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JA Capstone Programs JA BizTown – Elementary grades

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0 Welcome to JA BizTown Teacher Training

1 JA Capstone Programs JA BizTown – Elementary grades
Capstone is the culmination of classroom study. It provides on-site experiential activities that allow students to apply knowledge they learned in classrooms to real-world situations. JA BizTown – Elementary grades JA Finance Park – Middle and High School

2 Training Objectives By the end of training, you will understand:
The purpose of JA BizTown. How to effectively use the curriculum. Teacher responsibilities for a successful student visit. Basic operation of the on-site simulation.

3 Benefits to Educators Lessons are easy to use.
Minimal preparation time is needed. Content is aligned with CCSS. Curriculum is fun, interactive, and engaging. Application and extension activities are in each lesson. .

4 Student Goals Demonstrate a basic understand of the free enterprise system. Build money management skills. Develop an understanding of basic business practices and responsibilities. Describe the role of citizenship, worker, producer, consumer, and philanthropy in the economy. Display the soft skills necessary for successful participation in the world of work.

5 Program Components Teacher training Classroom instruction
Volunteer training Student on-site visit Post-visit activities

6 JA BizTown Video

7 JA BizTown Curriculum Basics
Financial Literacy 4 class periods Community and Economy 3 class periods Work Readiness 2 class periods Business Management Simulation and Debrief Local Area staff should adjust required class time commitment if/where additional activities are required.

8 JA BizTown Curriculum Materials
Teacher Guide Classroom Kit Citizen Guide (workbook) Online Resources JA BizBriefs are not part of the required curriculum. JA Areas may choose to include them at their discretion.

9 JA BizTown Classroom Kit
Classroom kits will be used for multiple years. It is recommended that teachers laminate game cards and poster for multi-year use. Some items (posters) also are available electronically for use in classroom.

10 Curriculum Guide Tabs Overview/Getting Started Financial Literacy
Community and Economy Work Readiness JA BizTown Jobs Business Management BizPrep Visit and Debriefing Visit Information Volunteer Information Jobs, BizPrep, Visit, and Volunteer information are locally configured, printed, and added to the Teacher Guide.

11 Overview/Getting Started
Overview (Pages 3-6) Program Goals, Experiential Learning, Economics Getting Started Materials (Pages 7-9) Lesson Format (Pages 10-16) Simulation Prep (Pages 17-20) Timeline and Checklist (Pages 20-23) Master List of Materials (Page 24) Experiential learning references and background are included. Getting Started – updated throughout to reflect STEM, inquiry-based learning, new lesson list, and format, etc. Next screens highlight two of the implementation timeline scenarios.

12 Timeline – Implementation Option 1
The Teacher Guide presents Financial Literacy first. The revision was piloted in this order. Fifty percent of teachers believed it was best to give students more practice time with checks and register. Each teacher has the option of implementing in the order he or she prefers.

13 Timeline – Implementation Option 2

14 Lesson Format – Unit Overview
Core or required lessons are listed in the unit overview. Below that are listed the application and extension activities associated with each lesson. Local JA Area staff may choose to make some of the applications or extensions required for their local teachers.

15 Lesson Features Each unit is associated with a specific color to help teachers identify lessons and resources. Financial Literacy is blue; Community and Economy is yellow, for example. Thumbnails of kit items and resources are included as part of the materials list.

16 Lesson Features Teacher notes are always in purple and found in the margins. Vocabulary words also are in the margin and highlighted in orange. AV or other options are found in green boxes in various lessons.

17 Lesson Features The NEED MORE PRACTICE box appears after any activity that has additional practice opportunities available in the applications or extensions. Many activities, but not all, have variance ideas to better correlate to fourth- and/or sixth-grade students. The circled text in purple is another example of a note to the teacher. Throughout the guide, teachers will see SIMULATION CONNECTIONS. These help point out the connection between the activities in the classroom and what the students will see or do during the simulation visit.

18 Lesson Features Where appropriate, Common Core State Standards are referenced with each lesson component and grade-level variance. The detailed reference is found in the teacher reference section at the end of each unit.

19 Lesson Features At the end of every lesson, the OPTION box will describe the content of each application or extension activity so teachers can see that connection easily. If your JA Area requires one or more of these activities, this would be a good place to have teachers note that in their book.

20 Lesson Features The Teacher Guide contains a copy of the pages in the Citizen Guide; note the format in which the page number and answer key are identified.

