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The University of Memphis Provost Ralph Faudree Faculty Meeting August 21, 2003.

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1 The University of Memphis Provost Ralph Faudree Faculty Meeting August 21, 2003

2 Professors Maria Botelho, Mathematical Sciences Michael Ellis, Earth Sciences

3 Professors, cont. David Henderson, Philosophy Robert Kozma, Mathematical Sciences

4 Professors, cont. Robert Malkin, Biomedical Engineering Jebose Okwumabua, HMSE

5 Professors, cont. Kevin Smith, Law School Emily Thrush, English

6 Professors, cont. Andrew Fry, HMSE

7 Associate Professors Robert Blanton, Political Science Shannon Blanton, Political Science

8 Associate Professors, cont. Scott Franklin, Biology Khan Iftekharuddin, Electrical Engineering

9 Associate Professors, cont. Robert Koch, Nursing Douglas Matthews, Psychology

10 Associate Professors, cont. Danielle McNamara, Psychology D’Ann Penner, History

11 Associate Professors, cont. Terra Smith, Consumer Science Jerry Turner, Accountancy

12 Tenured John Amis, HMSE Paul Balister, Mathematical Sciences

13 Tenured, cont. Semahat Demir, Biomedical Engineering Nancy Lackey, Nursing

14 Tenured, cont. Roger Meier, Civil Engineering Anthony Quas, Mathematical Sciences

15 Tenured, cont. Marla Stafford, Marketing

16 Initiatives for the New Year SACS Re-Accreditation Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force Institutional Grant Programs Classroom Renovations Resource 25 Student Recruitment Student Retention Focus Area Development

17 SACS Re-Accreditation 9/5/03Orientation for Compliance Teams 10/15/03Quality Enhancement Plan Committee Established 12/12/03Compliance Teams Report to Steering Committee 8/15/04Compliance Reports due to SACS 10/2004Quality Enhancement Plan Distributed for Campus Comments 11/8/04Compliance Reports Reviewed by Off-Site Peer Review Committee 1/05Quality Enhancement Plan Due to SACS Spring 2005On-Site Peer Review

18 Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force Balance general education, degree requirements, and lower/upper division hours; Improve the connection between general education and major requirements; Integrate non-declared students; Examine the use of cohort programs;

19 Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force, cont. Integration of writing, critical thinking, technical fluency, etc.; Use of ACAD 1100 and Element K; Student experiential learning; Curricular retention strategies; Assessment of minors in curricula; Continuous improvement programs.

20 Task Force Membership Larry Houk, Chair John Campbell Jane Clement Carol Danehower John Ellis Rick Fischer Bob Frankle John Hanneken Candy Hill-Clark Marty Lipinski Joe Luckey Jim Lukawitz Marge Luttrell Brian Meredith Broderick Nichols Betsy Park Karen Thurmond Cathy Serex, Staff

21 Institutional Grant Initiatives Math/Science Partnership (NSF) Social/Civic Entrepreneurship (Kauffman Foundation) GIS/Data Sharing Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Hazards Management Scholars Program (Beckman Foundation) Learning Sciences Center (NSF)

22 Classroom Renovations Renovation of classrooms and academic waiting areas  Paint and Repair Walls  Refurbish Floors  Replace Window Treatments  Replace Furniture

23 Resource 25 Purposes: Improve utilization of physical resources Improve communication Provide campus-wide calendar of events Provide reporting mechanism for use of facilities

24 Student Recruitment Recruitment of High Ability Students  Changes in Admissions Requirements  Recruitment Outside of Region  Revamping of Honors Program  Development of Aggressive Scholarship Programs  Increases in Graduate Stipends  Development of Areas of Focus

25 Enrollment Numbers Student LevelRegistered as of 8/20/02 Registered as of 8/19/03 Undergraduate14,00114,492 Graduate3,5923,627 Law475450 Grand Totals18,01318,518

26 Student Retention Admissions Criteria Curricular Changes Experiential Learning Opportunities  Research  Internships  Service Learning  International Experiences  Honors Theses On-Campus Activities (Student Affairs)

27 Areas of Focus Healthcare Programs Biotechnologies Teacher Education/Development Performing Arts Community Change/Social Justice Business and Civic Leadership Learning Technologies

28 General Principles Urban Research Environment Interdisciplinary Partnerships Innovative Use of Technologies Globalization Experiential Learning Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Basic Research

29 Healthcare Programs Data Health Consortium - $1 million from the LeBonheur Foundation Center for Healthcare Economics - $1 million endowment from the LeBonheur Foundation Increasing Physical Activity to Aid Smoking Cessation - $2.5 million from NIH Weight Gain in Hypertensive Smokers - $2.9 million from NIH Prolonged Smoking Cessation Using Prescription Step Case - $3.3 from NIH

30 Teacher Education/Development New Teacher Center –  $863,216 from Plough Fdn.  $331,607 from Memphis City Schools Center for Urban School Leadership –  $61,000 from BellSouth Fdn.  $124,960 from Memphis City Schools  Other grants in process Economic Education From Census Bureau Report

31 Community Change/Social Justice Academy of Community Building in Inner City Memphis - $150,000 from HUD Transformation of the Memphis City-wide Consolidated Plan - $40,000 from the City of Memphis Case Management - $120,000 from the Memphis Housing Authority Community Criminology and Research - $529,345 from the Plough Foundation/Memphis Shelby Crime Commission Strategic Approaches to Community Safety – $249,000 from the NIJ and Department of Justice Hooks Institute - ~$2 million federal earmarks

32 Community Change/Social Justice – Hazards Focus Memphis/Shelby Hazards Mapping Program -$1 million from the U.S. Geological Survey Mid-America Earthquake Consortium- $3.2 million from NSF Community Support for Groundwater Institute - $200,000 from MLGW Memphis Metro Area Study-Land Use and Economic Studies - $24,920 from Army Corps of Engineers

33 Learning Technologies Auto-Tutor for Computer Literacy & Physics - $1.2 million from NSF Why2000 – An Intelligent Tutoring System - $3.9 million from the University of Pittsburgh University Hosting of RODP - $410,000 from the Tennessee Board of Regents Application of Advanced Technology Tools and Enhanced Technology Fitness - $200,000 from ATT

34 Wrap-Up SACS Re-Accreditation Undergraduate Curriculum Task Force Institutional Grant Programs Classroom Renovations Resource 25 Enrollment Management Focus Area Development

35 The University of Memphis

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