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CODE: X t Community Development & Experiential Tourism ÖRNSKÖLDSVIKS KOMMUN.

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1 CODE: X t Community Development & Experiential Tourism ÖRNSKÖLDSVIKS KOMMUN

2 CODE: X t Relates to Priority 2: Sustainable development of natural and community resources Focuses on how cultural heritage can contribute in innovative ways to sustainable community development Special focus on experiential tourism based on local resources

3 CODE: X t Also has focus on rural-urban relations and how cultural heritage/experiential tourism can strengthen these Also links cultural heritage and contemporary culture in the development of experiential tourism

4 CODE: X t Local authorities will be the partners coordinating activities within their area, but business/tourism and heritage sectors will be involved through local partnerships Educational institutions and research institutions will also be involved

5 CODE: X t Will assemble a toolkit of tests and experiments relating to: Community development, including sustainability issues, relating to culture and heritage Economic development (tourism) based on heritage and living history Tourism experience, based on local heritage

6 CODE: X t Innovate actions Based on cultural heritage Emphasis on local involvement and triple helix partnerships Living presentations of local history and heritage Experiences for the visitors

7 CODE: X t Anticipated results: Shared experiences of community development based on cultural heritage/cultural tourism Raised awareness of quality aspects of cultural tourism development New cultural tourism operations and activities established

8 CODE: X t Anticipated results (continued): Quality assessment Quality development programmes Quality branding Exchanges of staff Educational programmes/competence development schemes

9 CODE: X t Total budget would probably be around €1.5 million in the NPP Of which 60% would be ERDF funding in EU countries, and 50% national funding in non-EU countries

10 CODE: X t Similar projects will also be presented in other Interreg IV B areas (North Sea and Baltic Sea) and in some IV A areas It is intended to co-ordinate activities between various CODE:Xt projects

11 CODE: X t Possible partners: Northern Finland Örnsköldsvik (Lead partner) – in place Vestvågøy (Lofotr) – Norway – in place Shetland Council (Old Scatness) – UK Iceland Ireland Western Canada Northern Periphery Project

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