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Motivating Materials Development Brian Tomlinson.

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1 Motivating Materials Development Brian Tomlinson

2 Question: What motivates teachers?

3 The answer is MORE.

4 M oney O pportunities R esponse E nergy

5 Money 1 From promotion 2 From commercial opportunities

6 Opportunities 1 Of increased job satisfaction 2 Of increased recognition 3 Of career advancement

7 Response 1 From their students 2 From their colleagues 3 From their ‘bosses’

8 Energy 1 For themselves 2 For their students

9 Question: How can teachers get MORE? Answer: From developing materials for their students.

10 The best way to motivate teachers is to: Stimulate and help them to develop materials to motivate their students.

11 Example 1 – Task Free Activities 1 The teacher ‘performs’ a story, joke, poem, scene from a play, personal anecdote, news item etc. 2 The teacher leaves a short silence. 3 There are no questions or tasks. 4 The students take a written copy if the text has engaged them.

12 Example 2 – The Text-Driven Approach

13 Preparation Develop a library of potentially engaging texts.

14 Developing a Unit Select a text which is likely to engage the target learners. Experience the text yourself. Reflect on your experience of the text.

15 Readiness Activity Develop a readiness activity which aims to activate the minds of the learners in relation to the topic/theme/location of the text.

16 Experiential Activity Develop an activity which aims to help the learners to respond multi- dimensionally whilst experiencing the text.

17 Initial Response Activity Develop an initial response activity which aims to help the learners to deepen and articulate their personal responses to the text.

18 Development Activity 1 Design a development activity which aims to stimulate the learners to create their own text relating to the core text they have experienced.

19 Input Response Activity Develop an input response activity which aims to deepen the learners’ understanding of the core text and/or to help them to discover how the writer has used language to achieve effect.

20 Development Activity 2 Direct the learners to return to the text they have developed and to make use of their discoveries to improve it.

21 Conclusion The main message to all teachers is: Motivate yourself to motivate your students.

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