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Developing a More Sustainable UVIC Food System Through Campus Engagement.

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1 Developing a More Sustainable UVIC Food System Through Campus Engagement

2 -UVic has began to create a sustainability plan and has defined it’s vision of food and agriculture on campus as ‘an organically landscaped and managed campus that enhances biodiversity and offers healthy, local and diverse food choices’ -Further developing and expanding upon this vision of campus food sustainability will be an integral part of developing a completely sustainable campus. -A “food forum” was recently held on campus to generate awareness of issues surrounding food security and sustainability -A survey was handed out to evaluate perception of food security and sustainability on campus as well as engaging their response as to what UVic can be doing to create a more sustainable food system. -We will look at this survey and analyze the results to examine where the best areas to focus on may be.

3 The Questions from the Survey were: What did you think of the Food Forum? What is your interest in food security work? What activities or groups are you involved with? What would you like to see happen food system sustainability at UVic or with UVic and the broader community? How would you like to be involved? How can you contribute to the UVic food security initiative? Recommendations Sustainable Agriculture program- Working Farm Hands on, experiential learning- workshops/seminars Mandatory interdepartmental sustainability course Culinary related classes Food related community networking events

4 Survey Question #1: What Did You Think of Tonight’s Forum? The forum received largely positive feedback. Respondents praised many specific aspects of the forum as well as many of the speakers.

5 Positive Feedback Diversity of groups represented Wide array of information Interesting presentation by Heather at food services Informative and thought-provoking Good way to learn how to get involved Interesting discussion

6 Negative Feedback/Suggestions Increase discussion between panalists and with the audience Greater diversity of panelists including farmers, grocers, politicians, and First Nations Representatives. More advertising to attract larger/younger audience using social networking tools (Twitter, Facebook) More action, less research More prioritizing of objectives More background info about food sustainability/security More visuals and one or two short videos Local fruit and veggies should be served!

7 Food Forum Question 2 What is your interest in food security work? Responses: “Accessible gardening space. Self sufficiency. Food waste-composting is black gold” “Simply for public good, the planet and future of my children and grandchildren. Plus I don’t like to be held hostage by corporations in relation to basic rights (as I see them) to water, food, and shelter”. “I think I might want to be a farmer? I would like to see more courses/options on farming offered at UVic”. “Ensuring that experiential education happens on campus as a degree granting program”.

8 Other Responses: “As a one time farm boy I fear the lack of wisdom of urbanites in food security matters, mostly impractical. A bunch I wouldn’t entrust my life to”. “Research –as a student I have skills in information and knowledge sourcing and generation that I think are underutilized”.

9 What activities or groups are you involved with? Of 38 people surveyed 24 activities/groups were identified 5 individuals – Campus Community Garden 3 individuals – UVSP 3 individuals – NO INVOLVEMENT 3 individuals – ESSA 2 individuals – CUAC 2 individuals – Metchosin Farmers 2 individuals – National Farmer’s Union 2 individuals – Sustainability Solutions Group 2 individuals – Common Energy

10 Indicative of a large quantity of food sustainability-related groups in the Victoria area. *Reccommendation* Given the diversity and large number of food sustainability-related groups in the Victoria area it might be a good idea to collectivize into less, larger groups with similar aims. This would pool resources, skills, and might be a better strategy in effecting actual action and change.

11 What Would You Like to See Happen at UVic or Between UVic and the Broader Community? (E.g. Food projects, Service, Admin, Research, Teaching, Other?)

12 Common Responses #1 Response...Education and Information – Desire for more information on food security and sustainable food systems in general – More information provided to students in the food outlets (i.e. signs telling you where the food came from etc.) – Classes which focus on these issues – Mandatory "Sustainability 101" course Experiential learning – Internships on farms – Field trips – Agricultural Program with field work component – Living Laboratory – Cooking classes

13 Other Common Responses Agricultural Initiatives – Agricultural education programs – Support local farmers – Produce food on campus for the campus – Urban agriculture – Farmers market Research – More research on this subject in general – Community Based Research – Database of available land Food Options on Campus – Higher quality and more food option on campus – Cruelty free meat – More local food options

14 Involvement How would you like to be involved? How can you contribute to the UVic Food Security Initiative? (e.g. Education, food projects, campus-community engagement, research and teaching)

15 Education and Research About half of the respondents listed education/research as their answer – “I would like to be involved in the development of a department/ school dedicated to Food” – “[I am] very willing to mentor and work with learners in hands-on ways.” – “could help to design a grad curriculum strategy for a food systems degree that involved students with the community” – “In research! Examining gaps, strengths (such as Continuing Ed) and weaknesses.”

16 Political Change A few respondents stated that they could be involved through political change on a broader scale Some are current government employees Others state that they will “work for political change” by voting for specific candidates

17 Miscellaneous Many respondents expressed unique interests in being involved – “Eat the waste food.” – “I have some of the experience that you appear to lack.” – “I can do manual labour, technical expertise” – “I think I might find some time for the community garden. I love to take photographs so if anyone needs some taken to promote a project I would be happy to help.”

18 Enthusiasm! Not surprisingly, all of the respondents expressed an interest in being involved Quite a few expressed the need for information on how to become involved – “Yes, I would like to be involved, especially in campus- community engagement and research. Please contact me.” – “Anything and Everything. You know where to find me.”

19 Recommendations Clearly, there is a high level of interest in becoming involved in the UVic Food Security Initiative Information on how one can become involved, in a way that uses their interests and skills, should be easily available so that this enthusiasm can be used If further surveys are to be conducted, I would recommend asking what barriers are stopping respondants from pursuing involvement since it is clear that it is not a lack of interest

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