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Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Design Update January 29, 2013 10 am - Collaborate.

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1 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Design Update January 29, 2013 10 am - Collaborate

2 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Inga Oberst

3 Moblogging 4 R’s of Net Generation Learning Record Reinterpret Recall Relate

4 Moblogging 4 R’s of Net Generation Learning Record Reinterpret Recall Relate

5 Moblogging Examples of Moblog Sites You May Want to Explore: Blackboard Blog Feature

6 Moblogging Ways to Use a Moblog: Bio Lab - experiment, capture on video, share observations, discuss Art Class – photograph local art, share and discuss

7 Moblogging Things to Consider: Privacy - open to class members only Ground Rules - provide written expectations and rules Accessibility – able to access from smart phones, mobile devices, laptops, desktops

8 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Josh Hill Online Experiential Learning What is it? Knowledge, skills, and abilities attained through observation, simulation, and/or participation that provides depth and meaning to learning by engaging the mind through activity, reflection, and application. Why Use It? Meaningful Education Information Synthesis Transfer of Learning

9 Online Experiential Learning

10 Healthcare Simulations:

11 Online Experiential Learning Economic Simulations:

12 Online Experiential Learning Virtual World Simulations:

13 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Gayle Nelson

14 Instructor Presence



17 Don't let your online STUDENT miss the face-to-face classroom! Don't let your online STUDENT feel isolated!

18 Instructor Presence Communication Connection Trust PERSONALIZE Your Course

19 Instructor Presence ESTABLISH Deadlines and Time Frames Succinct Directions Clear Expectations Easy-to-find Deadlines

20 Instructor Presence BUILD Comfort, Trust, and Community Intro/ Photo/ Bio/ Contact eMails using StarFish data StudyBuddy Notes

21 Instructor Presence CREATE Instructor Presence NOW! Prepare! Be consistent! Stay organized! COMMUNICATE well! CONNECT with your students!! Establish TRUST!!!

22 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Dr. Sheila Morgan

23 Group Peer Review with Rubric Peer Reviewers Learn from Giving Comments Reciprocal Peer Learning Learning Writing by Reviewing Hypothesis Two Roles  Reviewer  Writer Rubric as a Guide

24 Group Peer Review with Rubric 1.Are inline text citations quoted correctly with author? See example : Human beings are described as "symbol-using animals" (Burke 3). 2.Identify values in your group’s paper with positive feedback. What did you like? What were the best or strongest points? What interested or excited you? What words struck you forcibly or resonated with you? What surprised you? 3.Does the paper have a Reference page? See example: References Morgan, S. (2013). Why Teachers Should Use Technology in Their Classes. Jackson: McGraw- Hill, Print. Example Rubric Questions in Peer Review

25 Group Peer Review with Rubric Example of Activity Posted in Discussion Board

26 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Stanley Ross

27 Online Lectures What is it? Lets instructors digitally record their lectures (using audio and/or video, screen capture, or PowerPoint slides) and make those recordings available to students online. Benefits for the STUDENTS and YOU! o Increased student retention. o Helps explain difficult topics. o Better retention of class material. o Improved test scores o Convenience.

28 Online Lectures The 4 BE’s:

29 Online Lectures Blackboard Collaborate is a software solution that offers a social, interactive learning experience with virtual classrooms, online conferencing, and instant messaging that engages everyone, every time, and everywhere. Pros o It is FREE, to use within Blackboard. o You can record a session or use it for a live session. o You can use the screen input and video input at the same time.

30 Online Lectures How to get started? Click Course Tools in the Course Menu and Click on Blackboard Collaborate How to get started with Blackboard Collaborate? The Faculty Resources Page has tons of tutorials on how to use this software package. Just scroll down to the section labeled “Blackboard Collaborate.”Faculty Resources Page Create a Session and View TutorialsTutorials

31 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Designer Loubna Zahri Icebreakers Rationale Icebreaker IDEAS

32 Icebreakers Definition: Ice-breakers refer to those introduction activities during which students can come to know each other and their instructor.

33 Ice-breakers Rationale: Human interaction does not happen naturally in an online environment. Thus, ice-breaker activities foster a sense of community and collaboration among students. They allow for a student to become emotionally connected with school and increases motivation.

34 Ice-breakers After completing the ice breaker activity, students will: feel more comfortable and begin interacting with other students and the instructor feel motivated and less isolated in the online environment have a chance to try LMS in a low stress activity

35 Ice-breakers Example of ice-breaker ideas: Time Capsule Two Lies and a Truth Miscomm-puter-unication

36 Ice-breakers It’s important: To keep it simple Make it fun Be aware of time constraints Consider your audience Consider the technology: Discussion Board Blackboard IM Collaborate Voicethread

37 Contact Your Designer Josh Hilljhill124870@troy.eduHHS Sheila Morgansmorgan124918@troy.eduGeneral Studies Gayle Nelsongnelson@troy.eduCCFA, A&S Inga Oberstioberst@troy.eduSCOB, TROY1101 Stanley Rosssross125002@troy.eduEDU Loubna Zahrilzahri@troy.eduA&S

38 eColloquium Registration: Call for Presentations: April 16 -17

39 References Angelino, L. M., Keels Williams, F., & Natvig, D. (2007, July 1). Strategies to Engage Online Students and Reduce Attrition Rates. The Journal Of Educators Online, Volume 4, Number 2. Beckem, J. & Watkins M. (2012). Bringing life to learning: Immersive experiential learning simulations for online and blended courses. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 16 (5), 61-71. Berry, R. W. (2009). Meeting the challenges of teaching large online classes: Shifting to a learner-focus. MERLOT journal of online learning and teaching, 5(1), 176-181. Brooks, E., & Morse, R. (2013, January 14). Methodology: Best online business programs rankings. U.S.News & World Report. Cho, H. & Cho, K. (2011). Peer reviewers learn from giving comments. Instructional Science, (39), 629 – 643.

40 References Craig, S. (1997). What is experiential learning? Unpublished manuscript. University of Lethbridge. Dai, M. (2007, December 1). 10 Ways to Engage Students in an Online Course. Online Cl@ssroom. DuVall, J. B., Powell, M. R., Hodge, E. & Ellis, M. (2007). Text messaging to improve social presence in online learning. Educause quarterly, (3), 24-28. Elison-Bowers, P., Sand, J., Barlow, M. R., & Wing, T. J. (2011). Strategies for managing large online classes. International journal of learning, 18(2). Feeler, W. G. (2012). Being there: A grounded-theory study of student perceptions of instructor presence in online classes. (Doctoral dissertation). Kelly, R. (Editor). (2008). Strategies for teaching large classes. [Web Report]. Low, L. (2006, August 8). Four R’s Model and Mobile Learning Activities [Web log message]. Mobile Learning.

41 Online Instructor Design Series Instructional Design Update January 29, 2013 10 am - Collaborate

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