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Vision Dr. Janna Oakes Dean School of Education Meta MovesMeta Moves.

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2 Vision Dr. Janna Oakes Dean School of Education

3 Meta MovesMeta Moves

4 General to SpecificGeneral to Specific

5  Goal: Cutting edge educational leadership program that was competency based.  Research on general satisfaction with educational leaders programs and recommendations of educational policy groups for creation of 21 st century leaders.  Research on competency programs around the country.  Focus groups, competitor research and examined our own program.

6 Multiple PerspectivesMultiple Perspectives

7  Student feedback of current program.  Faculty feedback of current program.  Hired three consultants with diverse points of view (University Dean of Education program, Former Principal, Former school Superintendent).  Multiple planning sessions with consultants.  Emergenetics Profiles.

8 Scope

9 Scope  Analyzed state and national standards (ISLLC, Colorado Quality Principal Standards, other state standards. ISTE-Administrators, CAEP, Jesuit Values)  Narrowed to 8 domains with specific competencies assigned.  School Strategy and Sustainability, Community and Communications Leadership, Ethical and Reflective Leadership, Human Resources Leadership, Fiscal Leadership, Education Policy and Organization Leadership, Instructional Leadership and Data Literacy and Assessment.  Mapped the standards to each domain.

10 Scope Continued…Scope Continued…  Determined our structure: cohort model, blended courses, 5 Week courses.  Licensure completion in one year.  Began course writing.

11 Time What worked-Is working-Where are we going?

12  Cohorts  Blended Format  Credit for Experience  Partnerships  Word of Mouth Advertising  Credibility of Instructors  Speed of completion

13 Media

14 Media  Presentation to Affiliate Faculty for input.  Presentation to partner school districts  Recruitment of highly qualified instructors  Current practitioners  Diversity: Districts, Gender, Positions, Ethnicity, Experience, Academic Background  Recruited current students for the new program.

15 Meta Moves Practice  Select a meta move you would like to discuss further.  Generate ideas that you might use that meta move with in your current work.  Share out to the whole group.

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