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GIRLS ON THE RUN NAPA & SOLANO Fall & Spring 2014-2015.

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1 GIRLS ON THE RUN NAPA & SOLANO Fall & Spring 2014-2015

2 Agenda  Mission  Strategies & History  What is it, really?  Success!  How you can start?

3 Mission To inspire girls to be joyful, Healthy, caring and CONDFIDENT, by creatively combining life-skill curriculum with fun experiential activities and running or just moving it.

4 Girls on the Run FUN & positive empowerment program for young girls!  Nominated non profit of the year in 2013

5 Strategies Girls on the Run Napa & Solano is a local, nonprofit council of Girls on the Run International that raises money so all girls, regardless of financial status, ethnicity or body type, can participate.  Over 2300 girls have participated at 25 schools throughout Napa, Fairfield and Vallejo  In 2014, 517 girls participated with 74% low income and 63% Latina girls  78% saturation in Napa County  80% of sites full or sold out, with many in 24 hours  Push to expand Solano County in Fall 2014

6 History Small non-profit moving toward sustainability  Started as volunteer in 2006 with 30 girls in two groups  4 women on board  Aggressively expanded so all girls can participant in 2008  Expand volunteer board of directors  Office moved to Napa from home in 2013  Full Napa County budget first time in 2014  180k budget  Fund raise 140k from donations $1 to $15,000  Expand into Solano with grant from Kaiser

7 Curriculum Overview 3 sections: 1. Self Care, Self Awareness, Knowing Self (Lessons 1-9) 2. Selecting Healthy Relationships and Keeping Them Healthy (Lessons 10-17) 3. Celebrating and Sharing Our Strengths (Lessons 18-24) End of 10 weeks:  Community Service Project  5k Fun run

8 Deliver Curriculum as Intended… Trained and Supportive Coaches and Volunteers… Girls Learn Life Skills CARINGCONFIDENCECHARACTERCONNECTIONCOMPETENCE CONNECTION 1 CARING CHARACTER CONFIDENCE 2 4 COMPETENCE CONTRIBUTION 3 Promotion of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health outcomes AND prevention of unhealthy and risky outcomes

9 Happy, Empowered & Healthy Life Tools!  Positive visualization  No Peer Pressure & Gossip!  Stop and take a BrThRR  I Feel Statements  Redefining Beauty & Media Awareness  Photo Shop!

10 Strategies to help make a lasting impact!

11 Success Stories! Mom shared that she was going to have her daughter start counseling but after 10 weeks of GOTR she didn’t feel she needed it. Young girl had a reputation as being difficult and self perception that she was “tough”. It finally clicked with her after her teacher/life-coach and GOTR experience to be positive and now other’s drawn to her. Young girl that she can now run with her magic shoes!

12 I want to sign up!  Start GOTR/GOT at your site?  Secure Principal support  Recruit two GOTR volunteer life coaches  Complete on-line site application  Volunteer?  Life-Coach 40 hrs for 10 weeks;1-2xs per week Application, LiveScan, GOTR day of training, CPR Inspire, motivate and empower by facilitating life skill curriculum & experiential activities  5k event; single day  Participate in 5k-walk, run, skip 3.1 miles

13 Wrap-Up Thank you for considering to help empower young girls to believe in themselves and their dreams! by volunteering or offering GOTR/GOT at your site And helping our community address:  Health challenges  Educational gap  Gender biases

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