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Tapping into Passion through Experiential Marketing MKT 3865 Dr. Don Roy.

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1 Tapping into Passion through Experiential Marketing MKT 3865 Dr. Don Roy

2 Evolution of the American Consumer Products Services Information Experiences

3 “It’s the economy, stupid!” -Bill Clinton to Pres. George H.W. Bush, 1992 “It’s the experience, stupid!” -Dr. Don Roy to marketers everywhere, 2014

4 Begin at the beginning What is experiential marketing?

5 Key Characteristics of Experiential Marketing Sensory experience Interaction Relationship Experiential Marketing Source: Adapted from Finn, Gavin (2009), “A Dimensional View of Experiential Marketing,” January 19, accessed April 28, 2010 at

6 Drivers in the Growth of Experiential Marketing Media clutter Desire to build emotional connections Need to achieve brand differentiation Engage customers and other stakeholders Differentiate brand from competitors Source: Adapted from Wood, Emma H. (2009), “Evaluating Event Marketing: Experience or Outcome?” Journal of Promotion Management, 15, 247-268.

7 Strategies of Sports Properties and Sponsors for Experiential Marketing 1.Achieve brand differentiation 2.Provide benefits through exclusivity 3.Offer rewards to key customers 4.Motivate product evaluation and trial

8 Do what through what?  What does provide benefits to targeted customers through exclusivity mean?

9 Types of Experiences in Experiential Marketing Design Sense experiences – target sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. Think experiences – appeal through surprise, intrigue, and provocation. Feel experiences – appeal to emotions connected to attitude toward an object. Act experiences – target bodily experiences, lifestyles, and interactions. Relate experiences – appeal to desire to be perceived positively by others. Source: Adapted from Bernd H. Schmitt (1999), Experience Marketing, New York: The Free Press.

10 The 4 E’s of Experiential Marketing Immersion Absorption Passive ParticipationActive Participation Entertainment ExperienceEducational Experience Esthetic ExperienceEscapist Experience Passive absorption through sensesAbsorbing events while participating Immersed but passiveAffects performance or outcome Source: Adapted from Joseph B. Pine and James H. Gilmore, The Experience Economy, Boston: Harvard Business Press, 1999.

11 Types of Sponsorship Activation Experiences Branded spaces Interactive play Fantasy Sponsorship Activation

12 Branded Spaces

13 Interactive Play

14 Experiential Marketing via Sponsorship Activation  Suggest how HBP could use one of the following strategies to activate its Nashville Predators sponsorship: a.Branded space b.Interactive play c.Fantasy

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