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Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing Debra Zahay Editor-in-Chief.

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1 Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing Debra Zahay Editor-in-Chief

2 What is Interactive Marketing? Interactive Marketing (IM) is often facilitated by technology, allowing the ability to address individual customers personal level by gathering and remembering their unique responses. Interactive marketing is a conversation, not a one-time transaction.

3 " to address substantive issues in interactive, relationship, electronic, direct and multi-channel marketing and marketing management. With its origins in the discipline and practice of direct marketing, the journal aims to publish progressive, innovative and rigorous scholarly research for marketing academics and practitioners." Our Mission

4 Last Two Years of Journal Titles

5 Disconnect Between Academics and Practitioners What Practitioners Want – Multichannel Attribution – Measurement – Organizational Studies

6 Some JRIM Facts Emerald Journal International 33,191 Full Text Journal Downloads in 2011* Published Quarterly Strong “second” Journal in the field Three to six month process Has been a transition year, but papers should be reviewed in 30 days * Most downloaded, 1,700 times, ‘An experiential, social network-based approach to direct marketing’ by Adrian Palmer and Nicole Koening-Lewis, for interest

7 Some JRIM Facts, continued Listed in Cabell’s Indexed in Scopus 30% acceptance rate Receive fifty papers a year Have three special issues in progress at any one time – Psychological techniques – Trust – Past, Present, Future of Internet Marketing Friendly to technology papers


9 Final Acceptance Rate 28%

10 Authors Country Affiliations are Diverse

11 Contact Us Take a look: Free Journal access 15 August to 15 September at – – Username: JRIMaccess – Password: Emerald2012 Debra Zahay, Northern Illinois University, Jo Alexander, Development Editor,

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