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A P ARENT ’ S G UIDE TO C AREER D EVELOPMENT Carol Dougherty, M.S. LPC Director of Career Development.

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1 A P ARENT ’ S G UIDE TO C AREER D EVELOPMENT Carol Dougherty, M.S. LPC Director of Career Development

2 C HOOSING A C AREER OR M AJOR Parents are an important influence Many choices – accountant, teacher, nurse, journalist, marketing, performer, attorney, social worker, police officer Many factors to consider – job market demand, skills and aptitude, salary ranges, career values, personality traits Ultimately, the decision belongs to your son or daughter.

3 T IPS FOR P ARENTS Career decision-making is a process which takes place throughout the college years and beyond. 1. Assess skills, interests, values and abilities 2. Explore majors and career options 3. Experiment with different options 4. Make a decision based on self-knowledge and career information 5. Organize a job or graduate school search

4 T IPS FOR P ARENTS Listen; be open to ideas, try to help your student find information and provide emotional support Affirm the skills and abilities he or she has consistently demonstrated. Encourage your student to do his/her best in classes, and also to get involved in school activities. Challenge and assist your student to become “occupationally literate” – to understand how their skills, interests and personal traits relate to different careers. Be non-judgmental when your student expresses his/her own opinions in decision-making process.

5 S OME C OMMON M YTHS A student must major in something “practical or marketable:. Reality: Students should follow their own interests and passions. Picking a major means picking the career you will have forever. Reality: Many students change majors after gaining more information about specific fields of study and careers. It is okay to change majors – and career choices. Today’s changes in the economy and technology will lead to many new paths along the way.

6 M AJORS OF F AMOUS P EOPLE Art Garfunkel Mathematics Barbara WaltersEnglish Janet RenoChemistry Dr. Martin Luther KingSociology Bruce LeePhilosophy Natalie ColeChild Psychology Willard ScottReligious Studies Teri HatcherMath/Engineering Sally RideEnglish Kevin KostnerMarketing/Finance

7 M ARKETABLE S KILLS Encourage students to develop strengths in some of the following areas: Communication skills – oral and written Quantitative skills Computer skills Marketing and selling skills Scientific skills Leadership skills Foreign language skills – study abroad

8 O THER Q UALITIES E MPLOYERS W ANT Teamwork skills Honesty and integrity Motivation and initiative Work Ethic Adaptability Attention to detail Creativity Self-confidence Entrepreneurial skills Sense of humor (National Association of Colleges and Employers)

9 R ESOURCES Career Development Office career counseling and guidance internship and co-op information workshops, career fairs, and other programs Career Development Website Faculty and Advisors Alumni Family and Friends Mentors

10 E XPERIENTIAL E DUCATION O PPORTUNITIES Service-Learning Teaching Observations Student Teaching Clinical Experience: Nursing, Athletic Training Co-ops and Internships Most students will have the chance to “test drive” their career choices through these experiential opportunities.

11 C ONTACT I NFORMATION Carol Dougherty Director of Career Development Room 100, Bachmann Main Building 610-558-5537 Kathy McCauley Coordinator of Experiential Education Programs 610-558-5527

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