that we learn differently. ”  “ This is more than math, this is real life! ”  “ F**K ME, I GOT IT!!! ”

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