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K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 1 ISUM Competitive Intelligence System.

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2 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 1 ISUM Competitive Intelligence System

3 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 2 Situation 1 n Question by Chairman to Division President:  “How do your strategic products compare with your competitors’ products in both cost and performance?” n Division President’s Answer:  “I don’t know!” n Chairman’s Directive:  “Well then, I don’t understand how you can manage your business. I want you to find out where your division stands and then develop a technology program that enables your division to lead. And don’t forget ‘Blue Sky’ thinking.” n Solution:ISUM Competitive Intelligence System

4 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 3 Situation 2 n Division President’s September Statement :  “Every year when we begin our planning cycle, I ask whether we know our competitors’ costs. And every year we say that we don’t know. Once and for all, I want this question answered and I don’t want to ever have to ask this question again.” n Solution:ISUM Competitive Intelligence System

5 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 4 Knowledge = Information + Judgment Intelligence is corroborated structured information. Knowledge (below the water) is >3x intelligence. Knowledge blocks consist of intelligence plus knowledge.

6 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 5 What are Knowledge Blocks? n Knowledge blocks are multi-page spreadsheets, which correlate value judgments and intelligence about the properties of product (or service), economic value and influence with market share, pricing and other market and financial parameters. n Knowledge blocks contain supporting evidence, intelligence, value judgments glossaries and use instructions.

7 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 6 ISUM Competitive Intelligence System n Kesting Ventures® Corp.’s ISUM Competitive Intelligence System is a managerial accounting system that is capable of modeling manufacturing processes so thoroughly that plant managers and engineers can use the models to optimize their own plants. n Most cost accounting systems that have been designed for the purposes of financial reporting are not useful for managerial and competitive intelligence purposes. For example, period costs assigned to products, which are typically >50% of product cost, mask the comparison of alternatives. n Managerial systems are made possible through KVC’s proprietary experiential modeling methodology, which converts value judgments into numerical data.

8 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 7 Experiential Modeling n Each project begins with thorough background analysis. The client’s information is sorted and corroborated to produce the client’s intelligence and then supplemented with additional secondary intelligence and engineering analyses. n Next, Kesting Ventures® Corp. designs a complete knowledge block structure that includes all possible manufacturing operations. This is required because the processes of the client and its target competitors must be compared with each other as well as an estimate of the low cost optimum process. n Next, Kesting Ventures® Corp. writes the knowledge block workbook.

9 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 8 ISUM Standards n Kesting Ventures® Corp. forms a strategic partnership with its client to bring all information, know-how and experience into the ISUM Competitive Intelligence System. n A critical step is the creation of the client’s ISUM standard that precisely correlates with the client’s financial cost system. n An added benefit of the ISUM standard is that it provides the client with a managerial system that can be used to optimize the client’s process.

10 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 9 Expert Panel Experiential Modeling Session n All of Kesting Ventures® Corp.’s field research is accomplished through intense experiential modeling sessions with world class technology experts. n World class technology experts want to participate because they recognize that they will have the opportunity to learn a great deal. In fact, experts don’t want to be excluded from experiential modeling sessions. n Research methodologies, such as telephone interviewing don’t produce the level of detail that is required for competitive intelligence.

11 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 10 Expert Panel Invitation n “My experience with other industry panels has been that members enjoy the work and learn from the session. No one will be asked to divulge any proprietary or confidential information, but all participants will have the opportunity to interact with other experts in the industry and discuss experiences and judgments. n Each panel member will receive a comprehensive workbook and become familiar with the models and methodologies that bring to the surface unique opportunities for optimizing manufacturing processes. n Panelists comment that they ‘get more than they bring’ to the panel session and leave with a better understanding of the needs of the market in which they participate. The panel is not open to the public and nothing from the panel work will be available for publication. “

12 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 11 ISUM Competitive Intelligence System Knowledge Block ISUM Structure Analysis KVC Intelligence Knowledge Block Analysis Client Intelligence ISUM Structure Knowledge Block ISUM Structure ISUM System Expert Panel Client Intelligence Intelligence: (Corroborated Information) Secondary Intelligence Intelligence: (Corroborated Information)

13 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 12 Benefits of the ISUM CI System n Most competitive intelligence projects result in a point in time approximation of manufacturing costs with very broad confidence limits. n ISUM CI provides a managerial and engineering system that is a true knowledge block. ISUM CI is relatively easy to keep current, which means that the client’s maintenance cost is dramatically reduced. n ISUM CI costs no more than other competitive intelligence research methodologies.

14 K e s t i n g V e n t u r e s  C o r p. 13 Include Kesting Ventures® Corp. in Your Next Request for Proposal The ISUM CI System

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