21 Application/Extension Activities

22 Financial Literacy Four core lessons Order flexibility
5 lessons in the past Order flexibility Before or after Community and Economy lessons Checks and electronic payment methods

23 Lesson One: Financial Institutions
Topic/Activities Services offered by financial institutions Connecting money and accounts Scavenger hunt Financial services ads Banks in an Economy Poster Bank account application Bank accounts

24 Lesson One Application Activities Extension Activities
Banking Bingo – bank services (game in kit) Vocabulary Review – (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Choosing a Financial Institution - financial institution differences (in Citizen Guide) Bank Teller Computations – money skills (practice)

25 Lesson Two: Checking Accounts
Topic/Activities Endorse a check Complete a deposit ticket Record transactions in a check register Insufficient account balance consequences Two paychecks

26 Lesson Two Application Activities Extension Activities
Transaction Actions – deposit tickets/checkbook registers (in Citizen Guide) Paycheck Practice – endorsement/deposits (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Direct Deposit – (local JA Area option) Gordon’s Bounced Check – (in Citizen Guide)

27 Lesson Three: Savings Accounts
Topic/Activities Check writing Benefits of saving Earning interest on savings $1.50 saving required

28 Lesson Three Application Activities Extension Activities
$1 Million or Double the Pennies? (option for Getting Started) John’s Shopping Day – check writing/register (in Citizen Guide) Savings Plan – Inquiry based (Internet required) Extension Activities Rule of 72 Compound Interest

29 Lesson Four: Debit Cards
Topic/Activities Debit card transactions Recording debit purchases in a check register Comparing various payment types Skill and vocabulary review Debit cards

30 Lesson Four Application Activities Extension Activities
Venn Diagram (compare/contrast) Let’s Go to the Bank Extension Activities The Debit Card Transaction (in Citizen Guide) Interest in Your Favor (Internet option) (in Citizen Guide)

31 Unit Summary Check It Out! Family Newsletter Assessment
Continuous scenarios Family Newsletter Citizen Guide page Assessment Optional Not included in Citizen Guide CCSS References Vocabulary

32 Community and Economy Three core lessons Order flexibility
Before or after Financial Literacy lessons Circular flow Organizing construct

33 Lesson One: Circular Flow of an Economy
Topic/Activities Vocabulary Citizenship Circular flow of economy Citizen Pledge Lemonade Stand activity Resources Circular flow demonstrated JA BizTown citizens

34 Lesson One Application Activities Extension Activities
Circular Flow Game (game cards in kit) My Business (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Discovering Character Traits Code of Ethics

35 Lesson Two: Free Enterprise
Topic/Activities Businesses produce goods and services Scarcity Basic economic questions Prototype production Production

36 Lesson Two Application Activities Extension Activities
What is Free Enterprise? (in Citizen Guide) (homework option) Jim’s Popcorn Daydream (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Economic Freedoms Poster Family Resources (money cards in kit)

37 Lesson Three: Public Goods and Services
Topic/Activities Gross pay vs. net pay Taxes Public vs. private goods Philanthropy Taxes

38 Lesson Three Application Activities Extension Activities Word Search
Public and Private Goods and Services (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Philanthropy

39 Unit Summary Family Newsletter Assessment CCSS References Vocabulary
Citizen Guide page Assessment Optional Not included in Citizen Guide CCSS References Vocabulary

40 Work Readiness Two core lessons Career exploration JA BizTown Jobs Tab
Interests/skills JA BizTown Jobs Tab Local jobs Elections (Application Activity) Job interviews

41 Lesson One: Interests and Skills
Topic/Activities Recognition of skills and interests Career types STEM careers Workplace behavior

42 Lesson One Application Activities Extension Activities Career Types
Education Pays Off (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Soft Skills – Teamwork Soft Skills – Problem Solving

43 Lesson Two: Applying for a Job
Topic/Activities Job application Speed interviews Job interview evaluation

44 Lesson Two Application Activities Extension Activities Job Interviews
Elections Extension Activities Writing a Resume Career Exploration

45 JA BizTown Jobs Tab Staffing Model Job Descriptions Employment Letter
Job Assignments Classified Ads

46 JA BizTown Staffing Model

47 JA BizTown Jobs – By Business

48 JA BizTown Jobs – Assignments
Fill positions based on group size JA staff will specify priority for “between” group sizes One student per line

49 JA BizTown Jobs – Employment

50 Business Management Three core lessons BizPrep Tab Business expenses
Price setting Visit preparation BizPrep Tab Shop envelopes Budget Ads

51 Lesson One: Business Costs
Topic/Activities Customer service Budget – operating costs Payroll Business Costs Sheet Business group CEO in charge

