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The Medieval World and Beyond

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1 The Medieval World and Beyond
Welcome! History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond

2 What Is TCI? TCI is a K-12 publishing company created by teachers, for teachers. We believe the best teaching marries great content, meaningful technology, and interactive classroom experiences. The end result — students of all abilities and learning styles succeed.

3 Middle School Program Goals
Teach students to think like historians. Inspire students with memorable classroom activities. Help teachers meet state and national standards. Develop critical readers and skilled writers. Make social studies an enjoyable and memorable class. Build students’ social studies skills.

4 Lesson: Florence: The Cradle of the Renaissance
In an Experiential Exercise, Students take a "walking tour" of Florence, visiting seven sites to learn about various aspects of the Renaissance. Students apply their knowledge by creating a scrapbook page about their visit to Florence.

5 Lesson: The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan
In an Experiential Exercise, students learn about the rise of a warrior class and the pivotal role these samurai played from the end of the 12th century to the 19th century.

6 The Medieval World and Beyond Program Components
Teacher Resources Student Resources

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