52 Lesson One Application Activities Extension Activities
Customer Service (in Citizen Guide) Ranking Criteria (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities Quality Task Committee (in Citizen Guide) BizBriefs (in Citizen Guide - businesses in simulation)

53 Lesson Two: Setting Prices
Topic/Activities Selling price Revenue Inventory Profit Divide products into equal groups – all students have same opportunity

54 Lesson Two Application Activities Extension Activities Wants and Needs
Business Costs and Profit (in Citizen Guide) Extension Activities History Connection – Inquiry-Based Lesson (Internet required) Identity Theft

55 Lesson Three: Visit Preparation
Topic/Activities Advertisements Philanthropy Pledge Checkbook Prep Friendly Letters (Extension Activity) Letter to the Editor

56 Lesson Three Application Activities Extension Activities
Slogans and Logos Jingles Extension Activities Friendly Letters Letters to the Editor

57 Student Checkbooks Classroom preparation
Name written on book and on checks and deposit tickets throughout Account number on checks and deposit tickets

58 Student Checkbooks Ready for first visit to the bank
First deposit ticket ready Payroll taxes have been deducted Cash back maximum of $2.00 Net deposit Gross pay amounts: $9.00, $8.50, and $8.00 Net pay amounts: $8.82, $8.33, and $7.84

59 Student Checkbooks Deposit Ticket Caleb Lents Caleb Lents 127
8 82 2 00 6 82 April Caleb Lents 127

60 Student Checkbooks First check and register transactions
First check for savings $1.50 – required for each student Pay to the order of “Bank” Memo: savings account Check Register Beginning balance is $0 Two entries – net deposit and savings Show math

61 Student Checkbooks Check Register 4/1 Deposit 1 8 82 + 8 82 8 82
0.00 4/ Deposit 8 82 4/ Bank 7 32

62 Business Startup CFO begins working BizPrep

63 Simulation Visit 4½- to 5-hour day Volunteers Student Welcome
1 – 2 per business 1 hour before student arrival Student Welcome

64 Business Startup Students read and begin jobs

65 Business Startup Pricing activity Speech preparation
Nothing under $1.00 Price popular items highest – record on inventory supply sheet Consider bank loan Speech preparation CEOs may have opening speech template Printing payroll (CFO) CEO signs/checks are filed Do NOT distribute yet!

66 Opening Town Meeting Students gather in town center
Mayor’s welcome speech CEO’s opening speeches

67 Staff Meeting #1 All students and volunteers in business
No one should be out in town! CFO hands out first payroll check Endorse – remove stub Tear out deposit ticket and savings check Remind students of break order Remind students they must visit the bank before shopping or eating

68 Work/Break Rotations #1
Three break sessions, 20 minutes each Red – Yellow – Green Students on break go to bank first Teachers: help at banks Students not on break continue to work – follow the job simulations As income begins to come in, CFO to make deposits Dashes on first check item are different; I can’t make them the same for some reason. Should second checked item be bold?

69 Staff Meeting #2 CFOs pass out second payroll check
Prepare students for next bank deposit Deposit ticket (no cash back) Enter net deposit in checkbook register Discuss how things are going Remind students that on their next break they will eat lunch and go shopping Remind students to record purchases in their checkbook register

70 Work/Break Rotations #2
Three break sessions, 30 minutes each Red – Yellow – Green Students on break go to bank first Students not on break continue to work – follow the job simulations As income begins to come in, remind CFO to make deposits Assist with Closing Town Meeting speech prep, if applicable

71 Business Cleanup Final business deposits made to the bank
See list posted in business Students return uniforms, JA BizTown cash, break buttons, etc. Unused materials and supplies remain CFO prints accounting report All paperwork goes in BizPrep envelope Including checkbooks – return to school

72 Closing Town Meeting JA staff calls everyone to town center
Students bring all personal belongings with them Mayor leads meeting A few, specific CFOs/others give reports/speeches Students return uniforms, JA BizTown cash, break buttons, etc.

73 Reminders Everyone brings a sack lunch
No time to “go out” for lunch Teachers cover for volunteers during breaks Teachers responsible for medications Schedule transportation ASAP

74 Debriefing One core lesson Team meeting Quality business Review

75 Debriefing Application Activities Extension Activities
Rank Your Business BizQuiz (game cards in classroom kit) Fact Tag Extension Activities Business Letter (in Citizen Guide)

76 Teacher Resources Video – Introduce program Pre/Post-Test Posters

77 Questions?

78 Thank You! Be prepared for a day of fun!
We’ll see you on simulation day – Be prepared for a day of fun!

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